In 1995 in Russia could become on two future billionaires less. At the height of the "first aluminum war" Vladimir Lisin together with his subordinate Oleg Deripaska was driving to the meeting of shareholders of the Achinsk alumina plant. They were ambushed by grenade throwers — an attempt was ordered by a businessman known in certain circles as a Tatar. Future members of the Forbes list were saved by a miracle. Another big businessman Anatoly Bykov, who was one of the shareholders of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, learned about the attempt at the last moment. And allegedly told to cancel it. Tartar was forced to comply. This was told from the words of the Bykov another future member of the Forbes rating — Dmitry Bosov, also driving in a car with a Fox and Deripaska.

"Forbes." 23.03.2019

July 28, 1997 "the Russian credit" absolutely all of a sudden says that he bought 47% of actions of Kraza. It turns out that the Bank of Boris Ivanishvili sold the paper Yuri Kolpakov, who remained power of attorney to dispose of them, issued on behalf of four private shareholders of the plant, including Anatoly Bykov (10%) and Gennady Druzhinin (10%). The representative of TWG at the plant Dmitry Bosov says: "Kolpakov went crazy."


July 29 — KrAZ Board of Directors. Acting Director General Igor Vishnevsky dismissed from his post, his place was taken by Gennady Druzhinin. Yury Kolpakov force erupts in the office of the KrAZ and occupies the CEO's office. Representatives of "Roscredit" questioned in the Prosecutor's office.


Kommersant-Power", 18.09.2001


In July 1999 MENATEP puts its assets in Ustilimsk LPK for sale. By 2000, they will get "Continentalinvest" and the company "Energoprom" Dmitry Bosova.

Kommersant-Power", 31.01.2002

Bosses – personality in the world of Russian business in the mid-90s and pretty in a certain way known. A close friend of the Krasnoyarsk "authority" Anatoly Kolyadov (Tolya Small) and Irkutsk "thief in law" Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik), representing the interests of the Japanese in Russia. But the name of his Boss made as one of the developers of the infamous financial scheme, called "tolling". "Know-how" became truly gold for Black and Bosova. After pumping hundreds of millions of aluminum plants, they went into the shadows. As it turned out, briefly. A great specialist in the "painless weaning" of the state of his property Dmitry Bosov "laid eyes" on the Russian forest, correctly assessing that this type of product will always be in great demand on the international market.


I must say that Dmitry Bosov became famous for his flair to guess the "good product" in the early 90s, at a time that is now called the "era of wild capitalism." Along with the implementation of schemes for the supply of raw materials to Russian enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, Bosov in the infamous company Trans World Group (whose interests in Russia were represented by Leo Chernoy), was responsible for optimizing tax payments. According to "Novaya Gazeta" (№19, 31.05.1999), for these purposes, he created a network of companies, many of which are registered in the free economic zone of Ingushetia (at this stage of the "great Combinator from metallurgy" we first meet with the abbreviation "Energoprom"). At that time, or more precisely, in 1999, Energoprom, registered in the zone of preferential taxation in Ingushetia (and actually located in Moscow on Minsk street, 11), carried out up to 60% of the total supply of raw materials (excluding alumina) to Russian aluminum plants. While Bosses – the main developer of the "gold" schemes, manipulated the prices of raw materials, to overstating costs, to hide the true profit margins. According to various expert estimates, Bosses with Black were taken from the state Treasury more than $ 100 million. 27.09.2001



Krasnoyarsk businessman and authority Anatoly Bykov, hiding abroad from criminal prosecution, periodically appears in the press with lengthy statements, which emphasizes that he is clean before the law and will soon return to Russia to engage in parliamentary activities.

After the failure of the Federal electoral list of the liberal democratic party, in which he appeared as number 2 right after Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Bulls are preparing to stand in deputies of the state Duma on single-mandate constituency in the town of Achinsk.

The General meeting of shareholders of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant (KrAZ), held in early June this year, in absentia re-elected him Chairman of the Board of Directors of the plant, on his behalf continue to issue orders on KrAZ, top managers say that he still tightly manages the production and marketing activities of the plant...

