He studied at the School of Music in piano.

In the early 1990s, he went to St. Petersburg, where he worked in a Baptist organization "New Life", in which he studied at the pastor.

In 1993 he moved to Togliatti, where he created and led the Baptist Society "Living Word".

In 1994-1996, he organized summer camps for children and teenagers Avtozavodsky district. Along with like-minded people created a volunteer youth movement.

In 1999 he headed the Department of Youth Togliatti Avtozavodskaya district administration.

In 2000 he graduated from the psychological faculty of the University of the Russian Academy of Education.

In 2001 he passed training courses in the field of state and municipal management of the Volga Federal District.

In 2000 and 2004 he was elected a deputy of the Togliatti City Council.

In 2005-2008 he was vice-speaker of the Duma.

He founded together with like-minded social movement "December" in 2006. In the elections in Togliatti City Duma OD "December" unexpectedly won 26% of the vote, becoming the second largest faction after the "United Russia".

In 2007 he was elected to the Samara Regional Duma. He was deputy chairman of the Committee on Education and Science, as well as a member of the Committee on Health, Social Policy and Demography "SPS" faction.

In 2008, he announced his candidacy for the election of the mayor of Tolyatti. The candidate was considered the favorite, but the court's decision a few days before the election, was dismissed by them at the request of another candidate - MV Bulatov.

December 14, 2010 was appointed minister of natural resources, forestry and environmental protection of Samara Region. In September 2011, he resigned in connection with the transition to the post of chairman of the Samara regional branch of the party "just cause". In the same year he left the ranks of the party after leaving her Mikhail Prokhorov.

In January 2012, as a self-promoter he has been registered as a candidate in the elections of the mayor of Togliatti.

On the results of March 4, 2012 elections, Sergey Andreev won 32.29% of votes of the total number of voters.

March 18, 2012, Sergei Andreev won in the second round of elections of the mayor of Togliatti, gaining 56.77% of votes of the total number of voters.

Married. Four children: daughters - Alina and Helen and sons - Nikita and Constantine.

By religion - Baptists. Claims that have never had a personal car. The official salary as mayor -. 31.1 thousand rubles + allowances and premiums from the salary 50%



March 18, 2014 at the President Hotel was fourteenth breakfast. Among the invited guests appeared to him and has left for the sake of such an event the mayor of municipal affairs GO Togliatti Sergei Andreyev. Sergey I. not only eat, but also addressed the gathering.

Our attention is drawn on one of the photos from the event. Sergey Andreev is sitting at a table with some other guests, among which are easily recognized members of the Public Chamber, TV pundits, Nikolai Svanidze and chief editor of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Pavel Gusev, and the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications Andrew mists. About another person, breakfast with the mayor of Togliatti, can be found in the signature beneath the photo. "Through one" from someone sitting Andreeva Andrea Brulet-Rodriguez officially worked as deputy head of the political department of the US Embassy.

Total caption reads:

"Andreev Sergey I., city district mayor of Togliatti || Thomas Brown, a businessman || Andrea Brulet-Rodriguez, Deputy Head of the Political Section of the US Embassy || Nikolai Karlovich Svanidze, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, political analyst of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company » || Pavel Gusev, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chief Editor of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets» || Valery Tishkov, Academician, academician-secretary OIFN Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology || Tumanov Andrey Vladimirovich, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications "

It should be noted that the work of the informal virtually 100% of the staff of the American embassy, referring to operative data of the Russian special services, TLTgorod recently wrote.

Recall that in late January of this year, a resident of Togliatti Andrew Balin, who calls himself a politician ( "the co-chairman of the Regional Office of the Samara region of the Political Party" Republican Party of Russia - People's Freedom Party "(ROSO RPR-Parnas)") became involved in the criminal case initiated under Article 282 - "inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity". In law enforcement, according to TLTgorod, there were at least three reasons to initiate criminal prosecution of Balin.

