In 1980 he graduated from Ufa Oil University (UGNTU) and entered postgraduate studies at the Department of Professor Boris Marushkin. He was a member of the working group Marushkin and Konstantin Bogatykh to increase the capacity of oil and gas refineries through the introduction of new nozzles in the columns, was engaged in design and commissioning.

Defending in 1987 a thesis, Mnushkin left the institute. And in 1990 he established the "Peaton". The name of the company went from its main development - "cross-flow nozzle".

Since 2013 - General Director of LLC "Peaton Technology".

Co-founder of LLC "Peton-M", LLC "Invest Technologies".





In the spring Forbes magazine published another rating of "Kings of the state order." And the first place, having shifted (terribly to think) most of Arkady Rotenberg, the owners of the holding company "Peton" Igor Mnushkin, Oleg Polyakov and Vladimir Zaitsev took. According to the publication, they received orders from Gazprom and its structures for 176 billion rubles. They have previously performed work for a gas monopoly on large amounts. And, as the Ministry of Economic Development drew attention, they received them, falling into the quota of orders for small and medium-sized businesses. By the way, why not: in "Peton" then only 500 people worked. Now 2 times more plus staff reserve. But orders have also been enlarged. And of the 176 billion that Peton will receive from Gazprom, the bulk - payment for the construction of the very complex for production, storage and shipment of LNG in the Leningrad region. Order for almost 127 billion rubles, "Peton" was received without a tender in late October last year. A month and a half after the arrest of Dmitry Zakharchenko. There is nothing more to say here and nothing. Life goes on and life is good. Rather, who is good, and who is not.

"Our version", August 16, 2017.


In early 2015, another co-owner of "Peton" was another native of Bashkiria Oleg Polyakov. He received 49% of the Ufa institute, control was left for Mnushkin (now Polyakov and Mnushkin have 40% of the company). Terms of the deal were market, explained in "Peton". From open sources it follows that Polyakov back in 2013 was advisor to Hasanov. They have known each other since the 2000s, since they worked in related fields, says one of them familiar ...

His interest in "Peton" Polyakov in one of the interviews explained the huge growth potential of the company. In 2014 he replaced Hasanov with the company "Peaton Invest Technologies", the managing director for the structures of "Peton". And in 2015, together with Mnushkin became co-owner of another "Invest Technology", consolidating several enterprises of "Peton". The businessman is also a member of the board of directors of Peaton, where he oversees the financial strategy of the holding. In the footsteps of his brother went and Dmitry Polyakov, who now holds the post of adviser to the general director of "Peton".

Forbes. 03/03/2017


It is not the first time that Gazprom Neft's subsidiaries are involved in various frauds, which are successfully organized by managers or close to them people. Not so long ago it became known that the state company had not once conducted purchases using opaque schemes for selecting suppliers. As a result, such contracts were given without any contests in the hands of those who are directly related to the organizers of these competitions ...

The same situation is for Gazprom Neft and for another large contract, more than 50.3 billion rubles, given to the only supplier, which is NIPI NG "Peaton". The company is quite large, and the Ministry of Economic Development has suspicions about this contract.

Xboxnews. 03/04/2017


"Peton" does not know how to do anything at all, does not have any production and construction facilities, etc. By and large this giant "dummy", untwisted just to be able to pump into it hundreds of billions of rubles coming from large companies with state participation, primarily from Gazprom. All these huge funds are then "sawed" by a large organized group that controls "Peeton". In this group there were people who could provide "Peton" full cover on all fronts. Authoritative businessmen (and part-time official co-owners of "Peeton") are doing "criminality" in the line of criminals. They are Eduard Hasanov, Oleg Polyakov, Emin Akhundov. By the line of Gazprom - this is the top manager Cyril Seleznev. In the line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the head of the GUEBC and Andrei Kurnosenko and a large group of his subordinates. In the line of power and big business - this is the vice-president of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov and the head of the group of companies "New Stream" Dmitry Mazurov. All these people have long "sucked" to the trough of Gazprom and are constantly in search of new sources of income.

RUSPRES, August 25, 2017

"Peton" can be called a family business. The enterprise was created back in 1990 by the scientist Igor Mnushkin and for almost twenty years was a fairly ordinary structure, which could only dream of a contract for 100 million rubles. Everything began to change in 2007, when Mnushkin appointed his daughter Olesya Eduard Hasanov to the position of commercial director. He "pulled" into "Peton" an old friend of Oleg Polyakov.

Gradually, all key positions at the enterprise and in its "daughter" structures were occupied by Olesya Hasanova, Eduard and Marif Hasanov, Oleg and Dmitry Polyakov. For example, Olesya Hasanova (in the nee Mnushkina) is a co-founder of OOO Peton Himtek, OOO Peton-invest, OOO Peton ...

