• Biography


Born in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region.



• Childhood and early years


There is no information about the parents. It is known that at school age, Eduard Fedosov became the first schoolboy in the USSR who was appointed secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol. According to Fedosov, at the age of 16-17, they, together with like-minded people, became the founders of the Student Youth Association.


•          Education


According to Fedosov himself, at first he planned to enter the Faculty of Political Science, but had a fight with the teacher, so he had to choose another university. As a result, Fedosov graduated from the Ural Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, received a diploma in State and Municipal Administration.


• Labor activity


After graduation, Eduard Fedosov worked in various positions in the commercial structures of Yekaterinburg. We are talking about UF "SVAK Bank", "Zoloto-Platina Bank", CJSC "Stroyatomservis", CJSC "INVUR-Holding". Moreover, during the period when Fedosov worked at SVAK Bank and Zoloto-Platina Bank, these structures were included in the sphere of influence of the Uralmash organized criminal group.

In the early 2000s, Eduard Fedosov moved to the Moscow region. He worked as First Deputy Head of the Shatursky District of the Moscow Region (2006-2009), Executive Director of Industrial Drilling Rigs (2008 - 2010), member of the Board of Directors of the Regional Development Corporation (2010), Vice President of the People's House Building Association.

Fedosov's rise began with the fact that in 2014 he managed to get a job in the Moscow regional directorate of the Association of Law Enforcement Agencies and Special Services Workers. And in 2015, Eduard Fedosov was promoted to General Director of ARPOiS. During his work in this structure, Fedosov also held the position of vice-president of the international association Anti-Counterfeiting, which was created under ARPOiS on the initiative of the Russian government.

In April 2019, Eduard Fedosov registered Brandpol Group LTD, which declares that it specializes in protecting trademarks and trademarks from “piracy”. According to Fedosov himself from an interview, Brandpol is an Internet platform that monitors cases of illegal use of trademarks through search engines and suppresses such facts, taking into account the specifics of the legislation of different countries.


Fedosov got himself a bad reputation after he was kicked out of ARPOiS with a scandal. In 2018, the leaders of the Association, led by Major General Aslambek Aslakhanov, discovered that Eduard Fedosov parasitizes on the reputation of ARPOiS by registering several companies using the ARPO abbreviation (ARPO IT LLC, ARPO Capital LLC). At the same time, the names created the impression that Fedosov's “brainchildren” were working under the “roof” of the security forces, although in reality his companies had nothing to do with the Association, but were engaged in the trade of food products, IT services, etc. In addition, Aslakhanov & Co caught Fedosov of manipulating financial statements and statutory documents of ARPOiS.

Eduard Fedosov's new office Brandpol has also earned a black reputation. In fact, under the guise of brand police services, Fedosov's company is engaged in real extortion and "nightmares" for honest business. The "smart" racketeering scheme is as follows - Brandpol tells a commercial firm that it is illegally using a brand, and then obtains blocking of the site and Internet sales, and also threatens with fines and lawsuits - until the merchants pay the "ransom" payments. By the way, his own employees complain that Fedosov constantly "throws" money with payment, and salary delays in the company are generally his "corporate" style.

A number of structures in general were desperate to receive the money they owed from Fedosov, so they went by way of collecting funds through the court. So, in April 2021 FSUE "Rosrazmenstvo" was able to obtain payment of a debt in the amount of more than 500 thousand rubles from such Fedosov's company as the "Association of Conformity Assessment Market Participants" only through the court in April 2021. And Pensionny through the court now demands to pay off the debt from the Central Asian Investment Corporation JSC, where Eduard Fedosov is registered as the general director.

But Eduard Fedosov became known to the general public in the summer of 2021, when it turned out that it was the scandalous businessman from Yekaterinburg who was behind the attempted raider seizure of one of the largest manufacturers of plant protection products AO Shchelkovo Agrokhim and extortion of money from its main owner. For understanding, the revenue of Shchelkovo Agrokhim for 2019 amounted to 15 billion 503 million 912 thousand rubles, profit before tax - 1 billion 776 million 625 thousand rubles.

Fedosov shamelessly took advantage of the credulity of commercial director Elmira Iraidova and chief accountant Lyudmila Prikhodko about, to arrange a redistribution at Shchelkovo Agrokhim. As a result, both women became involved in a criminal case of large-scale fraud and disclosure of commercial secrets with the sad prospect of getting up to 10 years in prison. And Lyudmila Prikhodko also lost her 20% stake in Shchelkovo Agrokhim.