First, he posted on the network a lot of publications and comments, which strongly offended Putin and his entourage, expressed a negative attitude to the peoples of the North Caucasus.

Secondly, the chosen measure - under house arrest - did not give him the opportunity to go to the Olympic Sochi (to avoid confusion suggests), if he suddenly going to get.

And, thirdly, we attracted the attention of law enforcers Balin memories of his trip to Moscow, where he met and talked with the secretary of tight political department of the US Embassy in Russia Christine Hawkins, who asked him a lot of "clarifying questions".

Well, now that's Togliatti mayor Sergei Andreev breakfast next to the Deputy Head of the Political Section of the US Embassy. Who knows, perhaps Mr. Brulet-Rodriguez also asked Sergey I. "clarifying questions". If so, then answers his Andreev certainly interested in far more than Mrs. Hawkins - answers the political freak Balin, which the network is constantly asked for help from the psycho-neurological clinic.After all, Sergey Andreev, being an experienced politician and the leader of almost one million of the city, is a very knowledgeable person.



The previous administration left the municipal debt in the amount of 1.9 billion (rounded figures). Only in the year of the St Andrew's team of debt almost doubled. Today it is already 4.2 billion. And in the near future - its increase to 5.3 billion. Spending only municipal debt service rose to 16.7 times (from 28.4 to 471.3 million). By the end of their term, the current city administration is going to bring the municipal debt to 81% of budget revenues. It is, in fact, lead to the bankruptcy of the city.

Such profligacy and mismanagement explain the lack of domestic revenue, a decrease of the tax base. But where did they come from? Money respects zealous owners and sad sack - not love. Only the outdoor advertising City Hall before the task was to collect 800 million, and then, upon request, the plan was reduced to 400. So they have managed to ruin everything, collecting it (seems) a little over 20 million.Hens on laughter, the prosecutor's office - for the record, the deputies - a lesson for the future: faith no mayor. Andreev is no coincidence that the last discussion in the City Duma did not come, sent a "whipping girl".

Togliatti News, 5/12/2014


The budget for 2015 is called socially oriented. Judge: sotspolitiki - 3.6% of total budget expenditures, physical education and sport - 0.4%, culture - 5.9%, environmental protection - 0.2% improvement - 6.8%. And the maintenance of city authorities - 10%!

As noted above, it is best to show the effectiveness of the work of City Hall with the issue of outdoor advertising. Here's how it assessed the deputies of the City Duma:

- There was a situation, when a significant portion of the advertising services market outside the law proved deficient urban district budget is not filled with the planned income, which, in turn, entails a failure to fulfill commitments by the municipality of expenditure commitments. At the same time officials of the executive bodies of the municipal authorities responsible for compliance with the requirements of current legislation, not only do not take appropriate measures to change (improve) the situation, but, on the contrary, themselves violate the established requirements, as well as the actions (inactions) condone illegal activities of certain entrepreneurs that operate in the distribution of outdoor advertising.

For such harsh statements the deputies have reason 43 times they considered the question of advertising, appealed to the Interior Ministry with a request to check the availability of the actions of officials of the City Hall of a crime under Article 293 of the Criminal Code - "Negligence". But - on the strangeness! -No Law enforcement or regulatory authorities did not take action.

The number of illegal advertising structures and other advertising media did not decrease. First numbered 883, then for some reason they turned out in 1575, although the mayor's office argued that dismantled 158 units. The dark history. City Hall approved the construction of 791, but with auctions for the right to enter into Agreements for operation either on purpose, whether by the negligence of the very late, which seriously affected the revenues in the budget. Especially for the dismantling of illegal constructions have to spend money. At first, it was 5.7 million, followed by another 3.

Work on dismantling the Municipality frustrated, illegal construction, as the hydra's head, appearing again and again. It's like sabotage on clandestine financial transactions for doubtful schemes where certain extracts income from advertising is illegal, simply pocketing the possible revenues. Experts estimate the black money of 25 million monthly. The city also gets the crumbs: the first 9 months of this year, the city received only 17.8 million with an annual plan of 410 million.