In efforts to rehabilitate Bykov, the head of TVG plays the role mainly of a "wallet" and a backstage dispatcher. At the same time his people have quite influential positions, for example in the state Duma, use in the interests of the leader of fraction of NDR Vladimir Ryzhkov, deputies P. Veselkin, A. Vengerovsky and a number of others. "Right hand" Black in Russia Dmitry Bosov, although with great difficulty, but still establishes contacts in the immediate environment of Boris Yeltsin. In recent times increasingly to the campaign for "white" Bykov connect "Novye Izvestiya" and "Kommersant".

"" 19.10.1999

To assess the true dimensions of the "financial octopus," fostered Nosovym, suffice it to say that along with "Energoprom" has been actively implemented the scheme of evasion from the taxation of the company: "Rafko limited", "Constants", "Korvis", "PIF", "Polikorp", "Poliehksport", "Online", and also many one-day firms created for carrying out one or two operations.


In addition, the correspondent accounts of "Zalogbank" in "Maksat" JSCB, which is located in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), were actively used to service TWG operations on transfer of funds withdrawn from taxation to offshore zones as a result of tolling operations in Russia and other CIS countries. To understand in what good hands keeps Bosses money, suffice it to say that the Bank "Maksat" is under the control of local organized criminal group, mostly comprised of ethnic Chechens born in Kyrgyzstan Abu Adyshev and Ahmed Khasbulatov, the head of the Chechen community in Kyrgyzstan, Khawaja Mazaev, kingpin Azis Batukaev.


Entering "Maksat" income from tolling operations was provided mainly by the firms Bosova. In "Maxat" these cash flows were intertwined with the funds received from illegal drug trafficking, which made them whiter than a wedding dress. Then transfer them to Western banks, and then to the accounts of offshore companies included in the structure of TWG, was already a matter of technology.


Since the middle of the same, 1999, the role of Bosov in the implementation of strategic plans of Leo Black in Russia has increased significantly. As wrote with reference to the Moscow UBOP ubiquitous journalists "Kommersant" (№83 from 19.05.1999), with the consent of his boss, he became the actual coordinator of joint operations TWG and structures controlled by Boris Berezovsky. The basis for the interaction of the two oligarchs is available: the money of Leo Black plus Berezovsky. The goal was also clear (BAB never hid it) – to unite efforts to promote their people in the government, the presidential administration, the state Duma, until the creation of its own parliamentary faction to lobby for their interests. For the introduction of their representatives into power structures, then the Black lion and he offered Berezovsky a lot of money, including to Finance its controlled media. 27.09.2001


In the mid-1990s, the name of Dmitry Bosov was mentioned by the Russian press in the context of the aluminum industry.

He was called a companion of Leo Black, who controlled several plants, in particular, in Krasnoyarsk, but in the end he lost this market to Oleg Deripaska. Bosov also worked closely with Boris Berezovsky.

"The first is the raider. So called businessmen specializing in, so to speak, the forceful seizure of enterprises," – said "Ukrainian truth" one of the friends of our hero.

38–year-old Bosov was a co-owner of the Novosibirsk electrode plant, but later sold the shares to his partner in this enterprise – one of the largest Russian businessmen Viktor Vekselberg.


"Ukrainian truth." 01.06.2006

One of the great victories of the talented adjutant Bosov was the invention of his own method of almost free purchase of large factories. To do this, he hired quirky lawyers who sought out the laws of the "hole", applying them to his favorite businesses. The reason for the claim was looked for, the necessary judgment" was organized", "leaning" on which one of affiliated with it firms made fast capture of the power at the enterprise. While his legal owners recovered from such impudence while they wrote complaints to all conceivable instances while business was considered, financial assets of the victim disappeared without a trace on foreign Bank accounts, in offshore zones, settled on hands at heads of firms-"stuck", belonging to Bosov and his "don" - to Leo Black. The last time this scheme was used was in August-September of this year against the Ust-Ilim LPK, when Dmitry Borisovich organized an emergency and extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors in the office of the mayor of the city. However, this time the economic catastrophe was prevented. The legitimate Board of Directors of JSC "UST-Ilimskiy LPK", which resumed its work, has already addressed the citizens with an appeal, which States that with the restoration of ownership rights to the LPK, its main task will be to protect the rights and interests of employees, members of their families and all residents of the city, with which the activities of the complex are inextricably linked.

