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2020-09-20 18:05

How officials and businessmen become the Russian Federation

Secrets of registering expensive real estate from Victoria Abramchenko

2020-09-19 19:06

A hooded killer hunts for officials

"The car shook from the shots, glass fell inside"

2020-09-18 18:57

$ 1 billion for Seagulls and other high-flying "birds"

How officials and their children set up a U.S. trust

2020-09-17 19:47

License to kill for a friend of Alexei Kudrin

Three shots in the face is not a crime

2020-09-16 18:49

The funds of the Moscow Ring went to Swedish horses

Russian Railways manager turned out to be the world's owner of horses

2020-09-15 18:43

Russia's alcohol business is captured

"Either you pay 75% of the profit, or you don't work"

2020-09-14 17:56

Stalin returned

"Our oligarch": From Derbent to Mosrentgen

2020-09-13 17:36

King of the State Duma

How Murad Hajiyev seized and sold a thriving city

2020-09-12 20:40

Killer in an ambulance

"Shot at least four times in the head and torso."

2020-09-11 19:41

“On the way Maksimenko M.I. I called Mishustin M. V. "

How ICR employees divided $ 1 million from David Yakobashvili

2020-09-10 17:36

Serfdom returned to Moscow

Capital officials gave the rich a whole microdistrict

2020-09-09 17:42

Stranglehold for Deputy Minister

"When the wire broke, I became a strangling belt"

2020-09-08 17:32

The era of Andrei Shokhin caused damage to Vladimir, comparable to the bombing

One of the oldest cities in Russia, Vladimir is experiencing the most destructive rule in its history.

2020-09-07 19:30

Shy sponsor of "Akhmat"

Why "prince" Kenes Rakishev was ashamed of Ramzan Kadyrov's "brother"

2020-09-06 19:36

Kesaev exchanged Cyprus for the Finnish peninsula

FSB partner seeks reliable European citizenship

2020-09-05 18:33

"I pointed a submachine gun and ordered me to lie in the grave."

How the forests near Moscow became a nameless cemetery

2020-09-04 18:09

"Yeltsin had a seizure and fell asleep"

Tatyana Dyachenko exposes the conspiracy of Tarpishchev, Barsukov and Korzhakov

2020-09-03 18:25

Gutseriev's bloody insult

Why the murder of Sheikh Batal-Khadzhi Belkharoev's grandson has not yet been solved

2020-09-02 19:06

"Poison for Navalny" infects through the skin of the hands

"Vx-type poisonous substance"

2020-09-02 07:07

"She screamed so much when I killed him."

Authority kills a policeman in the center of Moscow

2020-08-31 19:27

Plundered space or how do you like Elon Musk?

Testimony against the Deputy Director General of RKS was thrown into the trash

2020-08-30 18:43

Stalenovich's "golden" garage

On the money of Russian Railways, they put a specialist in "sawing"

2020-08-29 18:07

Thief in law found a place in Lubyanka

"Criminal generals" came together in the war for Rostov

2020-08-28 19:21

"Only one of you will come out of the forest"

Killer-bomzh and mercenary duel

2020-08-27 18:13

Jakarta secret of Vladimir Yakunin

Why does Russian Railways need a railway in Indonesia

2020-08-26 18:47

“You think I don’t know the resources of our“ Uncle ”

How billionaire David Yakobashvili “laundered” from thief in law Shakro

2020-08-26 05:54

Vladimir Lavlentsev: a man who was able to steal from Lenenergo and go unpunished

Fake guarantees for 5 billion rubles, non-existent equipment for 1.2 billion, "thrown" by PJSC "Lenenergo".

2020-08-24 19:08

"Warfare poisonous substance"

How Alexey Navalny was poisoned is impossible to establish

2020-08-23 19:41

End of the Renaissance Era

Following Oleg Tony's company, security officials came to Russian Railways

2020-08-22 19:30

"At the same time they opened fire from pistols"

OMON fighters turned out to be killers