At first Fedosov independently tried to infiltrate Shchelkovo Agrokhim, his Brandpol received a contract to protect the brands produced by the company. But after the scandal broke out, because Brandpol started doing what she loved - extorting money from distributors and partners of Shchelkovo Agrokhim - Fedosov was shown the door. But then he managed to introduce his partner Vladimir Pistin, who signed a contract for retail sales and entered into the trust of Elmira Iraidova. Iraidova's value was that she owned 11% of the company's shares, which were presented to her by the main owner of the company. Then Fedosov, together with Iraidova, developed a special operation to seize property and technologies belonging to Shchelkovo Agrokhim. Iraidova persuaded the chief accountant Lyudmila Prikhodko to sell her her stake, promising to pay her 1.5 billion rubles. In addition, seduced by promises of huge money, Prikhodko agreed to transfer internal information, including by downloading and transferring the 1C database with all commercial information to Shchelkovo Agrokhim.

After the deal, Iraidova got a blocking stake in the amount of 31% of the shares. And then, at the instigation of Fedosov, on the penultimate day of the old year - December 30, 2020 - Iraidova demanded that the main owner of the agricultural holding either pay her 3.0 billion rubles within 2 days, or she would sell a blocking stake in the form of 31% of shares to third parties, already owning production technologies and other information that is a trade secret. It will only later become clear that in fact, at the instigation of Eduard Fedosov, the commercial director signed a preliminary agreement on the sale of all 31% of the shares to third parties on December 23, 2020.

But the main owner turned to law enforcement officers in response - and instead of fabulous profits Iraidova and Prikhodko turned out to be suspects in a criminal case on illegal disclosure of commercial secrets (Article 183 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal receipt and disclosure of information constituting commercial, tax or banking secrets"). And in July 2021, Iraidova and Prikhodko also became involved in a criminal case of fraud on an especially large scale and as part of an organized group of persons (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”).

It was then that it became clear that, in fact, Eduard Fedosov was behind the extortion scheme. The fact is that Lyudmila Prikhodko lost her 20% stake, and she never received the promised money for participating in the scam. In June 2021, Prikhodko filed a lawsuit against Iraidova, while she admitted that in fact it was a sham deal (this is a deal to hide another deal). It was then that it became clear that the real author of the scheme is Eduard Fedosov, who duped Iraidova and Prikhodko around his finger, promising women "golden mountains", and from the very beginning planned to acquire a blocking stake in the amount of 31% of the shares.

The raider attack in conjunction with corporate blackmail against Shchelkovo Agrokhim caused a great resonance in the society, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation took the investigation of the case of disclosing commercial secrets under its control. Now there are attempts by the one behind Iraidova and Prikhodko to drag out and ruin the criminal case. To do this, Fedosov and his partners scour the market "solved" - and ask for help to ruin the business for free, promising subsequently "mountains of gold". By the way, this story clearly showed that the image of Fedosov as a person who has connections “at the very top” of the law enforcement system is just a fiction, and he himself is an ordinary swindler who can only show off.

And the fact that the accusation against Iraidova and Prikhodko was reclassified as a fraud on an especially large scale suggests that new persons involved in this criminal case will soon be added - and first of all, Eduard Fedosov himself.



• Dossier


Confidential information about the activities of Shchelkovo Agrokhim was apparently sent to the Yekaterinburg businessman Eduard Fedosov, with whom Vladimir Pistin has a long-standing business relationship. Earlier Fedosov worked in the commercial structures of Yekaterinburg and since then he is known as a man who is haunted by the glory of the "Uralmash". In all likelihood, he uses their methods from the 90s in his activities. In the 2000s, Fedosov moved to the Moscow region, where at one time he worked in the administration of the Shatursky district and acquired connections with the local Legislative Assembly and law enforcement agencies. In 2015, Fedosov, who had never served in law enforcement agencies, managed to get the position of General Director of the Association of Law Enforcement Agencies and Special Services of the Russian Federation (ARPOiS). True, not for long - in 2018, he was expelled in disgrace from the Association for using the ministry.

financial situation for personal purposes and manipulation of statutory and financial documents. Later, using the abbreviation of the organization, Fedosov spawned his own commercial structures. Vladimir Pistin was among the participants of such his firms as ARPO Information Technologies LLC and ARPO IT LLC.

APN, 11.06.2021


In the 2000s, the Ural bandits went into "business" and since then they have been actively trading in greenmail. For example, former crime bosses convicted of fraud in 2005, ex-deputies of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, Alexander Khabarov and Alexander Varaksin, once became shareholders of Bank24.ru and unleashed a real war with its owners in order to force the bank to give them a stake plant "Uralplastpolymer". As a minority shareholder, the odious Sverdlovsk businessman Pasha Fedulev also liked to exert pressure on the owners. At one time, in particular, he bought a large stake in Uralkhimmash and then fought with other shareholders for control over the enterprise by means of forging the register and protracted litigation. In 2011, Fedulev was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder and fraud. By that time, he had stakes in dozens of Russian companies obtained as a result of raider takeovers. Yekaterinburg businessman Eduard Fedosov, under whose leadership a raider attack on the backbone agrochemical enterprise "Shchelkovo Agrokhim", is currently being carried out as the new successor of Fedulev and similar swindlers.