It can be assumed that Bosov will not accept the defeat at the Ust-Ilimsk plant so easily. But continue to fight him will not be easy? It is no secret that Bosov is quite a vulnerable figure for the law enforcement system. In addition, we should not forget that TWG and its top managers still have serious claims from Interpol and the special services of several countries in connection with the involvement of its numerous offshore companies, through which profits were pumped, to the laundering of "dirty" money, including from drug trafficking and arms trade. 27.09.2001


On October 17 at the Kiev airport "Borispol" the people's Deputy Alexander Volkov met the special representative Boris Berezovsky Dmitry Bosov.

The infected Ukrainian oligarch who in the Verkhovna Rada of last convocation called "the Director of Parliament", arrived for Bosov by order of Yulia Tymoshenko, the next colleague of the Ukrainian presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko...

"Compromising" 19.10.2004


It is noteworthy that the most frequent envoy from Baba to Ukraine during the election race was Mr. Bosov Dmitry Borisovich, 27.03.1968 year of birth, a resident of Moscow. Known in certain circles not only for his devotion to Berezovsky, but also for his extensive connections in the criminal world, Bosov maintains friendly and partnership relations with the Krasnoyarsk criminal authority Anatol Kolyadov ("Tolya Maly"), the Irkutsk "thief in law" Vladimir Tyurikov ("Tyurik"), who represented in Russia the interests of the "jap". It was Dmitry Bosov who was warmly and cordially met at the Kiev Borispol airport by his personal car and provided a "schiry reception" by the infamous Deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Alexander Volkov.


After such big names as something awkward to call another close friend Dmitry Bosov... Yes, supposedly named detainees of the customer prevented "terrorist" PR act against the future of the Ukrainian President - Mr. D. Perovich!


Is not it - it turns out a very entertaining chain, the links of which are tightly woven very interesting characters?


It seems that some representatives of the new Ukrainian authorities are thoroughly confused in their criminal and political multi-way combinations. And frantically trying to wriggle out of the cycle of self-created high profile "cases". In turn - a series of denunciations of politicians associated with the disclosure of the murder of journalist George Gongadze.

"Compromising" 16.03.2005

In addition, Bosov has several portfolio investments. In 2005, he said, leading General construction projects with the company Midland Alex Schneider and Eduard Shifrin, and is a shareholder of oil assets in Tomsk and "Pechoraneft".

On the eve of the orange revolution Bosov was awarded the title "courier Berezovsky." One of the Russian sites specializing in black PR, published photos, which shows how Bosova in October 2004 at the airport "Borispol" meets Alexander Volkov.

During the Internet conference on the website "ProUA" Volkov said that there is nothing strange. He also revealed another secret – on the eve of the last presidential election Bosov held meetings with Leonid Kuchma.

"Dmitry Bosov – really my very old friend with whom we are friends families. I learned from our media that he is Boris Berezovsky's "confidant". The fact is that Boris Berezovsky is also my old friend. And he took a very active part in the elections of 1999, when Leonid Kuchma was elected President. They met several times. Mr. Bosov was also present at these meetings. But then the date with him was not voiced as a sensation. And today from a meeting of old friends made sensation. Bosov's wife – Ukrainian Nastya – lives in Kiev, they have a child. And that's why he comes here all the time."


"Ukrainian truth." 01.06.2006

Last year, in an interview with Ukrainian Pravda, Volkov said that Bosov was one of the participants of the orange revolution: "As for the elections, I can testify that Bosov supported Viktor Andreevich, and he and his wife stood on the Maidan, constantly helping Viktor Andreevich and Maidan."

In the same 2005 Victor Pinchuk told the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti" that "Bosov and Berezovsky allocated Tymoshenko from 15 to 30 million dollars during the orange revolution". In response, Bosov published his letter in the same edition, where he said that he tried to sue Pinchuk for what he said, but "the lawyers of the head of Interpipe said that their client did not talk about any 15 million dollars."

Here Bosov admitted that he "is closely connected with Ukraine by family ties, and also business interests". Besides, in this publication Bosov called Yulia Tymoshenko "the most effective fighter against the oligarchy of the kuchmovsky period".

In business circles say that the Bosses were one of the people who worked with Tymoshenko in the question of re-privatization of the Nikopol Ferroalloy plant.

In the future, Bosov and the owner of the group "Private" Igor Kolomoisky as the main contenders planned to participate in the re-sale of the controlling stake of the NFP.