Inertia and inaction of officials of City Hall officials in this matter discredit the authorities of the municipal government to the urban community, that it is time to think suddenly and require the authorities to restore order. Or ... to change the government.



Who wants to take Togliatti, putting Sergei Andreyev power? - The question can be formulated as follows.

According to the document entitled "Accounting for income and expenditure of funds of the election fund of the candidate Andreev Sergey Igorevich» (№ 40810810654060000325), own funds invested by the candidate 100 thousand rubles. The rest - voluntary donations of citizens. In total in the fund, according to our information, it has accumulated 3.618 million rubles.

Perhaps, at least say something Togliatti Only two names depositors prospective investment project "Andreev - possible mayor of Togliatti": deputy Togliatti City Council, Deputy Chairman of the Board ML "December» Nicholas Lёksina (438,000 rubles of donations) and deputy chairman of the TGD Oleg Kulagin (640 thousand donations). The remaining donors, according to our sources, people with a modest job, living in a modest apartment, with a monthly income not more than 25 thousand rubles. How could they, together with a desire to help his political idol took quite considerable amount of 400-500 thousand rubles?

Speaking seriously, according to a knowledgeable source agency, declaring such amounts of donations, Sergey Andreev corny framed their donors, declaring allegedly made to the amount of which does not correspond to the level of their welfare.

The financial component of the election campaign Togliatti stronghold of liberal democracy, of course, is not limited to the sum of 3,618 million rubles. This can be seen with the naked eye. Billboards, fighting printed sheets in each box of each house, scenes on television, the flags on the balconies of houses, organization of meetings with the electorate, the organization tent pickets (and possibly systematic "attack" on them), the headquarters of political strategists and journalists, public support for the famous men of the city, purchase new edition issue of the newspaper "Togliatti Review" - all this requires huge funds. That began to invest in Sergey Andreev well before the election campaign.

Out of the mouths of various politicians and political commentators sounded information that the local leader of the OD "December" seems to be willing to support or are supported by the deputy TGD, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Tolyatti Vladimir Zhukov, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of CB "E-Bank" Anatoly Voloshin , entrepreneur, former deputy mayor of the city of Togliatti, Vladimir Yagutyan. In addition, rumored to be actively involved in the promotion of Andreev Togliatti mayor taking financial institutions close to the government of the Samara region.

However, the focus of experts focused on the representatives of the different level of business, odious oligarchic trio: Mikhail Prokhorov, Viktor Vekselberg and Vladimir Avetisyan. For some reason these businessmen often associated with the election campaign of the candidate for mayor of Tolyatti. Although, to understand more, this is not surprising.

Very fresh memories of that Sergey Andreev was a confidant of Mr. Prokhorov, leading the regional branch of the party "just cause". Recall, to get the job, Sergey Andreev, he resigned as minister of natural resources, forestry and environmental protection of Samara Region. After a controversial exit Prokhorov of "Right Cause" regional branch of the party hastened to leave his protege in our region. Thus, Sergey Andreev has shown loyalty to a generous employer.

About Sergey Andreev links and Viktor Vekselberg also heard many. Vekselberg in Togliatti - is, first of all, the company controlled by him "RKS", in 2010 to privatize the largest municipal assets - MUP "POKH" (service about 40% of the housing fund Togliatti). Privatization took place under the former town governor in a hurry, without extensive discussion and a clear economic rationale. And, according to a number of politicians - on unfavorable conditions for Togliatti. The future mayor may well raise the history of this issue. Or leave it as it is. It all depends on who becomes the mayor. According to experts the agency, Vekselberg advantageous to maintain Andreev to keep control over the lucrative asset Togliatti.

