In 1989 he graduated from the Moscow Machine-Tool Institute, then in 1992 at the same institute postgraduate.

After finishing graduate school Mishustin began work as the director of the test laboratory, and later headed the board of the International Computer Club (ICC) - a public non-profit organization. ICC attracted into its ranks large foreign firms and became the organizer of the International Computer Forum - one of the largest computer exhibition in Russia.

In 1998, MV Mishustin joined the civil service as an assistant for the information systems of accounting and control of tax payments the head of the State Tax Service of Russia. Then he worked in the rank of Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on taxes and duties, the head of the Federal Agency of Cadastre and Real Estate (Rosnedvizhimost, March 2004) under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, head of the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones (SEZ, since December 2006 )..

In 2003, Mikhail Mishustin defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences on the theme "Mechanism of state tax administration in Russia", and in 2010 - thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences on the topic "Strategy of formation of property taxation in Russia." He is the author of three books on the subject of tax administration. He published more than 40 scientific articles.

In 2008, Mikhail Mishustin initiated the opening of the State University Higher School of Economics, the Institute of Real Estate Economics, which operates not only in the area of additional education, but is also a research center. Sam Mishustin became scientific director of the institute.

In 2008, he resigned voluntarily from the public service and went into business again - this time in the field of investment. Mishustin 2 years worked as the president of UFG Capital Partners and managing partner of UFG Asset Management group.

In February 2009, Mishustin entered in the reserve and the Russian president in April 2010, was appointed head of the Federal Tax Service.

In 2013, Mikhail Mishustin appointed scientific director of the Department of Taxes, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (decision of the Academic Council of the University of Finance on 10.15.2013.

Edited by Michael Mishustina to the 25th anniversary of the Russian tax authorities issued a textbook Taxes and tax administration. Ed. Mishustina MV, M .: Education, 2015 - 912 p.

Family and hobbies:

Mishustin is married and has three sons. Interest provides repents sport, playing hockey, became a member of the supervisory board of HC CSKA.

According to the income statement for the year 2009 itself Mishustin earned 78.6 million rubles, and his wife had an income of 17 million rubles.


Order "For Services to the Fatherland» IV degree (16 July 2015) - for achievements in labor, social activities and many years of diligent work.

Order of Honour (29 December 2012) - for labor achievements and many years of diligent work.

Honorary Diploma of the President of the Russian Federation (15 November 2013) - for labor achievements and many years of diligent work and social activities.



Michael Mishustin became scandalously known for having organized a reception in 2002 of two World Bank loans for the purchase of computer equipment for 100 and 160 million US dollars and was able to successfully master them. At the same time, he built himself a luxurious house on Rublevo-Uspensky highway with a large sports complex.

The Moscow Post, 08.11.2010


Less than two years later, in the depths of the MHC with the filing of the same restless Mishustina born a new investment project, called simply and tastefully:. "Modernization of the Tax Service 2" For these purposes from the World Bank under the government guarantee it was taken by another 160 million dollars in 2002. And what is the result? Yes, almost anything: how were long queues of citizens with piles of papers in the windows of the tax inspection, so still and stand. No, of course, only the blind will not notice how to transform today the tax authorities of the building: in some places it is now the real palaces of glass and marble. A tax chiefs entirely on touring cars of the modern lineup. In general, the World Bank can sleep soundly: to pay - and order!

But it turned out that the World Bank is no rest from the borrower Mishustina today. It would seem that the government adopted a policy of early repayment of external debt of Russia to foreign financial institutions. In fact - which accumulate debts when they have the opportunity to extinguish the overgrowing interest loans? But the new head of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, apparently thought otherwise. And now, last summer was held agreement on the allocation by the same World Bank loan of $ 100 million for the creation of a unified cadastre of real estate. Moreover, according to the plans of the head of Michael Rosnedvizhimost Mishustina, a significant portion of the received credit resources will be mastered in the course of aerial areas. The matter, by the way, difficult to count and control by how many sorties accomplished as paper and film will be spent - how to say ancestors, there is a great mystery!

However, there is one telling indicator on which it is dedicated to the citizens will be able to track the effectiveness of the development team Mishustina another $ 100 million tranche. Once the brand new mansions Rosnedvizhimost officials will be erected close to the famous Barvikha - know that aerial photography with the preparation of the inventory has gone in the right direction for Mishustina. Well, to return the debt to the World Bank will, as usual, together, earned from taxpayers but bulging of the northern land of oil and gas resources.

