Alexey Khotin, Yury Hotin

Company: Integrated Investment

Rental income: $ 320 million

The main objects are Gorbushkin Dvor (35,000 sq m), Filion Shopping Center (58,000 sq m), East Gate Business Center (110,000 sq m)

Retail area (sq. M.): 120,000

Office area (sq m): 1 220 000

Another business: at the end of 2013, Alexey Khotin acquired 30% of the oil company Exillon Energy, registered on the Isle of Man (capitalization of £ 170 million, is mining in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and the Komi Republic).

Deal: In the summer, the oil company Dulisma, owned by Khotin, which shortly before achieved the extension of the export duty exemption, acquired 1.8 million rubles from Alrosa from the company Irelyakhneft. Previously, this company claimed to be Rosneft.

The figure: Revenue from the oil assets of Khotyny exceeds the proceeds from the rental of real estate more than twice.

Forbes, 01/29/2015




The Khotyns' family, according to the businessmen they know, conducts a closed way of life, information about them is very meager: the elder Yuri - for 60, the youngest - about 35 years, supposedly both are graduates of military schools. From the comments for this article Hotiny refused.

In Belarus, Yuri led the company Belkosmetiks, which was engaged in the production of cosmetics and household chemicals. In the mid-1990s, father and son arrived in Moscow, rented a room on the territory of the Mekhanombinat im. Mikoyan and engaged in the usual thing - opened a shop of household chemicals. In 1998, after the bankruptcy of the company "Mikoms" entrepreneurs bought for one song one of the buildings and began to rent out the premises. What methods helped Khotin in the incomplete 14 years to turn from small businessmen to a development group that was ranked fourth in the Forbes rating?

["Diary", Belarus, 12.07.2011, "What took twenty years: Belarusian perfumes and cosmetics": Yury Hotin is the ancestor of this company, which started in 1992 as a wholesale supplier of imported perfumery and cosmetics to Belarus. In 1995, the manufacture of cosmetics under its own brands was organized in Fanipol.

ABOS, Feb 14, 2012


In the biography Khotynyh there is raiding, although everything began in general quite innocently. A native of Belarus, Yuri Hotin headed the company Belkosmetiks, which was engaged in the production of cosmetics and household chemicals. In the mid-1990s, father and son arrived in Moscow, rented a room on the territory of the Mekhanombinat im. Mikoyan and engaged in the usual thing - opened a shop of household chemicals.

As soon as the capital "Mikoms" (with which Khotiny worked in Moscow) went bankrupt, entrepreneurs bought one of the buildings for a song and started renting out their premises. After that, Khotiny strengthened in the capital, and they say that they could enter in the environment of Elena Baturina (the wife of ex-mayor Luzhkov). Soon they began active raider captures., 08/12/2015




The Khhotins really turned around in the middle of the 2000s. According to market participants, in 2004-2006 they received about 1 million square meters. Moscow real estate, mainly it was the former factories, factories and research institutes. Some of the areas Khotina bought from companies with an ambiguous reputation - the group "Nerl" and "Rosbildinga."

Most of the facilities were formally industrialized, requiring repair and reconstruction. According to Vladimir Bogomya, the Chotins acted according to the standard scheme: they reconstructed or demolished old buildings, built new ones in their place, then resold them several times to their own firms, and as a result, the owner of the building turned out to be a conscientious acquirer. Then the documents were registered in the Rostekhinventarizatsiya and the Registration Chamber. "As a result, the city did not even realize that on the site of 10 000 square meters. M of factory area appeared 20 000 square meters. M office, "- says Bogomya.

Forbes, 10/02/2012


Becoming the owners of more than 2 million square meters. M real estate in Moscow, Khotiny did not abandon their cosmetic business. Production was moved to the Moscow region, led by the company "Shante Beauty" Mikhail Labanok, the husband of Yury Khotin's daughter Margarita.