Mosmonitor, August 9, 2017


Igor Anatolyevich has a very strict and powerful wife. From that series of women that a mop can move. Therefore, for Mnushkin every business trip, and especially a long one, always becomes a real holiday. During his trips, he can sometimes be met in the morning with a glass of good white wine (his Mnushkin loves and is ready to drink in liters). By the end of the day, the number of glasses increased significantly and Igor Anatolievich was drawn to spiritual revelations. Probably, already all, more or less, standing employees of "Peton" heard a story about his "combat" youth. During almost every feast, Mnushkin likes to talk about the fact that while still a graduate student at the Ufa Oil University, he was invited by professors Marushkin and Bogatykh as an assistant to the development of the "Cross-Cutting Nozzle" (abbreviated to PETON). When the professors created the nozzle, then Mnushkin secretly issued a patent for himself and dexterously held these "old boobies". In honor of someone else's invention, designed for Mnushkin, he called the institute.

After this entertaining story, Igor Anatolievich used to say that he likes to "shake the old days", but the girls are not suitable. Everyone with a smile listened to such revelations and only Eduard Hasanov was serious. He realized that there was an excellent reason to finally put the father-in-law on the hook and connect it with himself with a common secret. Once he declared to the quiet and reliable Liana that there was an opportunity to advance well and become the "right hand" of Mnushkin. True, for this it is necessary to make sure that the old man was always satisfied and on business trips he did not say that he had no one to "shake off the old days". It can not be said that Minibaeva was delighted with such an idea. But she could not refuse Edward. Since then, Mnushkin was even more fond of long trips, in which he was invariably accompanied by the reliable Liana., September 27, 2017.


According to the Moscow Monitor, Ali Uzdenov, who in 2009 became vice-president of Bashneft, contributed a lot to cooperation with Peton. For a short period, Igor Mnushkin's firm received state contracts worth 1 billion rubles, but after Uzdenov's dismissal in 2013, financial brooks seem to have dried up and then completely dried up.

"Version", August 21, 2017.


On the site of "Peton" it is indicated that this enterprise was created in 1990 and owns more than "50 licensed ideas protected by patents". Only it is worth noting that almost all these patents were registered not in the 27 years of the institute's existence, but exclusively in 2014-2015. Just at the time when the "current" head of the GUEBCBK Andrey Petrov, the vice-president of AFK Sistema, Ali Uzdenov, the head of the New Stream group of companies, Dmitry Mazurov, the former top manager of Gazprom, took under his wing. Andrey Goncharenko, acting top manager of gas monopoly Kirill Seleznev and a number of other people. At the same time, "Peton", thanks to the efforts of these "shadow" owners, began to "pour" billions of rubles from Gazprom.

It should be noted that all these "unique license ideas" in reality are the processes used in the oil and gas industry of the USSR and Russia for more than 50 years. For example, there is a "bicycle", which Russian gas workers have been using since Soviet times. What did Peuton do? I took and issued patents for all screws and parts of this "bicycle", as well as absolutely everything, even the smallest, stages of its assembly. And all right, all these patents were "written down" to the "Peaton" himself. No, its leaders and members of their families have written to the patent owners personally as individuals.

Thus, Eduard Hasanov is the owner of ten patents, including such as "Method and installation for the production of bitumen." Recall that Hasanov is a man who has not only higher education, but even secondary education. And in 2001 he was sentenced to seven years for fraud. He is a co-owner of "Peton" and is a member of the board of directors of the design institute.

His young wife Oasya Hasanov holds the rights of three patents, including "a method of distillation of oil."

About 50 patents were issued for Olesya's father and Eduard's father-in-law, Igor Mnushkin, the head of Peton and the owner of a large block of shares.

Starting in 2016, the Mushkin-Gasanov family is directly "torn" between the two countries - Russia and Germany.

So, from January to the end of April 2016 Eduard Hasanov flew to Munich 3-4 times a month and it is not clear where he spent more time - in Ufa or Germany. Part of June Hasanov relaxed in Cyprus, combining rest and solving family finances issues. During this time on the island, a network of offshore companies with a single managing structure was created, where large amounts of money from the Russian Federation began to arrive.

Upon his return from Cyprus, Hasanov spent a couple of months in the Russian Federation, engaging in various topics related to Peton. And since August, he again began to fly to Munich with an enviable constancy. In November 2016, he almost did not "get out" from Germany. In 2017, history repeated itself.

Together with him, the German land was greatly loved by members of his family - the wife of Oles Hasanova and father-in-law Igor Mnushkin. They have already acquired two houses and a luxurious apartment in the same Munich, and now they have begun consultations on obtaining a residence permit in Germany. In this matter, the family strongly relies on the help of friends from Linde. As soon as the Gasanovs and Mnushkin receive German passports, a catastrophic situation will develop for the Russian gas industry. In fact, there will be a "leak" of technology rights (to the same gas "bicycle") abroad, without which the same Gazprom can not really build anything. Recall that patents are issued for members of the family, both private individuals.

Moreover, in a difficult situation will also be "Rosneft", as the family of Mushkin-Hasanov managed to patented themselves and "bicycles" for the construction of oil industry facilities. This issue is now extremely worried and the FSB, who will try to understand this situation during the audit. The main thing is that before the end of this test, the Gasanovs and Mnushkin did not move to Germany, leaving to deal with counterintelligence agents of their subordinates who will be without pay and with a bunch of problems with law enforcement.

Mosmonitor, 09/08/2017.