In 1994 he graduated from secondary school No. 7 in Tuymazy Rep. Bashkortostan, and then entered the Ufa State Technological Institute of Service at the Faculty of Economics, which graduated in 1999, becoming a manager in the social sphere.

After that he managed to work as the head of oil, construction and social enterprises.

Actively participated in the construction company Geomass-Ural in the development of the city of Ufa.

In 2008, he created a network of medical laboratories Medialab, which at the moment became the largest in the region.

From 2011 to 2013 he worked at OJSC Ufimkabel (formerly SUE).

Since 2014 - General Director of Peaton Invest Technologies.


He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Support and Development of Science in Bashkortostan. He is a member of the Presidium of the IKO Sports Federation for Kyokushin.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Sambo Federation of St. Petersburg.

Polyakov tried himself as a self-nominated candidate in the elections to the city council of Ufa.

He is fond of HLS, skiing, swimming, theater, tourism.




In early 2015, another co-owner of "Peton" was another native of Bashkiria Oleg Polyakov. He received 49% of the Ufa institute, control was left for Mnushkin (now Polyakov and Mnushkin have 40% of the company). From open sources it follows that Polyakov back in 2013 was advisor to Hasanov. They have known each other since the 2000s, as they worked in related fields, says one of them.

RUSPRES, 03/06/2017.


In the spring Forbes magazine published another rating of "Kings of the state order." And the first place, having shifted (terribly to think) most of Arkady Rotenberg, the owners of the holding company "Peton" Igor Mnushkin, Oleg Polyakov and Vladimir Zaitsev took. According to the publication, they received orders from Gazprom and its structures for 176 billion rubles. They have previously performed work for a gas monopoly on large amounts. And, as the Ministry of Economic Development drew attention, they received them, falling into the quota of orders for small and medium-sized businesses. By the way, why not: in "Peton" then only 500 people worked. Now 2 times more plus staff reserve. But orders have also been enlarged. And of the 176 billion that Peton will receive from Gazprom, the bulk - payment for the construction of the very complex for production, storage and shipment of LNG in the Leningrad region. Order for almost 127 billion rubles, "Peton" was received without a tender in late October last year. A month and a half after the arrest of Dmitry Zakharchenko. There is nothing more to say here and nothing. Life goes on and life is good. Rather, who is good, and who is not.

"Our version", August 16, 2017.


The criminal dossier on Oleg and Dmitry Polyakov does not occupy more than one page at all. In 2005, Marat Zakiev addressed the police with a statement that Dmitry Polyakov, by fraud and abuse of confidence, stole billions worth 2.2 million rubles from him. On this fact, a case was instituted, and Oleg Polyakov became a defendant.

A year later the brothers got into the development of the UBOP of Bashkortostan. In April 2006, a case was brought against Dmitry Polyakov on the fact that he, as the general director of LLC "Yuzhuralresurs", signed an agreement with Omsk LLC "Naftei" for the supply of oil products. The last firm transferred the structure of Dmitry Polyakov a large sum, but the goods were not received. Oleg Polyakov was in this case the status of a witness.

Mosmonitor, August 9, 2017


In 2017, a new unexpected leader appeared in the Forbes rating of Kings of the State Order. Stroytransneftegaz, Neftetransservis Company was spared by the modest Bashkir enterprise of SRI NG Peton. Only from "Gazprom" it received contracts on a non-competitive basis for 176 billion rubles.

The beneficiaries of this structure are not the Aminov brothers, not Gennady Timchenko, not Iskander Makhmudov, but a group of businessmen with an extremely dubious past. In particular, the brothers Oleg and Dmitry Polyakov have repeatedly been involved in investigations of fraud, embezzlement, raider attacks, hooliganism and shooting, and the latter even went on trial as a defendant.

RUSPRES, August 9, 2017

In early 2015, another co-owner of "Peton" was another native of Bashkiria Oleg Polyakov. He received 49% of the Ufa institute, control was left for Mnushkin (now Polyakov and Mnushkin have 40% of the company). Terms of the deal were market, explained in "Peton". From open sources it follows that Polyakov back in 2013 was advisor to Hasanov. They have known each other since the 2000s, since they worked in related fields, says one of them familiar ...