In the midst of the struggle for the company Bosov also said that he buys half of the 25-percent package NZF, which by that time already had Kolomoisky. However, there is no evidence that they carried out their plan.


"Ukrainian truth." 01.06.2006


In may 2010, former President of Vietnam Nguyen min chiet came to visit President Ilyumzhinov to fish and hunt. At the same time, they discussed the possibility of building a Vietnam town in Kalmykia and the development of several Russian projects in Vietnam.


At the same time, friends of Ilyumzhinov — founder of Ru-com group Mikhail Abyzov, co-owner of Alltek group Dmitry Bosov and partner of the latter in the telecommunication direction Yevgeny Roitman came to rest in the Republic. In an interview with Vedomosti, Nguyen Ming chiet answered the question about the investments of Ru-com and Alltek evasively: "there is no Specific information, but we support investments in telecommunications and high technology projects."


A few months after the hunt, RusViet Telecom (part of Alltek) received a test license for the construction of the LTE network in Vietnam, and in October 2010 the network was launched in Hanoi. According to Roitman, Ilyumzhinov is one of the shareholders of Alltek Telecom, which develops telecommunications projects in South-East Asia.

"Statements." 13.08.2012

Buying NADL — not only suspended Rosneft deal. The state-owned company expected to create a joint venture with Alltech Dmitry Bosov for the construction of a LNG plant "Pechora LNG" with a capacity of 4-8 million tons by the end of 2014, investments were previously estimated at $5.5-12.5 billion, the transaction is not closed.

"Statements." 27.02.2015

Coal business founder of the group "Alltek" Dmitry Bosov was not interested in his eldest son. After graduating from MIPT, he continues to study at the postgraduate Institute of applied mathematics. M. V. Keldysh Russian Academy of Sciences. From the second year Artem worked remotely as an analyst at RUSNANO in parallel with his studies. Then, for some time he also worked remotely in the venture Fund Kite Ventures. In 2010 he founded and headed the company FreetoPay, which is engaged in advertising and advertising technologies on the Internet.

"Forbes." 25.05.2015


The referee blows the whistle on the beginning of the match, ice chips are flying from under the skates, ice hockey world champion Alexei Yashin makes an accurate transfer, and his team opens the score, by the end of the first period it leads already 4:3. This is not a game of professional Continental hockey League, and the morning training of two Amateur teams. The match takes place on a private ice rink in the village of Usovo on the Rublevo-Uspensky highway, it was built by Dmitry Bosov, the main owner of the holding "Alltek". Himself Bosses, too, on ice, plays in attack. The participants of the match are colleagues and friends, including several former professional players. No hard collisions — in the Amateur hockey prohibited the use of force.

Bosov is fond of hockey since childhood, he started playing in his native Barnaul, participated in the youth tournament "Golden puck", won regional competitions, but did not become a professional. In 1998, a successful 30-year-old businessman, a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant" resumed training. ...

Birthday began with hockey, and it will end — Bosov flies to Kazan where local "AK bars" begins a semi-final series of the Gagarin Cup with Novosibirsk "Siberia". One of the founders of the Siberian club is the coal company "Siberian anthracite"controlled by Bosov. In the 2014-2015 season, Siberia achieved the highest achievement in its half-century history, reaching the final of the Eastern KHL conference. ..

Since 2007 "Alltek" organizes Amateur hockey tournament "challenge Cup" in Moscow and Dubai. Famous hockey players Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexey Kasatonov, Valery Kamensky played and held master classes at The Bosov rink. Each day, there are trained not only to adults but also to students of children's sports schools Odintsovo, Peredelkino, "Dynamo", "wings of the Soviets". With them free engaged Chepenko.


But a neighbor of Vladimir Putin Bosses have not played even once. On this side of the hockey businessman said reluctantly. But the fact remains — hockey is not just a game.

"Forbes." 15.05.2015

The development project in Beskudnikov is not the only asset of Summa that she plans to get rid of. The group is negotiating with the structures of Dmitry Bosov on the sale of the terminal under construction in the port of Nakhodka, sources told Vedomosti.