The interest of the well-known businessman Vladimir Avetisyan in the election results mayor of Togliatti, too, is understandable. How Vekselberg important resources MUP "POKH", Avetisyan is as necessary to keep your position in the business empire of "TEVIS" - the largest energy supplier Togliatti. According to the company as of January 1, 2011, JSC "TEVIS" serves 246.947 km of heat networks, 76.063 km anadromous communication tunnels, 42 TSC, 403.071 km of water networks, 7 pumping stations of water supply, 638.552 km of networks domestic and storm sewers, 17 pumping stations drains, 450 km of communication networks and remote control. Agree, there is something to hold on to.

It should be borne in mind that it's not just about saving named oligarchs control over strategic resources for city life, but also the further expansion of spheres of influence. And in the near future - possibly control over the city. After playing in the automakers, "Russian Technologies" and leave the Togliatti region. Management of the state corporation said that in March, that is, immediately after the election, a majority stake of JSC "AVTOVAZ" will receive concern "Renault-Nissan". Is French a long time "go" to the plant is unknown. As the saying goes, a holy place is never empty. Chances are good that the weakening of interest in "Russian Technologies" to the core enterprises automatically entail increased interest on the part of other influential Russian business structures. This task is greatly simplified if their protege will represent the local authorities.

TLTgorod.ru ( http://tltgorod.ru/reporter/?reporter=19246 )


A group of citizens - LGBT activists - placed at the Eternal Flame portraits of his "idols" homosexual who died of AIDS, and not content with this mockery, "decorate" a monument to the fallen soldiers of condoms. His monstrous cynicism share these actors not only masked, on the contrary, widely covered in the media with the application a detailed photo essay.

In an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is one of the protesters, and the leader of the Samara LGBT movement K. Golava said that all this mess going on line ANO "April", which is supposedly a very reputable and respected organization in the city.

From open sources it is known that the ELN "April" is included in the mayor's office approved GO Togliatti list of organizations eligible for the provision of municipal support (the Decision of the City Hall of Togliatti GO from 21.03.2012 of №860-p / 1). In particular, the decision of the City Hall of Togliatti ANO "April" is entitled to municipal support in the form of gratuitous use of municipal property, obtaining grants for reimbursement for the provision of public interest social services and training and development of employees and volunteers, as well as subsidies for the realization of socially significant social programs. All this varied and considerable assistance from the taxpayers' money Togliatti hard to associate with such "socially important social service" rendered "to improve their skills," volunteers "April" as the laying on of condoms at the Eternal Flame.

The current mayor of Togliatti, a member of the Federal Council of a political party, "Civic Platform" SI Andreev unequivocally supports the activities of ANO "April": personally involved in their actions, regularly attends their events, as evidenced by the photo-specified organization, placed in the public domain on the Internet. It seems that the mayor of Togliatti Andreev lost or conscience, or reason, because, being on the municipal service, their actions openly indulges destructive forces engaged denigration of our sacred past.

samara.Ru, 05.24.2013


For Togliatti trolley came to an end. Literally, no kidding. December 27 trolleybus park cut off electricity for the debts. And the debt created artificially Togliatti Mayor's Office, which could not in time to make the bills at the additionally allocated 10 million trolleybus management in payment of debt. TTU is disconnected from the network, and the entire area was left without Avtozavodskii trolleybus traffic.

On Sergey Andreev told a news conference that cover the debts TTU from the city budget, he is not going to intimidated and complete rejection of this transport: "The next year will be to Togliatti developed a new concept of development of the road network. Perhaps in the new scheme of the transport trolley supply will not. "

The team said the mayor trolley park with all the proletarian bluntness: "Trolleybus - municipal transport commits passengers privileged categories of citizens, originally scheduled unprofitable. And we are not engaged in "extortion attendants from the budget", and just want to get earnings.

Mayor pushes the union of two trucking companies - MP "TP ATP-3" and the Tallinn University of Technology, according to the official version, to reduce costs. In fact, the proposal was that the mayor's office to pass the trolley 84 bareboat rent ATP-3. It is meant to take away from the MP TTU only break-even activity - transportation to JSC "AVTOVAZ". Drivers and conductors attracted to vazovskim transport, had to resign from the MP TTU and arranged in MP TP ATP-3. Forcing people to dismiss is contrary to the Labour Code, and leave workers without the means of production (trolley), the company's management could not.

