On December 3, 2020, Anatoly Chubais said goodbye to RUSNANO with the phrase: “We are not ashamed.” Chubais was never ashamed; Rucriminal.info and the VChK-OGPU telegram channel will try to restore in detail the chronology of events that led to Chubais’s resignation.

Let's start from November 2016. It was then that the plans of Chubais and his team for the privatization of Management Company Rusnano LLC were buried. The Cheka of the OGPU previously wrote about the partnership agreement concluded by Chubais, Podolsky, Kiselev and Udaltsov, according to which the Management Company LLC Management Company Rusnano (100 percent subsidiary of OJSC Rusnano) was to become the property of the partners for almost nothing, while the state the company OJSC Rusnano will remain under the control of a private company. The grandiose plan, according to which Rusnano was supposed to leave from any control of the state, but at the same time the umbilical cord connecting Rusnano and the budget (the dream of all liberals) was supposed to remain, was completely failed. The arrest of Ulyukaev, the collapse of the privatization of the Rusnano management company and the arrest of Abyzov finally convinced Chubais that it was time to retire. "Leave!" – his friend and wife Avdotya Smirnova has been repeating this for many years. One of Chubais’s closest associates, Oleg Kiselev, spoke openly about this.

But how to leave? Is it possible to live in peace and not be afraid of Abyzov’s fate when Rusnano OJSC remains hostage to creditors and the state?

Too much effort was really spent on Rusnano. The pressure from the so-called security forces became incredibly sensitive. Chubais resisted, but understood that it was impossible to live under such pressure.

In May 2018, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Igor Shuvalov was appointed chairman of the state corporation VEB.RF.

According to a source from Rucriminal.info, in the summer of 2018, Anatoly Chubais behind the scenes took the initiative to gather all development institutions under the auspices of VEB.RF. According to his plan, which very much coincided with the ambitions of Igor Shuvalov, the following were to come under the control of VEB: Rusnano, Skolkovo, the Industrial Development Fund, the Russian Export Center, the SME Corporation, etc. According to Chubais’ plan, Shuvalov had to not only agree with this initiative, but also to be the first to pump it up at the highest level.


2020 began with a slight political shock: the January long weekend had just passed, and Putin had already initiated unprecedented changes to the political system. In March 2020, right before Putin went into permanent quarantine, the last meeting between the Chairman of the Board of Rusnano OJSC Chubais and Putin took place.

Chubais has been preparing for this meeting for a long time. He understands that this is not just a report on the activities of Rusnano - it is a summing up of his, Chubais’, work. Chubais is nervous during the report and closely monitors the president’s reaction, but he is relaxed and demonstrates his support for Chubais. Feeling the mood of the first person, Chubais makes a knight's move and asks to resign... And receives full approval. Moreover, he receives an offer that he, Chubais, only dreamed of: the position of special representative of the president on a voluntary basis.

It should be noted here that Shuvalov took a similar position in 2005 - then he worked as a special representative (in slang - Sherpa) of the Russian President in the G8.

Holding such a position means receiving lifelong immunity from criminal prosecution.

It remains to resolve the issue of additional financing of Rusnano projects from the budget and the plan for the meeting with the head of state can be considered 146% completed.

But here Chubais makes an unforgivable mistake.

“Should I give instructions to Mishustin on this issue?” - asks Putin.

“Yes, no, thank you! With Mikhail Vladimirovich, I will solve this issue,” says Chubais, stunned with happiness.

Chubais was returning to Rusnano on horseback! Close associates were brought up to date and received appropriate instructions. Chubais began preparing to leave: first of all, the Board approved additional funding for the most important and sensitive projects, the staff of the apparatus was significantly reduced, and meetings were held with lawyer Asnis. A visit to the green young Prime Minister Mishustin in such a situation looked like a formality.


But something went wrong!

The Cheka of the OGPU has already written earlier about the audit of the activities of Rusnano by the Treasury of the Russian Ministry of Finance, initiated by Mishustin, about the results of this audit.

October 2020 came and instead of money, Rusnano received a devastating act and a severe blow to its reputation. The pandemic prevented me from getting to Putin. Chubais was nervous at first and tried unsuccessfully to remind the president of himself. By November 2020, the last hopes had faded and Chubais realized that apparently he and his team would have to solve Rusnano’s problems on their own. He returns to active work, trying to find solutions to improve the situation in Rusnano.

And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, resignation! The long-awaited decision turned out to be a complete surprise! The candidacy of Sergei Kulikov, a new and unfamiliar person for Chubais, and the absence of anyor Putin's reaction. There was a feeling that the decision made 8 months ago had frozen somewhere, but finally thawed and was implemented in a completely incomprehensible way.

There was no direct connection between Kulikov and Chubais. There were no direct agreements either.


Shuvalov, who is also the new leader of Kulikov, acted as a moderator of the process of transferring cases. The circle of agreements in absentia included: the absence of criminal prosecution of Chubais, Udaltsov, Kiselev and Podolsky, as well as Chubais’ expert support for the functioning of Rusnano. It was assumed that Kulikov and Chubais had the right to call each other and have an honest exchange of opinions.


Time has shown that the parties interpreted the agreements reached too differently, and Shuvalov did not really want to be their holder.


Chubais sincerely believed that the agreement between Rusnano and AK Asnis and Partners for the provision of legal services was an integral part of such agreements. Kulikov was puzzled by the two hundred million price of the contract and was not ready to pay Chubais’ lawyers that kind of money.

In February 2021, Asnis was informed that Rusnano’s contract with him would be terminated. This fact will have a strong impact on the course of all old criminal cases: now only the above-mentioned four are on the list of untouchables; they will be protected even at the cost of outright surrendering the rest of the team members to the security forces.

In March 2022, Chubais will leave Russia. It is believed that the reason for leaving was the war. This is not entirely true. Chubais suddenly realized that leaving Rusnano and becoming a special representative of the president did not solve any problems. He is still under harsh criticism, his former comrades still drag a heap of their problems to him, creating a nightmare and unsettling him. As a result, I’m tired, I’m leaving, I want to give it all up and leave….

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminal.info