His interest in "Peton" Polyakov in one of the interviews explained the huge growth potential of the company. In 2014 he replaced Hasanov with the company "Peaton Invest Technologies", the managing director for the structures of "Peton". And in 2015, together with Mnushkin became co-owner of another "Invest Technology", consolidating several enterprises of "Peton". The businessman is also a member of the board of directors of Peaton, where he oversees the financial strategy of the holding. In the footsteps of his brother went and Dmitry Polyakov, who now holds the post of adviser to the general director of "Peton".

Forbes. 03/03/2017


It is not the first time that Gazprom Neft's subsidiaries are involved in various frauds, which are successfully organized by managers or close to them people. Not so long ago it became known that the state company had not once conducted purchases using opaque schemes for selecting suppliers. As a result, such contracts were given without any contests in the hands of those who are directly related to the organizers of these competitions ...

The same situation is for Gazprom Neft and for another large contract, more than 50.3 billion rubles, given to the only supplier, which is NIPI NG "Peaton". The company is quite large, and the Ministry of Economic Development has suspicions about this contract.

Xboxnews. 03/04/2017


"Peton" does not know how to do anything at all, does not have any production and construction facilities, etc. By and large this giant "dummy", untwisted just to be able to pump into it hundreds of billions of rubles coming from large companies with state participation, primarily from Gazprom. All these huge funds are then "sawed" by a large organized group that controls "Peeton". In this group there were people who could provide "Peton" full cover on all fronts. Authoritative businessmen (and part-time official co-owners of "Peeton") are doing "criminality" in the line of criminals. They are Eduard Hasanov, Oleg Polyakov, Emin Akhundov. By the line of Gazprom - this is the top manager Cyril Seleznev. In the line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the head of the GUEBC and Andrei Kurnosenko and a large group of his subordinates. In the line of power and big business - this is the vice-president of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov and the head of the group of companies "New Stream" Dmitry Mazurov. All these people have long "sucked" to the trough of Gazprom and are constantly in search of new sources of income.

RUSPRES, August 25, 2017


"Peton" can be called a family business. The enterprise was created back in 1990 by the scientist Igor Mnushkin and for almost twenty years was a fairly ordinary structure, which could only dream of a contract for 100 million rubles. Everything began to change in 2007, when Mnushkin appointed his daughter Olesya Eduard Hasanov to the position of commercial director. He "pulled" into "Peton" an old friend of Oleg Polyakov.

Gradually, all key positions at the enterprise and in its "daughter" structures were occupied by Olesya Hasanova, Eduard and Marif Hasanov, Oleg and Dmitry Polyakov.

Mosmonitor, August 9, 2017


Together, the Mushkin-Hasanov family officially controls more than half of the "Peton" and its "daughter" structures. Oleg Polyakov, a close friend of Eduard Hasanov, is a member of the board of directors of NIPI NG Peton, the general director of Peaton Invest Technologies, co-founder of Peaton Construction. His brother, Dmitry Polyakov, is the general director of Peton-Invest, the founder of Energo Komplekt M, OOO NPP Intech, OOO NPO Geotechnology, OOO Spetsgeotekhproyekt. Together, the Polyakov family controls about 40% of the entire business of Peeton.

RUSPRES, August 9, 2017


OOO "Peaton Construction", INN 0274920024, was registered in October 2016 with an authorized capital of 100,000 rubles, and its founders are three people. The first one is Eduard Hasanov, who was convicted earlier for seven years for major fraud, a man who does not have only higher education, but even secondary education. The second one is Oleg Polyakov, a figurant of a whole series of fraud cases. The third is Azerbaijani citizen Emin Akhundov, who was suspected of murder and associated with Azerbaijani "thieves in law". Akhundov as a job flies from Ufa to Baku (sometimes in transit through Moscow) with suitcases full of money. In them, including, and the share of "criminal generals".

RUSPRES, August 25, 2017

In the manual of "Peton" there is one more person closely connected with the Bashkir police "vertical" - general director Oleg Polyakov. His business career began, just like Hasanov's - with fraud. In 2004 Polyakov, as commercial director of InvestCapital LLC, applied to a number of banks for obtaining large loans. During the audit, it was established that Polyakov was called the commercial director of a non-existent firm with non-existent telephones. But he managed to escape the criminal prosecution thanks to relatives in the local police.