Unfortunately, City Hall officials have behaved inappropriately in relation to the control trolley workers. Instead of having to explain the strategy of withdrawal of companies from crisis, they intimidate people. According to the workers, the head of the road sector and the Department of Transport Paul Bannov in the presence of more than 500 people at the general meeting TTU staff stated that "if you do not do as asked, then City Hall leaders lost interest in your business, and you stifle the creditors."

samara.Ru, 01.02.2013


Well-known expert on Transport Anton Buslov called causes of "strange mayoral nonsense." In his opinion, an attempt to Togliatti mayor Sergei Andreyev rid of trolleybuses prosaic: "Once land is under the city bus fleet" drifted "from the municipal property and buses was set to go, municipal officials decided to put them in the trolley depot. And so they got in there - immediately write off the trolley. " The easiest way to do so, bankrupting the company.

Samara.aif.ru, 12.02.2013


Before the beginning of 2013 for the purposes of repair schools Togliatti Government of Samara region has sent an additional 350 million rubles (of them 131 million rubles - for the overhaul of schools, 136 million rubles - for the repair of 34 sports halls, 76 million rubles - for the repair of kindergartens). However, by mid-August 2013 tenders for repairs was not the behavior of all the schools, and the contract with the contractor was signed only by one institution. Auctions for repair gyms are not held for 10 schools. As a result, there was a threat to disrupt the start of the school year in many schools. According to deputies Togliatti Provincial Council, having reviewed the situation at the meeting, the responsibility for this lies with the mayor of the city Andreev not fulfill the promise of money to master time and in full. For example, some projects of the mayor's office for more than 7 times made changes to the tender documentation after its publication.



Togliatti Mayor Sergei Andreev appeal against the decision of the Control and Accounts Chamber (PCB) for the costs of the celebration of the Day in 2012. The matter is scheduled for consideration in ArbitTakaya reaction was caused by the result of the PCB testing on target and effective use of budget funds allocated for the celebration of the Day in 2012. Then CSR experts reported violations involving the use of 13.9 million. Budget. By controlling body view, 12.2 million. Rubles were granted an autonomous municipal cultural institutions without bidding. And more than 150 thousand. Rubles misused.

In total, according to estimates of the PCB, the municipality must provide a return to the budget of about 3.2 million. Rubles.

The first anti-corruption media of 02/12/2013


Imagine the situation: you have a neighbor took a large sum of money, then bought with the money your apartment, and you are left without an apartment, and without money. This is a typical scheme "prihvatizatsii '90s, which again earned in Togliatti. With a light hand Mayor Sergei Andreev is now so "prihvatiziruyut" city property.

The scam is related to the sale of city property: land "Zelenstroyi" and withdrawal from the enterprise assets. We are talking about sums with seven zeros and a tidbit of land in the center of the city, "prihvatizirovat" with a stroke of the pen of the mayor.

In this case, we were involved Vice Mayor Alex Elderberry, deputy mayor for social sphere Elena Shirnina, deputy mayor for Urban Affairs Sergey Antashev and "gray cardinal" of the city administration, a protege of oligarchic structures Alexander Tarasov. All documents signed personally by the mayor Sergei Andreyev.

The fraudulent scheme used by three organizations: the actual self "Zelenstroy" from which drained all of the assets ( "watching" from the mayor's office - Antashev) and two "pumps", "Solidarity" bank (the bank's president, Sergei Krasilnikov - Test "gray cardinal" of City Hall Tarasova ) and pension fund "Municipal" (the fund's council - Vice Mayor Alex Elderberry and deputy mayor for social sphere Elena Shirnina)..

Non-government pension fund "Municipal" - "office", which was established to pay extra money for pensions for former city officials. The money the fund receives from the city budget. Fund Council headed by Vice Mayor Alex Elderberry.