Margarita Labanok herself is now the general director of the National Agency for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy (NAKFF), established in 2007. It was located in one of the buildings on Ugreshskaya Street, on the territory of Technopark Synthesis. Assistant Director General of NAKFF Nikolay Dubovitsky said that any information about the general director is personal and protected by law. Dubovitsky claims that he does not know Khotin. The Belarusian representative office of the cosmetic company confirmed that Margarita had the name Khotina before her marriage. But they also declined to comment further.

Rospres, 04/22/2013


After that, Moscow Soap Plant (MMZ) was absorbed. In 2001, 65% of MMZ shares belonged to businessman Mikhail Zavertyaev and his partners, and 20% to the Moscow government. Khotiny was among the shareholders of the plant even before Zavertyaev became the owner of the controlling stake.

Then Khotiny seized Zatechayev's asset, assuring him that they acted on behalf of Elena Baturina. The pressure on Zavertyaev was then taken up by the then vice-mayor of Moscow, Valery Shantsev. As usual, the raiders pressed their victims through security forces.

Then the time came for the groups of companies "Igelsnab" and OJSC "STC" Commonwealth of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation ". It should be noted that the owner of JSC "NTC" Commonwealth of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation "(MVD veteran Dmitry Mikhailovsky) spent two years in custody trying to challenge the actions of the" invaders ".

Some media believe that Khotin can have a high-ranking patron in the face of one of the leaders of the party "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov, who previously served as chairman of the Federation Council. But such a "roof" does not work on the Central Bank., 08/12/2015


The Khotin family was on good terms with the ex-Interior Minister of Belarus Vladimir Naumov, who introduced them to the former head of the Russian Interior Ministry and ex-speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, who now supports them, wrote Kommersant and Forbes.

The interests of Khotyns in the government are lobbied by Gryzlov, or at his request, ex-head of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev, confirms a high-ranking official. For example, Gryzlov personally sought to extend tax benefits for NK "Dulisma", assured a major businessman, also interested in benefits. In profile agencies this is not commented on.

Yuri Hotin never concealed that Gryzlov solves their questions for them, and generally always behaved like a man who is not afraid of anything and is very confident in himself, says a former high-ranking official who is currently engaged in business. "But I do not have the feeling that this is one man show, I definitely feel the support of the siloviki of different levels," Vedomosti interlocutor adds.

... in the companies of Khotyns there is an army discipline and a habit of secrecy, their counterparts agree. Businessmen mostly work for former employees of bodies, offices as bunkers for them, units are self-contained, people do not know what their neighbor is doing, and in general they have everything captive - right up to Internet providers in the shopping center, one partner says. The Hotins.

Vedomosti, May 29, 2016



Khotin Yuri Georgievich was born on December 6, 1950 in the town of Rylsk, Rylsky district of the Kursk region, but then for many, many years his fate was connected with Belarus. It was there that he married his current wife Lyudmila Petrovna (born November 15, 1951).


Khotina Ludmila Petrovna is not limited to the role of a housewife, but is a true helper in her husband's affairs. In particular, in Belarus (the family was registered in Minsk, in house 30 on Malinin Street), she was a patent attorney registered in the State Register of the Republic of Belarus. A patent attorney is a person whose profession is the provision of legal assistance in the field of patent law. A man of this specialization in the family, engaged in manufacturing of cosmetics in Belarus, whose names must be registered, and sometimes bypassing already existing similar brands, is invaluable.


When the Hotins moved to Russia, Lyudmila Petrovna continued to participate in the family business. In particular, she was the founder of the capital "Vremya" LLC (TIN 7731275677, established in 2003, liquidated in 2008), engaged in wholesale trade in perfumes and cosmetics, and in which Yury G. Khotin was the general director. This LLC, in turn, together with Podlysetsky Sergey Viktorovich was the founders of LLC "Krasny Bogatyr" (INN 7719282332). Subordinated Khotin Sergey Podlysetsky was the founder and CEO of CJSC NGK Progress, OOO Kub, and Rus-Oil [...] Podlysetsky took an active part in the raider seizure of the first major asset of Khotynykh-Moscow soap factory.