Rosbalt, 06/17/2021


Eduard Fedosov, the successor to the ideas of the former Sverdlovsk tycoons of the criminal world and a lover of luxury for unearned income, Eduard Fedosov, who was expelled from the Association of Law Enforcement Agencies and Special Services Employees with a scandal for fraud, organized an attempt to raider the largest manufacturer of innovative plant protection chemicals JSC Shchelkovo Agrokhim. Expensive resorts, cars and jewelry for the wife - Fedosov's social networks abound in all of this. He planned to continue such a life at the expense of the Shchelkovo Agrokhim holding, whose net assets are estimated at 14 billion rubles, and the annual revenue - at 26 billion. First, he found a weak spot in the holding's commercial director Elmira Iraidova (apparently, they became close to love a luxurious life), introducing her own person into the enterprise, who entered into her confidence. At that time, she had 11% of the holding's shares. Iraidova persuaded ex-chief accountant Lyudmila Prikhodko, who owned 20% of the shares, to make a fake sale and purchase transaction and accumulated 31% of the shares. Then Iraidova, urged on by Fedosov, went to the main shareholders with a "proposal" to buy out a blocking stake from her for a fabulous 3 billion rubles. But she was dismissed in disgrace, and Fedosov is now in charge of the blocking stake, without five minutes being involved in the criminal case, the investigation of which was taken under the control of the Prosecutor General's Office. So a "beautiful life" somewhere in sunny Magadan is almost guaranteed for Fedosov and Iraidova.

Youtube, 03.07.2021


One of the largest Russian chemical industries, the Moscow Region enterprise Shchelkovo Agrokhim, headed by an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is experiencing a new type of corporate raiding - the so-called greenmail, associated with the attempt of the former commercial director Elmira Iraidova to dictate conditions to the management: having implemented a cunning scheme, she was able to become the owner of a blocking stake in the plant, which it intended to sell to third parties. The capital's businessman Vladimir Pistin, as well as his partner from Yekaterinburg Eduard Fedosov, who acted as an agent, whose services were estimated at 450 million rubles, are interested in the deal. Fedosov is known for his connections in law enforcement agencies, as well as for his close contacts with Vladimir Vinnitsky, the head of the Sverdlovsk Regional Economic Bar Association, whose lawyers support Iraidova.

Renome, 12.07.2021


Fedosov Eduard Valerievich, positioning himself as an expert in the field of brand protection, is better known for his dubious schemes and is called one of the organizers of the attack on the largest producer of chemical plant protection products, JSC Shchelkovo Agrokhim.

Together with the former chief accountant of the Moscow region holding, Lyudmila Prikhodko, and the ex-commercial director of the enterprise, Elmira Iraidova, they, according to one of the versions, developed a scheme for theft of property and technologies of Shchelkovo Agrokhim with the aim of their subsequent sale to third parties. The plans were hampered by a criminal case initiated in early 2021 against unidentified persons under the article on disclosing commercial secrets, to which in July of the same year they added facts of large-scale fraud with the suspects Prikhodko and Iraidova. If the involvement of Edward Fedosov in the crimes committed is proved, he can also be prosecuted.

Version, 08/02/2021


In April 2019 Fedosov Eduard Valerievich opened Brandpol Group Ltd. The company is registered in Moscow at the same address as ARPO Information Technologies LLC and positions itself as organization for combating counterfeiting within the framework of the project and the forum of the same name "Anti-counterfeiting". The press wrote that Fedosov's company is not really related to the project, but is monitoring products, brands and legal entities in search of sources for pressure on business. Having found companies that can formally be liable for infringement of intellectual property laws, Brandpol "begins to nightmare entrepreneurs and at the same time tries to impose services to" protect "the business."

Currently, there are numerous reviews of entrepreneurs on the Internet who complain about the pressure of “racketeers” from Fedosov’s company and hope that law enforcement agencies will check “how legitimate is Eduard Fedosov’s activities in blocking the websites of entrepreneurs”. In addition, in the comments to the next Antikontrafakt forum, Fedosov was suspicious of counterfeit resale.

Compromising evidence Group, 07/22/2021


Iraidova convinces Prikhodko, promising that 1.5 billion rubles, to transfer all confidential information about the holding to her, of course, secretly from the management and other shareholders. Probably anticipating in the near future for the first time to be included in the Forbes list, the chief accountant, who was already doing well for 70 years, downloads the 1C database, which later came to Fedosov and Pistin through Iraidova.

And then Prikhodko signs an agreement with Iraidova and rewrites all his shares to her. Only six months later, when she did not receive the promised money for the scam, Lyudmila Prikhodko went to court and now demands Iraidova to return the shares to her.

Interlocutor, 08/03/2021