April 8, 2013 the Deputy Mayor for Urban Affairs Sergey Antashev and concurrently chairman of the JSC "Zelenstroy" Council holds session of council. On the agenda - the question of credit for the company. And credit is very strange, "Zelenstroy" takes from the bank "Solidarity" in the amount of 30.37 million rubles under 12% per annum for two days. Yes, it's not a typo, a loan of 30 million for two days!

Do you think someone from the audience to the Board of Directors of any questions or objections? No. Credit unanimously approved.

But in order to take this strange loan it was necessary to obtain the consent of the mayor of Togliatti as "Zelenstroy" is 100% owned by the city.

Mayor Sergei Andreev, the next day, April 9, 2013 signed authorization document from the verbatim wording: "To approve the major transaction for JSC CB" Solidarity "loan of" Zelenstroy "in the amount of 30,370,000 (Thirty million three hundred seventy thousand) rubles, maturity maturity within 2 (two) days from the date of issue of credit under twelve (12)% per annum. "

These millions immediately transferred to the accounts of non-state pension fund "Municipal". And done it was with the knowledge and consent of the mayor Andreev. What does the second document signed by Andreev and April 9: "To approve a voluntary contribution of" Zelenstroy "in Togliatti Non-State Pension Fund" city "in the amount of 30,370,000 (Thirty million three hundred seventy thousand) rubles."

Non-government pension fund for these 30 million buys "Zelenstroyi" all the land, buildings and workshops. A "Zelenstroy" returns the money to the bank. Brilliant! Now "Zelenstroy" and no money, and no assets.

That is a result of "Zelenstroy" was left with nothing. It's just that, for example, a neighbor you have won a large sum of money, then bought with the money your apartment, and you are left without an apartment, and without money. Typical "prihvatizatsii '90s again earned in Togliatti, with a light hand of Sergei Andreyev.

And most importantly - this is now a non-state fund can resell the land and property without any municipal tenders, to transfer assets of "good people".

All this history with "Zelenstroyi" raises a lot of questions: how the bank gave a multimillion-dollar loan for two days (not so if the president of the bank - the test Tarasova, which controls all the financial flows of the mayor's office?), Who came up with such a strange idea "deflate" property and money from the "Zelenstroyi", and in whose interests as "warning in advance" all high-ranking officials of the City Hall, from the mayor and deputies including Andreeva? "

http://krasilnikov-s.livejournal.com/124730.html , of 29/4/2013


So fun assistants mayor of Togliatti Sergei Andreyev commented photos posted on his blog, Dmitry Runner. "That's the great-and-ativnost, leisure group show while preparing for the fateful decision to Togliatti Pastor Hose (Sergey Andreev), - writes the author of the post. - With the support of a group Sergei Andreev is afraid of nothing. Even the governor. Recently I tried to veto the regional government agreed to the draft budget. However, then for such solutions it is always in a hurry to justify himself. He says: "deceived, confused demons!"

According TLTgorod, published photos were taken in one of the nightclubs Togliatti, in which representatives of different sexual orientation to celebrate Halloween Day. Soon after the holiday photos have been placed in a closed group of social network.

TLTgorod.ru, 27.11.2013


The fact that the oligarch Alexander Kotlyar local scale turns the Togliatti mayor Sergei Andreyev as a doll, said many people in recent years. However, every time they were talking at the level of "everyone knows everything", "it is obvious", "on condition of anonymity." Last week, this theme has been sounded right. About Kotlyar told Lyubavin Paul, ex-director of the MUP "special plant of funeral services."

- After my appointment as Director of the NTM citizen Kotlyar Aleksandr Markovich said that "all decisions at City Hall Togliatti accepted not the mayor, and he personally" and if MUP "special plant of funeral services" under my leadership will not transfer funds to said Kotlyar account Lyubavin then as director of NTM will be immediately dismissed and appointed a flexible performer.

