1979 - The All-Union. builds. in-t (Tashkent department)

1973-84 - "Minneftegazstroy" USSR, foreman, deputy. early. unified. (managing trust) of the city of Mary, Shatlyk (Turkmen SSR), managed. supervising. frames, early. ord. (since 1980)

 1985-93 - company "EM Consulting GmbH", beginning. Represented in the USSR, prez. (since 1991) 1993-99 - the company "British European Marketing Ltd", prez.

 since 1999 - the NGO "Mercator"


Stanislav Nikolaev graduated from Kiev Institute of Physical Education, then went to the Tashkent Construction Institute. He worked as a foreman and head of the personnel department in various construction trusts, while fate in the mid-80s did not bring him down with another native of the Ukrainian SSR, Semyon Mogilevich. The latter by that time was already a successful businessman, who had made a fortune in speculating in currency, underground trade in vodka, export of antiques to the West, etc. Later, these kinds of criminal business were added to the supply of prostitutes, arms smuggling, racketeering, etc. Mogilevich became the financial director of a gigantic international criminal syndicate, which included Mafiosi from around the world. From Russia, its main participants were the leaders of the Solntsevo OPG. All of them were good at shooting, playing with muscles, threatening. And only Golovasty (another nickname of Mogilevich) was able to launder millions of "dirty" dollars and invest them in legal enterprises. Of course, he alone could not cope with such amounts of money. However, Semen had no less than half-hearted helpers, among whom Stanislav Nikolaev stood out. 04/14/2018


For money laundering, Mogilevich created dozens of firms in different countries, through which hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, passed. Among them, for example, were the companies "EM Consulting GmbH" and "British European Marketing Ltd". In the first firm, Nikolaev headed a representative office in the USSR, and in the second he was a president. "British European Marketing Ltd" "lit up" in the decision of the Pennsylvania court in the case "The United States against Mogilevich." The documents say that the company headed by Nikolayev was registered in Cardiff (Wales) as Mogilevich's close associates and needed another money-laundering fund in London, Don Simeon-UNITED TRADE.

The main chip of the washing net of Mogilevich and Nikolayev was the use of many companies registered in different countries, but having the same name - "Arigon ltd". The main one was the Hungarian "Arigon ltd", in which, according to the report of the FBI "Eurasian organized criminal organization of Semyon Mogilevich," Stanislav Nikolayev was president. 04/14/2018


The money laundered by the Nikolaev-headed "Arigon" was invested in a completely legal business: he bought controlling stakes in the Hungarian defense enterprise "Armi-Koop" and the magnets manufacturing plant "Magnex". The Magnetic Plant was acquired in Canada. To sell the products of the enterprises, Mogilevich established the company "YBM Magnex", in which Nikolaev officially became vice-president.


When in 1995, the special services of almost ten countries engaged in the activities of the Arigonovs, Mogilevich began to urgently curtail their work, shifting the laundering business to the "spare airfields" of the two new structures. The first was the company "UNITED TRADE", and the second - "YBM Magnex". "YBM", with Vice-President Stanislav Nikolaev, laundered money under the guise of investment investments and even exhibited its shares on the stock exchange.


Literally to all these projects the most direct relation was "Solntsevskaya". They approved Nikolayev's purchase of Hungarian factories with funds raised from a criminal business with Mogilevich. Two Lyudmila - the wife of Sergei Mikhailov and the wife of Viktor Averin - were officially the major shareholders of YBM Magnex. 04/14/2018


As soon as the scent of arrests, Mogilevich and his "right hands" Stanislav Nikolaev hastily moved from the US, Canada and Europe to Russia. They did it for good reason. Mogilevich was later put on the wanted list by the Interpol line. And Nikolaev's surname certainly appears in all the FBI's materials regarding Mogilevich and in Interpol's reports. 04/24/2018

"The FBI identified at least 10 important associates of S.Mogilevich and related companies active in Ukraine: Sergey Maksimov (Vabank), Igor Tkachenko (nicknamed" Skull ", leader of the Kiev organized criminal community, which is included in the the so-called "golden seven" of Kiev criminal leaders), Vakhtang Uberiya (Vakhdatyr, Vakhtadyr), Stanislav Nikolayev, Vladimir Eremenko (IBM Magnex Ink.), Igor Pluzhnikov (Baltschug LTD, Business Cooperation Fund Ukraine "), Iskander Kerimov (the nickname" Tatar ", the leader of the Evgeny Imas ("Alliance-Credit Bank"), Semen Yakhimovich (in 1977 he was convicted along with S. Mogilevich in one criminal case, today he is a representative of S.Mogilevich in Ukraine and heads a criminal group "controlling "Kiev railway station), Alexander Presman,


In preparing this report, the US FBI used information from various sources, in particular, obtained from law enforcement agencies, such as the Czech Internal Security Service, the Czech Federal Criminal Police, the Hungarian National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine.


"Ukraine is a criminal". 25.06.2001


And here is an excerpt from Interpol's "Millennium" report on the activities around the world of Solntsevo OPG: "In Budapest, the Arigon company was founded. Its president was Stanislav NIKOLAEV (1). The owner was Galina GRIGORIEVA, the former wife of Mogilevich. The partners were Alexey ALEXANDROV and Anatoly KULACHENKO. This company was closed in 1996 and replaced by the company "United Trade" in Budapest.

NIKOLAEV Stanislav Grigorievich was born on February 19, 1951 in the Ukraine. In Zurich, he presented a Greek passport in the name of Stanislav NIKOLAIDIS. (Interpol General Secretariat / Meeting of the Swiss Working Group 18-19 / 06/02) ".