"" of 24.10.2005


As a bit of land now kadastriruyut wards Mishustina, well illustrated by the work Solnechnogorsky department of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Moscow region. Since September last year acting head of the department performs Zyagirya Azizulovna Dormidontova. Capital official Mishustin more than a year looking for henchman in the near Moscow area to match himself. And, admittedly, I was not mistaken: in less than five months of work in a managerial position the FAQ district Dormidontova showed full compliance with the hidden meaning of this acronym.

The villagers did not openly say that even for registration of trifling matters, such as those associated with land surveying object, you need to have in your pocket a fat envelope. Otherwise, push in the corridor of the district department of the FAQ will have a month or even more. But this will not get starved officials. One of the residents of the area who had tried to reach a solution to the issue of approval of land use documentation in a general way, and the truth is not achieved in a year of walking the chain of command. When it was, it would seem, it was not to find fault with what, from pettifoggers Dormidontova team denied Walker due to the use of non-standard paper size. Replace the paper - to find fault with the font "wrong size". In general, no one has yet managed to overtake on a gray mare clever officials Solnechnogorsky FAQ. In particularly difficult cases, also, when you get very clever or hard-nosed walkers, the aid official Dormidontova comes MUP "Cadastral production." This is a municipal enterprise, headed by NP Kozlov, has been checking land use matters and issuing conclusions.Check the month may or may the whole year: the period strongly depends on the thickness of the transmitted envelope.

"Vsluh.Ru" 06.02.2006


In April 2009, the new head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Mikhail Mishustin was appointed, who set a VAT refund, and to be honest the theft of the budget under the guise of compensation for the flow. Bids kickbacks for payments from the budget of the Federal Tax Service increased to 70% and the whole process has become centrally managed from the central office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Andrew Horev as something needed Michael Mishustin no less than Michael Mishustin he wanted Andrei Horev, and the two quickly agreed immediately. But not all stable group of swindlers, have historically worked with Andrei Horev could immediately and quickly find a way out of encirclement Michael Mishustina. Since the rate rollback for compensation was, in general, a standard 50% reimbursement - in the Federal Tax Service (in the same amount of 1-3% pullback in the Federal Treasury), 10% - in DEB MIA and 10% in the Russian FSB and FSB in Moscow and Moscow region, the payment received and Horev. After that Maxim Kagan load increased at the expense of that it was necessary to consider and forward to the Russian Federal Tax Service and the Federal Tax Service for Moscow. Sam Michael Mishustin money never officially did not take, and its share of the hosted Kagan or his friend Alexander Udodov or someone trusted deputies - Sergei Arakelov Igor Shevchenko and Svetlana Andryushchenko. The Federal Tax Service for Moscow the money remitted to the deputy head of Olga and Irina Chernichuk Platova, and they have shared, if thought fit, with the heads of the territorial inspections. At its FNSnom jargon this is called "distributed by the numbers."

"Parity-press", 06.10.2011


Polk richest officers arrived, found "Vedomosti", checking the income of civil servants, information on which was not published by 14 May.

According to data of the Federal Tax Service, the income for 2009 of its leader Mikhail Mishustina, took office in April, amounted to about 78.6 million rubles., And together the couple Mishustin earned 96.5 million rubles. Date of publication of the information on the Service website does not identify, in May to find this information failed (press office did not respond then on request). With this income Mishustin pressed from the third position of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin to 68 million rubles. income. Head of the Federal Tax Service has overtaken presidential adviser Leonid Reiman (93 mln.), As well as the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Yuri Trutnev (155.1 million rubles.).

No property of the spouses was not listed Mishustin at the beginning of this year: the flat area of 142 square meters. m, a house (307 sq. m) and four plots of land owned by two of their minor son.

In response, the Federal Tax Service's press service said that the income Mishustina "consists of payroll President UFG group companies (held this post until April.) And income received from the advisory work in the same company." His wife works in one of the companies UFG financial holding company. Its revenue in 2009 amounted to more than 17 million rubles., Including about 5 million rubles. salaries and income from funds held in 2005 in asset management in ZAO "UFG Invest" (about 12 mln.). Its taxable income for asset management amounted to about 80 000 rubles in 2009., According to the Federal Tax Service of the response.

