A source from the telegram channel VChK-OGPU told us what methods the FT “Sirius” uses to extract money from the owners of three buildings of the Orthodox shelter of St. John the Baptist.

At first, according to a statement from Sirius resident Georgy T., regulatory and supervisory authorities initiated numerous inspections of the complex of shelter buildings.

Based on the results of these inspections, the administration of FT "Sirius" filed a lawsuit to demolish the shelter.

Let us note one more nuance. No one is going to demolish the shelter buildings themselves. The Sochi diocese inadvertently announced this in its commentary.

The court is just a way to put pressure on the creators of the shelter, philanthropist Suren Eksuyan and priest Flavian (Oskolkov), so that they transfer these buildings to the local bishop German as quickly as possible. And all means are good for this. Including false denunciations on behalf of those people who have nothing to do with this.

Bishop German, whom Eksuzyan now openly accuses of attempting to raid the complex of shelter buildings, has already appeared in the feed of the Cheka-OGPU.

In April 2022, a greedy shepherd unsuccessfully wanted to acquire a plot of “golden” Sochi land for his personal residence. Now he liked the buildings in Sirius.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, the history of the squeezing of private property by FT Sirius is all like a carbon copy and, alas, is of a systemic nature. They wanted it and took it away, the courts of Moscow and Sochi will carry out any lawlessness. The Sochi-Park hotel, Rogsibal (Imeretinsky), and the Russian Seasons hotel complex were subjected to seizure, or simply raiding, on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory with deep financial losses on unpaid state VEB loans in the amount of almost 10 billion rubles, and violation of private property rights. and others. Strangely enough, all of them were pledged to the state corporation headed by Igor Shuvalov, VEB.RF, and were released from possession without a fight with the participation of the hardworking state manager already familiar to readers - Alexander Ivanov (a regular at gay clubs and closed parties and not a traditional bankster state banks nicknamed "Suzanna"), expelled with a black mark of corruption from the bank Dom.RF, after revelations at the Cheka-OGPU. The non-binary lawyer did not grieve for long and quickly moved to work in the department of Igor Shuvalov - in VEB. According to the source, the state manager " Suzanna" - Ivanov, owes the lack of attention to his affairs on the part of law enforcement officers, including to his profile patron - the Krasnodar oligarch Korovayko, who is on the run in Spain. The ex-owner of the Pokrovsky holding more than once “raised” Ivanov up the career ladder and helped him fly under the wing of Igor Ivanovich.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, the first corruption deal worked out by Ivanov under the “wing” of Shuvalov was the rollback release of the mortgage of the Sochi Plaza Hotel for 2 billion rubles, with the market value of the hotel being 8 billion, in favor of the structures of the Krasnodar governor Kondratiev . With such patrons, state manager Suzanna is confident that no one will “catch up” with him, or will always accept him in sunny Spain, because the head of the state corporation, Igor Ivanovich himself, is busy cleaning up problematic tails on large-scale and rollback VEB issuances of trillions of rubles into the warm hands of his oligarch friends and before leaving, associated with the upcoming big audit of VEB's activities by the Accounts Chamber, he does not pay attention to his chicks. It was in anticipation of the need to lift the anchor, according to a Rucriminal.info source, that the head of the state corporation became concerned about lifting personal sanctions. He is definitely not going to be responsible for the affairs of all his “corrupt chicks” and is looking for comfortable escape routes.

To be continued

Yuri Prokov

Source: www.rucriminal.info