Later, in June 2014, Polyakov noted a loud scandal in the Ufa nightclub "Velvet". There he had a conflict because of the girls with other visitors to the club. Instead of quiet conversation drunk Polyakov took out a traumatic pistol and shot opponents. One of them was seriously injured. Leaving the chase, Polyakov continued to shoot.

But, according to a later drafted protocol, it turned out that it was unknown to the club "Velvet" that they caused bodily injuries to O. Polyakov. It turned out that this Oleg Polyakov himself suffered the hands of unidentified intruders. Because of the emergency in the "Velvet" on his feet raised the entire local police. Ordinary employees were told that the rowdy is a relative of one of the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria., September 16, 2016


A representative of the security agency said that the conflict arose at the exit from the club, because of the companions accompanying the ex-leader. One of the visitors to the club complimented the girls, followed by an inadequate response from Polyakov.

The security guard, which ensures the safety of the visitors of the night club, tried to convince the drunken ex-leader to refrain from aggression. In turn, the Polyakov threatening reprisal, jumped into his car, lowered the side window and produced three shots from a traumatic pistol in the direction of visitors to the club. Two shots wounded one of the visitors of the club and caused serious damage to the soft tissues, one bullet hit the chest area, the second wounded the arm and damaged the artery. According to eyewitnesses, the police arrived at the scene, but after talking with Polyakov she refused to detain him. Approached to the police department number 3 (Kirov district) in Ufa, explained that the Polyakov is a relative of one of the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belarus. The police squad left the scene of the crime, after Polyakov telephoned his relative and handed the receiver to the senior police officer.

Impunity, as is known, generates new crimes. This incident literally blew up the blogosphere of the clubbers of Ufa, the Internet collects signatures to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria M.I. Zakomaldin with the request to take under personal control the investigation of this crime. According to the information, the victim and representatives of the security agency are under pressure from high-ranking officials of the Interior Ministry department, demanding not to publicize this crime, blackmail is being conducted that allegedly injured Poliakov jaw.

"Voice of Bashkortostan", June 23, 2014.


Now, in our opinion, Oleg Polyakov and Eduard Hasanov, with the support of a number of employees of the GUEBC and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, have begun to build a "web" in which, according to their plans, the current head of Bashneft, Andrei Shishkin, is to be delivered (by the way, he was the one who transferred the suitcases with money to Minister Ulyukaev, after which the latter was detained). Shishkin, too, has no special sympathy for "Peton". Of course, this is not about the provocations of a la Sugrobov. However, they are trying to build a strategy in which either Shishkin will not be at the head of Bashneft, or he will have to become much more accommodating.

Mosmonitor, August 9, 2017

Polyakov to the young employees of the Institute is indifferent, he has other attachments. Usually during the day he "persuades" a bottle of whiskey right at his workplace. If Oleg Vladimirovich confines himself to a couple of bottles of wine a day and goes home from work, it means he's in an "outset." But this happens rarely. Although Polyakova has a wife, their relations are exclusively business, they even sleep in different rooms. Therefore, when Oleg Vladimirovich is not in the outset, then from work goes to some expensive nightclub. And it does not matter to him - is there a partner for adventure. Polyakov can go to the entertainment institution alone and already there, after another glass of whiskey, starts looking for someone to talk with. What is the real "headache" for Gasanov and, in general, for "Peton". The fact is that after the big libations of Oleg Vladimirovich, he pulls open and boasts before his interlocutor, even if it is even a completely unfamiliar person. As a result, he "dumps" all the "secrets" of "Peton" on him. Especially Polyakov loves to tell about the "internal kitchen" of the institute and flaunt the patron surnames of "Peton" and his high-ranking acquaintances. Last time he, certainly during the feast, talks about his supposedly close friendship with the daughter of Igor Sechin Inga.

And at the end of almost daily feasts in nightclubs Polyakov finds himself a companion for the next few hours. The menu on them is served along with the menu for spirits. A bottle of whiskey opens in the morning and history repeats ..., 09.26.2017.