[...] In Moscow, Lyudmila Petrovna Hotina was the general director of LLC "Volna" (TIN 7731275660, established in 2003, liquidated in 2008). This firm also dealt with wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics.


In Belarus, Yuri and Lyudmila were born children: Margarita and Alexei [...] Margarita Yurievna Labanok (in the nee Khotina) stood at the origins of his father's business. In Belarus, she was a co-founder of Belkosmex, which was headed by Khotin Yuri Georgievich. In the cosmetic business of Khotynykh, the husband of Margarita, Labanok Mikhail Alexandrovich was also involved. In particular, a trademark of Alme cosmetic products was registered in Belarus.

Margarita, along with her husband, after her father moved to Moscow. Since in the capital, Yuri Khotin and his son Alexey engaged in buying up shopping centers, then the whole cosmetic business went to Margarita and Mikhail Labanok. Now Margarita Yurievna together with her husband are the founders of the firms "Slavnet", "M-Helios" (in this firm one of the posts was occupied by Yury Khotin). Mikhail Alexandrovich Labanok belongs to Shante Beauty. Margarita [...] is the general director and co-owner of the LLC "National Agency of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy" ("NAKFF"), which deals with laboratory and clinical research. She also owns NAKFFSport LLC, Margarita is on the Board of Directors of PJSC "Tkatskaya Vpered Factory" (Moscow region).


Khotin Alexey Yuryevich was born on May 21, 1974. If in Belarus he was a minor assistant to his father, then in Russia he came to the fore. No, of course, all the wealth was made thanks to the connections and opportunities of Yuri Khotin. But it was Alexei who became the "face" of the clan, speaks on behalf of the family at the talks, "glows" in official documents. Until 2007, Alexey Khotin was the founder and head of the capital firm "ALEX", then it was liquidated. He was also the general director and chief accountant of two ZAO "AssoChimMarket" and "AssoChimReklama." Now Alexey Khotin is president of ZAO Integrated Investments. Under serious pressure from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Khotin Jr. in 2016 admitted that he controls 52.5% of Yugra Bank.


However, upon arrival in Moscow, Alexey Hotin clearly succumbed to many temptations of the metropolitan life [...] In June 1999, he was detained by the police for running the car in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. Alexei Yuryevich is married to Alexandra Vladimirovna (born Tobolina, born November 25, 1980), they have two children - 13-year-old son Dmitry and 9-year-old daughter Anna.


In 2012, the bailiff received a writ of execution (No. ВС032427108) on the eviction of Alexei Khotin from the apartment in 9.1 at Sadovnicheskaya Street.


The head of the family, Yuri G. Khotin, in Belarus was the founder of the industrial and commercial enterprise "Astor" and CJSC "Alatard". Both structures were engaged in the production of soap, washing, cosmetic, perfumery and were associated with the Belarusian oligarch Viktor Tereshchenko. "Astor" and "Alatard" were liquidated by the authorities for "failure to carry out business activities for 12 consecutive months and the non-management of the profit organization by the profit organization about the reasons for the failure to carry out such activities."


Then Yury Khotin headed Belkosmex LLC until he was in Moscow. In the Russian capital he led the life of an illegal. Yuri Hotin clearly made himself a lime temporary registration: then in Orekho-Zuevsky district of Moscow region, then in house 22 on Nizhny Novgorod Street in Moscow. The same LLC "Volna", where Yuri Khotin was the founder, was listed as "the property of foreign citizens and stateless persons." This situation bothered him only in November 2004, when on behalf of Yuri Georgievich Khotin, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Belarus received a statement from him to obtain Russian citizenship at the Consular Office of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. And already in March 2005, the AO «Yuzhnoye Butovo» gave Khotin the elder a new passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, with a residence permit in the building 5 building 1 in Skobolevsky Street. In fact, such a scheme for obtaining Russian citizenship (according to a certificate from the KZU) testifies only to one thing - Khotin just bought it. Under this scheme, for example, most of the Georgian "thieves in law" receive Russian citizenship. And, when it is necessary for the special services, the courts recognize the passports of the mafia as invalid. When such a time comes for Yuri Khotin - is still unknown. But, considering how they and their son Alexey conduct their business, there is no doubt that sooner or later such time will come. 07/25/2016