"Vedomosti", 24.06.2010


The current head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin are now making great efforts to ensure that information relating to the role of his predecessors and present his subordinates in the case of the theft of shares "Bashneft", did not extend beyond the walls of classrooms interrogators. Heading the spring of 2010 the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin in theory was supposed to attend in order to obtain compensation for the damage State of damage in the privatization of enterprises of the Bashkir fuel and energy complex. But he chose to bury this thing under wraps. Instead of following the audit of the 169th, "immoral" article of the Civil Code, to resort to other rules of law, tax authorities have completely stopped any attempts to bring to the Ural Rakhimov of responsibility for another, more suitable in terms of YOU article. Tax as though afraid of what they won in the first instance the claim for return of assets "Bashneft" in the Federal Property Management Agency property can be upheld. Following the appointment of Mr. Mishustina head of the department, they just stopped to see the offense where it now clearly see the staff of the Investigative Committee.

"Wek" of 05.11.2014


Head of the Russian Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustina repeatedly accused of creating a large-scale schemes of budget funds theft under the guise of VAT refunds. With amazing perseverance, he denies his former friends and loyal employees, involved in regular schemes to compensate for the tax.

When a taxpayer shall submit to the inspection declaration, according to which it requests budget to reimburse him the amount of VAT inspection asks him supporting documents, conducting their checks and make the taxpayer's documents to the Russian Federation Commission, which decides whether or not to compensate VAT. However, if the amount reimbursable VAT at least 3 million rubles, the inspection may take a decision itself, without actually conducting a serious test. The amounts of these compensations do not fall in the overall statistics, and are considered "minor." However, if for VAT refund will turn not one but 30 companies, inspection can uncontrollably to compensate for 100 million rubles in the quarter, this figure will be 300 million, and a year - to exceed one billion. Fairly good "revenue"!

That's what Michael Mishustin judged in April 2011 by persuading former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin to appoint the head of the Federal Tax Service of the Moscow region, Vladimir Polezhaeva. After use, put the front of the new main Moscow region taxman problem as follows: FTS of Russia will appoint new heads of regional inspectorates, and those are responsible for arranging the issuance of stolen VAT budget, breaking it up into the sum of up to 3 million rubles, half of which must be accumulated in the MFTS the Moscow region and transferred to the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Polezhaev Mishustina thanked for their trust and sell off its task.

Let it sounds ridiculous today, but thanks to the vigilant employees of the tax service, almost perfect scheme has malfunctioned and has been disclosed.

IA InterRight, 21.12.2011


The action by the grace of talent people was launched in September at the congress of "United Russia", when the Prime Minister instructed the departments responsible to write off tax debts of citizens. Initially, the PR company is fully consistent with the old adage "ná you, O God, that we worthless." Thirty-three billion rubles of debt, together with default interest and penalties accumulated over the years of unpaid taxes and contributions by people for small amounts, mainly transportation tax.

So kopilis alleged debt year after year, but in strict accordance with the unfathomable bureaucratic logic of one of the clerks did not dare to ask the question: what is it, where and why?

But I was coming fateful congress. They began to look for experts than you people to please, and remembered the uncollectible billion dollars. Only poorly written script of the holiday, so he failed. Vladimir Putin has not said simply: citizens, then the tax namudrili, mess up, make a mistake, I'm sorry for them, and to inform you that henceforth you stupid fool forbid requirements and psevdodolgi command cancel. No, not admitted in error Chairman of its government, respectively, and do not bother to apologize. Just I said that instructed the Duma, the Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities attributed the favor, and waited applause ...

The main culprit Oshibochka a billion head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin immediately took the hint chief that the cancellation must be an act of mercy, not repentance. Quickly counted with bureaucratic savvy profitable options and soon rushed (to the press) to report to Vladimir Putin about the preparation for the issuance of "gifts".

At this meeting, as befits an experienced apparatchik, Mishustin quickly "translate arrows" from his department to the traffic. He told me that the lion's share of a national debt - 18 billion rubles - to the transport tax "on it most of the errors associated with the receipt of the tax office of incorrect data about the owners of vehicles from the traffic police." At the same meeting were made and the overall figures. Mishustin said he expected to write off tax debts of 33 million Russian citizens totaling 36 billion rubles. It is noteworthy that all the subsequent time these figures are often interchanged in quotes officials. Most began to talk about the fact that it is necessary to write off 33 billion with 36 million citizens.