Having fled to Russia, Semyon Mogilevich made a bid on two of his trusted associates, the natives of Donetsk - Vladimir Nekrasov and Stanislav Nikolaev. First, as a top manager, he managed the structure of Don Simeon Arbat Prestige. And the second, in the same capacity, "ruled" the company Mogilevich "Mercator". 04/24/2018


Mikhailov did not always have full mutual understanding with law enforcement agencies. In October 1996, he was detained in Switzerland and placed in an investigative prison. The Swiss authorities tried to blame him for money laundering and that he was the leader of an organized criminal group. Prior to 2003, Mikhailov owned 3.9% of the company Mercator, which supplies road and communal equipment, as well as cleaning equipment ....

According to the president and co-owner of Mercator Holding Stanislav Nikolaev, Mikhailov was very helpful to the company when it started its business. "The plant had a large debt, people had nothing to pay their salaries. I rendered substantial assistance. But I had too many other projects, and I eventually left this business, having received everything that was due to me, "Mikhailov confirms."


"Vedomosti". 11/08/2011


That's what happened in Moscow in recent years with utilities, or more precisely - in the field of road facilities. The deputy mayor of Moscow, Petr Pavlovich Biryukov, is in charge of this sphere ... The order is signed by Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin, of course. And already in 10 days a new mayor's order comes out, to which the created structure is transferred 12 billion rubles from the budget ... This order prescribes the holding of joint tenders for the subordinated to the State Bank of Ukraine, although most of them will be created only a month or two. The entire amount of allocated funds was broken up and carried through numerous trades. Almost all deliveries of road and municipal equipment within the framework of state contracts were made only by two companies - CJSC "Kominvest-AKMT" and LLC "Mercator Holding", with which the Department of Housing and Public Utilities has long-standing relationships. It should be noted that the cost of equipment purchased exceeded two to three times the market price. Part of the purchased equipment, according to experts, never ever left the parking lot, since in principle it is not suitable for use in the urban environment. 10/25/2013


Enormous, well, just a huge amount of money through the masters of flowed from the "Highways" of a certain company LLC "Mercator". Judging by the infographics, we are talking about no less than 13 billion rubles of public procurement.

But Nikolayev has so far successfully escaped landings and continues to "serve the truth" to serve Mogilevich and Solntsevsky. Sergei Mikhailov at one time even was a co-owner of the Mercator. By and large, the current "Mercator" is the second "Arigon" - at the moment the main source of replenishment of pockets for the Solntsevo brotherhood and the team of Mogilevich. A kind obshchak, which regularly replenished with huge amounts. Only replenish it is not the "brothers" and the roofed merchants, but the authorities.

In the "Mercator" for a long time pumped into a huge amount of budgetary funds, primarily the funds of the Government of Moscow. It began when I was still the mayor of Yuri Luzhkov. However, after his resignation the situation did not change. Firstly, the person from the "Luzhkov team" - the current deputy mayor Petr Biryukov - is closely connected with the "Mercator". There is a "Mercator" and another "guardian angel." This is the head of the Moscow City Administration "Roads" Alexander Oreshkin. The latter generally does not bother, the interests of the "Mercator" he lobbies almost openly. He could not be stopped by the FAS investigation into Oreshkin's candid forgery when holding auctions in favor of Mercator. None of the arbitration proceedings, where it was explicitly stated that in the auctions held, the characteristics of the equipment are set such that no one can become a supplier except the "Mercator". 04/24/2018


In September 2017, the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved the project of construction of the solid waste landfill "Malinki" on the basis of a closed landfill. We are talking about the approval of the said project with a platform for equipment with excess radiation. In this case, the first tender relating to the construction of the landfill was opened in April, and its results were announced on June 1, 2017.


Thus, the mayor's office determined one of the construction contractors a few months before its approval

The purchases themselves deserve special attention. Among the 23 tenders within the construction of the landfill are three. By long established tradition, each of them was won by a single supplier. The amounts presented in the purchases fully correspond to the capital scale - from 350 to 457 million rubles. Thus, three tenders account for about a third of the total project budget. And the most expensive tender was won by the company "Mercator Holding".

The company "Mercator Holding, according to FBK, is affiliated with the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and communal services and amenities Peter Biryukov. There is no direct connection between the owners of the company and Biryukov, however, Mercator Holding was involved in the cutting of almost 12 billion rubles, listed to the newly established at that time, the State Unitary Enterprise "Highways". In the struggle for billions of "Highways", the company used all means, including appeals to the FAS Russia to eliminate competitors in purchases.


"Criminal Russia". 10/31/2017


Since the creation of the "Highways", most tenders for the supply of road and utility equipment within the state contracts are won by the same company - LLC "Mercator Holding". Less often, tidbits are taken by ZAO Kominvest-AKMT. These two companies have a long-standing relationship with the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Moscow. For example, in the period from 2015 to 2017, LLC "Mercator Holding" concluded 14 state contracts for the supply of specialized equipment for a total of more than 6 billion rubles.


However, the technique, which produces "Mercator", Russian can be called very conditional ...

The strategic partner of Mercator - the Swiss company Bucher Municipal - which actually creates distributors and sweepers - calls the Kaluga enterprise in its report to the shareholders an assembly site and its plant in Kaluga. The report includes a phrase from which it follows that the CityCat 2020 is only going to and is being tested in Kaluga. And as a result, the imported Bucher CityCat 2020 is sold in Russia as a compact sweeping-vacuum VKM 2020. 05/8/2018