To date, the mayor's office GO Togliatti is the most genuine "squandering" of municipal property without any regard for the interests of the city and its citizens. Appointments in the City Hall of Togliatti go through the head of the City Hall of Staff Dmitry Vasilievich Dementieva, who is the "true" man Kotlyar. In the summer of 2015 Kotlyar "put" his own man and municipal services department of the City Hall - Golygina Yuri Stepanovich. Also at the invitation of Kotlyar he was appointed Deputy Mayor for Urban Affairs Grigory Viletnik city.

Tltpravda.ru, 26.03.2016


The situation with the Tolyatti roads is becoming more interesting. Press center of the City Hall said that is about to begin the repair, and the worst areas will be presented in a tolerant state. Promerskaya press and bloggers write something like: "all hell, and Pakistan in Samara, we still have a good idea." The mayor himself, Sergey Andreev, on the road led the traditional talk of budget shortages.

- You are willing to further finance the repair of roads - Sergey I. irritably asked the other day at the correspondent of "Freedom Square", making it clear that you criticize, you'd better give the money.

"Perhaps our mayor inspired by the experience of other Russian cities such as Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Volgodonsk, Sevastopol, where the locals, as they say, psihanuli and began to repair roads for their own money. We have such a practice common in villages and suburban cooperatives. But such roads, as in this year, who knows, maybe, to the "All-Russian action" will join and Togliatti, "- said the correspondent of this escapade mayor.

Tltpravda.ru, 07.04.2016


MOO "Workers'" has long been fighting for the rights of a large group of workers, "Togliatti", which illegally fired from the company. Working initially tried to treat themselves to the factory management and the Togliatti to the authorities. But they did not hear.

When a large group of laid-off employees ToAZ tried to meet with the mayor Sergei Andreyev, he offered to hold a meeting on January 10 with the participation of all stakeholders.

 On the appointed day initiative group of 30 people came to the meeting. However, the first deputy mayor Alexei Elderberry, referring to the fact that the group is too numerous and there is no real possibility to place it at the meeting, held him without any community members. (It should be noted that representatives of the social groups were invited to the meeting, and the number of members of the group was nowhere regulated).

First Deputy Mayor Alex Elderberry to a direct question, why did he not let the people in the courtroom said he did not "want to turn the meeting into a market." That is how city officials took the workers' desire to attend the discussion of vital issues for them. No arguments representatives of the initiative group on Mr. Buzin had no effect and he quickly closed the meeting.

But, I wonder what has happened is not particularly necessary. If only because of the personality of the mayor Sergey Andreev Togliatti. Journalists point out that Andreev has long called himself "the opposition mayor." He did it, because the rise of his political career occurred after the entry into the party, "Civic Platform" Mikhail Prokhorov, with which Andreev is in companionship.

At the same time, so as TOAZ workers tried to defend their rights, he Mikhail Prokhorov, a political teacher Andreeva, conducted in his chalet of 100 million euros in Courchevel party with his friends and a large number of models in a bunny costume Playboy. We can not know whether at a party attended by Andreev. But we can assume that many approaches to life, and especially to the plight of ordinary workers, Togliatti mayor took over from his guru. The situation of workers TOAZ very clearly described the publication of "Togliatti navigator": "Let's think on what we can save. Maybe the owner of another year like an old boat? It is unlikely. Maybe in London for the meeting will not fly on the charters and regular flights of "Aeroflot"? Uncomfortable somehow. Then, maybe, the salary management of the plant will reduce by 10 percent? What do you! It is generally sacred. And then let's social benefits will reduce the hard workers? Those who put the payment - fired and their functionality will take a company outsourcing. And the people? Yes, to hell with them! ".

In such a situation people, can only hope for local authorities, as the representatives of the law. On the need to listen to such treatment of workers have repeatedly said Vladimir Putin and the head of state. But not for nothing Andreev called himself "the opposition mayor." It may be expected for the actions of his team members, working people are not interested in the views as, apparently, the President instructed.

Rabkrin.com, 12.01.2017