But it is a trifle - well forgotten arithmetic, three million people more three smaller - nonsense. Incidentally, the same Mishustin voluntarily or involuntarily generally disavowed public relations sense to stock write-off, saying not so long ago that a substantial part of the debt "is the debt that FTS can not recover, as was a three-year period since its inception."

It is clear that Mishustin never mentioned that there is not going to, say, his service return obtained by erroneously assessed tax money to those who in any case would prefer to pay a hundred or a thousand rubles in cash FTS to just behind. And if not done calculations of how many people how much money the tax unlawfully stripped. However, it would naturally only if they recognize their errors. But it is well known rule: Russian bureaucrats do not give up., 01.12.2011


By 2006, our hero is not just the wealthy - he indecently rich official, only one house in which the ruble was worth at the price of more than 30 million US dollars with a full-size swimming pool and a huge universal gym. And still only a geek! And Mishustina appoint the head of the Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones. Finally, he has the opportunity to earn not hundreds of millions of US dollars, and billions of domestic offshore, allowing duty-free import volumes crazy smuggling under the guise of the goods for processing, which is not even dreamed of then infamous Domodedovo customs. Can certainly Mishustin and will deny it, but for some reason in 2006 and 2007 Mishustina often seen together with the former head of customs warehouses Domodedovo Vitaly Kachur. They eat together in expensive restaurants and fly abroad, and have nothing to do with Katchura had no computers. But money is not the contraband will be immediately and thoroughly developed budget theft scheme disguised as purchases of computers can not be delayed - the people flee.

And here, our head of offshore zones, as in the good old days of writing to the Government - Well horror as needed 2.84 billion rubles for the creation of a computer program to all offshore zones to manage! Frankly, it is indecent. Well, the tax office needs its own special tax program to assign a TIN and verify the declaration. And land registry without much computer account can not do. But several experts surveyed by us in the field of CRM-systems clearly stated: to guide the special economic zones, enough phone, e-mail software and the 2007 Microsoft Office complex worth $ 500 to two days on the basis of MS Access program to write a simple participants database a special economic zone. There is no automated information system is not required, because there is simply nothing to be automated., 17.05.2011


In summer 2010, the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Mikhail Mishustin was held a grand personnel cleaning the heads of several of the Moscow tax inspectorates and senior service management structure for the city of Moscow. There is nothing unusual in the fact that the new head of the tax agency entrusted key positions to those who he can trust, especially if this change pursued the good and pleasing public purpose. However, what in fact it led to?

Replacing the FTS team began with the appointment of Svetlana Andryushchenko Deputy Michael Mishustina - head of the control unit, Igor Shevchenko - the head of the personnel department, and Olga Chernichuk - deputy head of the Federal Tax Service for Moscow. With direct access to the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, bypassing his immediate supervisor - Head of the Federal Tax Service of Moscow Lyudmila Vorobyeva - Olga Chernichuk picked up key positions on the Moscow tax inspections of persons close to her.

... But in September - early October 2010 at several Moscow tax inspectorates suddenly turned right 29 suspicious taxpayers will be asked to make amends to them from the budget of 10.9 billion rubles. The most amazing thing is that all taxpayers as though purposely filed applications in a fully controlled Olga Chernichuk inspection №№1,2,6,7,10,25 and 28.

The right to reimbursement of VAT each organization substantiated set of documents, which was made by employees Udodova Alexander, known for his close relationship with Olga Chernichuk, and a close friend of Michael Mishustina. Not disturbing the distinguished chief, Alexander Udodov he gave information about the submitted documents Olga Chernichuk and generally on all current issues dealt with it directly.

So it would have been issued from the budget this fantastic amount of VAT if they are not interested in the Russian Federal Security Service, and information about the upcoming compensation appeared in the media.

In early November 2010, the Russian Federal Tax Service, Federal Tax Service for Moscow and regional inspections began hurricane activity. Upon receiving the signal a serious problem, Michael Mishustin set for Olga Chernichuk task - again and immediately conduct verification of the submitted documents and replace already taken positive decisions and conclusions on Resignation.

Currently, the inspections №№1, 2, 6, 7 is an emergency work on the preparation of the negative opinions on the pending documents, because these inspections timing checks most have come to an end, and inspections №№10, 25 and 28 who have received the application later other inspections, it is still to be done.