Moreover, the biographies of Khotin the elder (Yuri) and his son Alexei are still covered with absolute darkness of uncertainty. About Alexei only known that he was supposedly born in 1974-1975. There are rumors that both Khotina are related to the army, the senior allegedly graduated from a military school and then served as an officer in the Soviet army. It is impossible to verify this. Most of the information about Khotyns as specific people in business publications (Vedomosti, Kommersant, Forbes, RBC) comes with reference to anonymous sources, and some of the people who are registered in their patrons - Sergei Mironov, German Gref, etc. - refute the very fact of a close acquaintance with them.

According to the legend, the Hotinih duo emerged in Belarus exactly after the arrival of Lukashenka's "father" in 1994. Businessmen start their own way from production and supply of Belarusian cosmetics and perfumery (Belkosmex company in Fanipol). In 1997, they moved to Moscow, where they rented production facilities at the meat factory "Mikoms". In 1998, "Mikoms" went bankrupt and his property was sold at auction. Part of this property was sold by the former tenants and suppliers of the meat-packing plant. The chotins did not miss the opportunity to become owners of the leased building, having invested in it money earned on cosmetics and perfumes.


The funds from the sale of cosmetics from the talented Khotyns were apparently so many that they immediately got into the third or fourth echelon in the Moscow real estate market, buying and squeezing someone else's property. All the observers who tried to understand the secrets of the success of the Belarusian prodigy invariably faced with the most powerful administrative resource used by businessmen who came to Moscow. Although behaved Khotiny quite cautiously. Their corporate identity - in no case do not attack corporate predators larger than themselves or comparable in size. With smaller ones, they did not stand on ceremony - pressed, arranged "mask-shows", connected siloviki, engaged in raiding. In the Moscow courts, Khotin always had a special treatment regime.


So in 2007, the structures of Khotin entered the company "Igelsnab", controlled by businessmen Stavrulov, appointing in it their leadership and quickly bringing it to bankruptcy. 09/13/2016


Bank Yugra, which is controlled by Yuri and Alexei Khotin, is not impressive with financial indicators. A number of factors indicate that Khotyns, owners of the Gorbushkin Dvor shopping center and active participants in the redistribution of the Moscow real estate market, can withdraw funds from depositors into personal development projects .... Like the Central Bank, trustworthy rating agencies fear that Yugra May at any time go bankrupt. The bank, which is in a critical situation (previously Yugra took second place in terms of losses - 27 billion rubles, losing only to the sanated BM bank) applied for an appraisal to the international agency S & P, but its low rating simply shocked the bankers.


"Ruspres" .20.12.2016



The fact that the bank "Yugra" owned by the father and son of Yuri and Alexei Khotin is working on the verge of bankruptcy, was written more than once. This mysterious establishment of two Belarusian perfumers (the names of the ultimate beneficiaries of the bank became known only through a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to receive financial loan bonds) until recently engaged in attracting people's money and then deducing them for financing the development projects of Khotyns ...

The family of Khotyns is preparing for the bankruptcy of Ugra. To save the property, the rights are rewritten to relatives and friends. In this way, nominee owners emerged from the most liquid assets of the family - the oil company Dulisma, Matyushkina Verticali, Polar Lights, Gustorechensky, Negusneft, Irelyakhneft, and St Petersburg Development.