"Statements." 30.07.2018

For offshore Sibanthracite plc, which is listed among the donors of the Patriotic temple, is a billionaire Dmitry Bosov. It binds the business together with the daughter of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Ksenia. Bosovu UK belongs to the "Vostokova" affiliated with "Arctic logistics", the founder of which in 2017, Ksenia Shoigu. The daughter of the Minister of defense also acts as the head of the "League of Heroes", among the projects of which — steeplechase "Race of Heroes" and military tactical game "Battle of Heroes". The annual turnover of the League is about 200 million rubles. Sponsorship of Shoigu's daughter is provided by Kalashnikov concern, Russian Railways and other state-owned companies. Participation in the projects of his daughter Shoigu paid. The cost of the application for the next race is 4 thousand rubles.

"Insider." Of 24.04.2019

One of those representatives of the Russian business who is included in the list of the richest people of Russia according to Forbes and who can also get under a powerful blow in connection with the development of the case of ex-Minister for "Open government" Mikhail Abyzov – co-owner of "Sibantratsita" and "Vostokugl" Dmitry Bosov.


They have a common business, and not the first year. Mikhail Abyzov, being the Minister of Open government, together with Dmitry Nosovym own coal mines "Kisatsky" in Kuzbass.


The origins of this "joint venture" belong to 2012, when Rosnedra was not allowed to the competition for the development of the coal site "Uregolsky" company "southern Kuzbass" ("Mechel") and, ignoring the order of the FAS, recognized the winner of LLC "Cut Kiyzass" – at that time, a little-known company, which was born six months before the competition. Its founder was LLC "Interindustry consulting and legal Bureau", registered at the same address where the head office of Dmitry Bosov is located. By the way, in 2019, Bosov, together with Rostec and Gazprombank, decided to "drag" the Elga field from Mechel....

At such a scale, due to shadow schemes, Abyzov and Bosov could withdraw more than $1 billion to offshore accounts, which are invested in various projects in Indonesia, Africa and even in the United States.


Meanwhile, Bosov, to everything else, intends to quickly develop the Taimyr deposits of anthracite, the production of which he began in 2016 without project documentation (read, illegally), flying on a fine of Rosprirodnadzor in 954 million rubles. In parallel, decided to build the second of North tunnel and to finish the port of North to Find.


The construction of the tunnel for 5 years at their own expense smacks, to be honest, adventure.


"Ruspres". 08.04.2019

Nesigur claims that Bosses closely associated with Mikhail Abyzov, who is now in custody for billions of dollars in theft. Under the version of the Telegram channel, Abyzov a co-owner of "Sibantratsita" and "Vostokova" Dmitry Nosovym is like 7 years derive profit from the slit Kisatsky (Kemerovo region). There Abyzova 40 % of the shares that it issued to your offshore company during the period of work in the government. The plot was taken from Mechel. According to estimates, brought from Russia about $ 200-300 million. To cut have claims all the Supervisory authorities the Rosprirodnadzor, the Rostekhnadzor, the Prosecutor's office. But so far everything was limited to prescriptions and fines.

Since 2008, controlled by Abyzov "Novosibirsk power", and "Sibantratsit" Bosova received subsidies from the budget of the Novosibirsk region, allegedly for business development (despite the fact that these enterprises had super profits due to predatory looting of the territory).  Some of the subsidies were used to Finance the local hockey team "Siberia", and the other part was shared with the Governor of the Novosibirsk region.  The money was transferred to offshore accounts.  After removal of the Governor Vasily Yurchenko in 2014 "in connection with loss of trust" Bosses and Abyzov were compelled to refuse receiving subsidies from the regional budget.


Krasnoyarsk office of the FSB of Russia is investigating a criminal case against unidentified persons from among the leaders of the Arctic mining company (AGK), part of the group "Vostokugol" — it is owned by Dmitry Bosov.

Special services are interested in the illegal extraction and sale of coal, which was organized by top managers of the company. The first case reported Telegram-channel "Nesigur", there were published photos of the resolution on initiation of criminal case, and then the Protocol of interrogation of the General Director AGK Vadim Bugaev.

The resolution on the initiation of this case also mentions "Ugletrans": with this company, AGK signed a contract for the execution of works on the transportation of coal, the construction of a marine terminal for its shipment for subsequent sale under the guise of sampling large samples (100-200 thousand tons).

After all these scandals, arresting Abyzova and the initiation of proceedings in the Krasnoyarsk region, the First left Russia. According to now he is in Italy. The place to hide is not the best. Nearby Spain whose authorities are much interested in business partner Bosova - Ilya Gavrilov.