The Moscow Post, 12.11.2010


The volume of corruption in Russia is approximately equal to the GDP of Greece, and is, according to the National Anti-Corruption Committee, $ 300 billion in the international ranking of corruption of Transparency International Russia is in 154th place -. Right between Tajikistan and Papua - New Guinea. But even with these impressive numbers, said today about corruption anyone - legislators, law enforcement, the media, the president, but not the business.

In the ranking of the most corrupt institutions, compiled by "The secret of Companies", the Federal Tax Service is located in the 9th place, with an average size of bribes in the 158 TR

"The secret of Companies" of 07.09.2011


In early 1993, through Yussufov known him for a thief line SVR Sergei Lalakina law (onion) has established a working relationship with one of the leaders of the Armenian community Ruben Vardanyan (until 2011 - the owner of CJSC "UK" TroykaDialog "). Organization of the meeting by the Vardanyan engaged kingpin Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). Vardanyan introduced Yusufov with the founders of the "International Computer Club" Levon Amdilyanom and Mikhail Mishustin that since 1992 engaged in the promotion of computer goods and services in the Russian market.

Currently Mishustin because of problems associated with a particular public attention to the issues of VAT embezzlement, organized lobbying at the legislative level, the electronic payment system. Use of this project Cartel members of the system must deny the possibility of law enforcement authorities to verify the purpose of payment, as the shelf life of information on this electronic system not more than 14 days. In addition, the above masking Cartel controlled financial flows completely deprived of power options to fix the direction and purpose of the transfer of funds by members of the criminal group.

These structures also include CJSC "MC" Troyka Dialog "," sold Ruben Vardanyan "eyewash" Mishustin and Gref (only on the purchase of the company legalized about $ 1 billion budget, illegally reimbursed on account of the Russian Federation affiliated to Sberbank organizations). Ruben Vardanian, now controls a large share of the insurance business through a "Rosgosstrakh", he is a member of the Russian Union of Insurers. In 2007, Vardanyan recognized as the most comfortable for the businessman Dmitry Medvedev. Vardanyan also is one of the founders of the "School of Management" Skolkovo "and promotes Michael Mishustina the career ladder. He, together with businessman Rajat Gupta (formerly an independent member of the Supervisory "Yukos' Council in 2000-2004. And Sberbank until 2011) are potential partners in the international crime associated with the organization of fraudulent securities trading scheme trading.

"Russian Mafioso" of 03.11.2012


A source in law enforcement, in July 2015 the RF IC staff and the FSB carried out a series of recesses in building the FTS. First of all they were interested in all the documentation on contracts with firms that perform work for the Tax Service in the Crimea. During one of these events, according to the source, investigators talked about "Crimean topic" with the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin. As the source says, after the recesses, the deputy head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation Denis Naumchev, which previously questioned, went on vacation. It was his signature are under contract, have attracted the attention of the UK and the FSB.

IA Rosbalt, 15/07/2015


During one of the searches, investigators TFR talked c Mikhail Mishustin. FTS Guide has attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies at the beginning of this year. And this interest was associated just with the Crimea and Sevastopol. New regions were transferred to the standards of the Russian tax legislation. Part of the work was carried out on a paid basis in the interest of the Federal Tax Service business structure, which consisted of the respective state contracts. This was the basis for the creation of a system of kickbacks.

The criminal scheme was uncovered by the FSB. And February 5th of this year, security officers carried out a successful special operation detained the deputy chief of administrative and management control of the Federal Tax Service of Denis Gusev.

Now it is reported that in the criminal case materials Gusev appears the amount of theft of $ 94.5 million. Rubles. Experts do not exclude that on hot "Crimean track" law enforcement officers trying to get at the high bribes at FTS. A recent chat tete-a-tete with investigators Mishustin confirms this.

"Criminal Russia" of 15.07.2015


In Beijing, the tenth meeting of the Bureau of the Forum on Tax Administration of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD (Forum on Tax Administration, FTA). The forum Bureau meetings are held several plenary sessions, one of which was moderated by Michael Mishustin. The subject of discussion at the meeting under his patronage was the future of the tax administration: both globally and within the Forum itself. During the session, Michael Mishustin presented a report outlining the results of the so-called Project E-services and Digital Delivery - to provide electronic services to taxpayers and electronic delivery channels. Supervision of this project is directly FTS of Russia., 05.12.2016