In the event of the final collapse of Ugra, its investors and creditors, Khotinykh, should hardly expect compensation from these structures. As the biographical resource noted, the law on de-Fursorization, signed by the head of state Vladimir Putin in 2014, had an effect only on those enterprises and businessmen who connect their future destiny with Russia. Oligarchs-guest workers, using our country exclusively for profit, ignore the president's order. The most typical example of such "guest workers" are Yuri and Alexey Hotiny.

Being subjects of Belarus, they began to seize existing factories and enterprises in Moscow. Workers were thrown out onto the street, and the premises were turned into business centers. Then, for convenience, Hotins bought Russian citizenship. But Russia was never considered their homeland. The bulk of the family's revenue goes to offshore, and most of the assets of the father and son are registered on them. Since 2014, none of the assets of Khotin has been withdrawn from offshore ownership. On the contrary, the funds of the bank "Yugra", also owned by Yuri and Alexei, began to be actively sent to foreign companies. And why did Khotin fulfill Putin's instructions, if in Russia they feel themselves temporary and lead the appropriate way: with the support of powerful patrons "swing" money from the country? How patrons will leave their posts, so Hotins will hurry away from Russia, to accumulated hundreds of millions, and maybe even billions, dollars. +

In their activities, Hotins use exclusively off-shores.


The loans of Yugra Bank, father and son - Yuri and Alexei Khotinyh - for the amount of more than 77 billion rubles were considered "hopeless" and "problematic". This is accounted for almost a third - 28% of the total loan portfolio of the financial institution, according to the report of Ugra in 2016.

Moreover, the bank was the leader in doubtful achievement - its loss for the year amounted to 32.8 billion rubles.

Financial indicators of Khotyny Bank are falling rapidly. A year ago, out of the total loan portfolio of 296.2 billion rubles, the most reliable loans were 43.4% - 130 billion rubles. These loans were classified as having no credit risk or moderate credit risk. At the same time, hopeless and problem loans amounted to just over 17 billion rubles, the indicator did not even reach 6%.

During the year, the dynamics of the financial organization has changed in such a way that it is time for investors who are interested in preserving their own savings to flee from Ugra without neglect. The loan portfolio decreased to 275 billion rubles. Almost a third of the bad loans grew and a share of quality loans fell to 19%.

Independent experts say that all the worst concerns about the Khotynsky bank are confirmed. The likelihood that Alexei and Yuri Hotiny, whom the general public does not even know in person, want to "run away" with the money of depositors abroad, grows into confidence.


"Moskvupost" .03.04.2017



At home, in Belarus, Alexey Khotin and his father Yuri were engaged in cosmetic business and had good connections in the higher echelons of power. One of the main patrons of the family was Vladimir Naumov (who held the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus from 2000 to 2009). Naumov had friendly relations with a large group of Russian siloviki and officials. When Khotiny conceived to open a business in Russia, Naumov "shared" these ties with his father and son. Initially, Khotiny planned to also do cosmetic business, received for these purposes a couple of shops in one of the capital's factories. However, with the help of the raider attack, they managed to seize the entire plant. He was immediately converted into an office center, the premises of which began to be leased. This business turned out to be extremely profitable. Father and son began one by one to seize other capital factories and factories and redesign them to the business center. In total, thus, dozens of objects were under their control. As you know, "appetite comes with eating." After visiting the raiders, Hotins tried to correct their reputation and already bought Gorbushkin Dvor and the Moscow hotel for the money. However, real purchases require real money. To do this, they also bought a bank "Yugra", which began to offer a huge interest on deposits. The tens of billions received from the population went in the form of loans to technical firms and were used for the needs of various projects of Khotyns ...

         Stepping forward with a broad march across Russia, Khotiny built up and developed "ties", originally obtained from Naumov. Without them, they would have long been behind bars and without money. Among such patrons of Khotynykh one can distinguish Mikhail Margelov. Without them, they would have long been behind bars and without money. Among them, Michael Margelov can be singled out.


«». 05/10/2017