From 1986 to 1988 he served in the Armed Forces.

There is information that Baisarov spent his youth in Volgograd and graduated from the local High School of GorHoz.

In 1996 he graduated from the Grozny Petroleum Institute. Academician MD Millionshchikov as an engineer-economist.

In 2001 he graduated from the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov, received a master's degree in sociology.

In the early 90s in ladel Moscow casino "Infant" on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. Also in WTC Baysarov was the owner of a beauty salon fashion stylist Sergei Zverev at the First Tverskaya Street in Moscow.

From 1994 to 2002. - Vice-President of the Moscow Fuel Association (until November 1997, the organization was called "Association of Independent Fuel Stations Support Association").

In 1997, together with filmmakers Fedor Bondarchuk and Stepan Mikhalkov opened a restaurant in Moscow.

From 2001 to 2004 - Vice-President of OAO Moscow Oil Company MNK.

In 2004-2005, - Vice President of OJSC Central Fuel Company.

In 2005 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC MNK-AVTOKARD.

From 2005 to 2007 - Vice President, and from 2007 to 2010. - First Vice-President of OJSC "Moscow Oil and Gas Company". In the company's management system includes OAO "Moscow Oil Refinery" in Kapotnia, JSC "Mosnefteproduct" and OAO "Moscow Oil Company" (a network of more than 70 m che gas stations in Moscow).

In 2009 - co-owner of Sibir Energy (23,35%).

In 2010-2011. - First Vice-President of JSC Central Fuel Company.

Since 2011 - General Director of CJSC "Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation"

Since 2014 - Member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society.

In 2014, R. Baisarov acquired a stake in OOO Stroygazconsulting (44.1% for $ 5 billion), is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the said LLC.

Officially registered in the village of Vedachi Itum-Kalinsky district of the Chechen Republic. According to the media for constantly living in the suburbs.

Corresponding member of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order; The author of a number of scientific works.

He is married. Father of five children.




Ruslan Baisarov is known for many thanks to the fact that he is the former husband of the singer Kristina Orbakaite and, accordingly, the ex-brother-in-law of Alla Pugacheva. In 2009, Orbakayte and Baisarov sued for the right to patronize Deni's common son (the mother claimed that his father had stolen it and did not want to give it away). Then even Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov intervened in the conflict, which began to convince "friend and comrade" Baisarov to compromise. As a result, Denis's parents really made peace: it was decided that the child himself will figure out who he wants to live with., 21.07.2011


Businessman Ruslan Baisarov, whose fortune magazine Forbes estimates at $ 0.9 billion, became the controlling shareholder in the construction company (IC) Most. He bought 31% of shares from other shareholders of the company, increasing his stake from a blocking stake to 56%, says Baysarova's acquaintance.

A representative of a businessman confirms the deal. According to him, an agreement on the sale of shares between Baysarov and other shareholders was signed on March 14. Baisarov and three of his representatives joined the board of directors of Most, and the businessman became chairman of the board.

Who exactly bought the shares and at what price, the interlocutors of RBC do not specify. The company does not disclose the composition of shareholders. Representative Baisarova said that the remaining 44% are distributed between one of the founders of Most, Vladimir Kostylev, a member of the board of directors of the company Sergei Sokolov and minority shareholders.

RBC, March 15, 2016.


Part of the area in the office complex "Suvorov Plaza" (formerly Mirax Plaza), which is being built next to the business center "Moscow City", may go away to PSB and offshore, which, according to consultants, is controlled by the ex-managers of one of Gazprom's subsidiaries, . The current owner of the property - businessman Ruslan Baisarov has to share property with creditors Mirax Group, which was originally a developer of the project.

Next week, the board of directors of OJSC International Center (controlled by businessman Ruslan Baisarov), according to the company on the information disclosure server, will consider the issue of concluding an agreement with OOO Business Alliance and Dalget Enterprise Ltd. on the redistribution of shares in the law of common share ownership On the object of unfinished construction. We are talking about two buildings with a total area of ​​about 110 thousand square meters. M in the business complex "Suvorov Plaza" (formerly called President Plaza, and before that Mirax Plaza) on Kulneva Street near the business center "Moscow City". This was reported to Kommersant by two consultants in the real estate market. Part of the areas in these facilities, according to SPARK-Interfax, is pledged to Sberbank. At the end of 2012, the bank estimated the value of the pledged property at 12.7 billion rubles. Meanwhile, Sberbank at the end of 2015 for the debts left two other buildings in Suvorov Plaza, including the constructed skyscraper and another tower under construction (total area of ​​255 thousand square meters), the interlocutors of Kommersant. According to them, now the construction of the whole complex is frozen.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the "Business Alliance" is 100% owned by Promsvyazbank by the brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananiev. "Dalget Enterprise Ltd.," as interviewed by consultants interviewed by Kommersant, is controlled by the ex-managers of one of Gazprom's subsidiaries. The representative of Ruslan Baisarov refused to name the number of areas that will depart from the "Business Alliance" and "Dalget Enterprise Ltd.". Promsvyazbank and Sberbank declined to comment.

Kommersant, December 12, 2016


Often the building business center "Suvorov Plaza" changed very well to rename the project (formerly called President Plaza, before Mirax Plaza), but it did not turn out to be completed. Center planned to build an eccentric developer Sergei Polonsky, then the project went to the minority shareholder of Mirax Group Dmitry Lutsenko. He drew in partners Stroygazconsulting, then owned by Ziyad Manasir. The Jordanian Manasir, who worked as the "purse" of the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller, quarreled with the patron, turned from a billionaire into a half-bankruptcy and was forced to reissue assets to Ruslan Baisarov. This authoritative Chechen and a relative of Alla Pugacheva was the owner of the object Polonsky as a result of several transactions. In April 2015, Gazprombank and United Capital Partners bought out 100% of Stroygazconsulting: Ruslan Baisarov sold his 74.1%, having received a share in the development project on Kulneva Street next to the business center Moscow-City, which belonged to Gazprombank. And, apparently, a lot of headache in the load. Mirax Group, which was originally a developer of the project, managed to make a lot of debts before its bankruptcy, and creditors are now asked to share office space, some of which may now go to Promsvyazbank brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananiev, as well as a mysterious offshore company.

RUSPRES, December 21, 2016.


It's no secret that in the "dashing 90-s" the future oligarchs actively cleaned the natural resources of our country to their hands.

In business circles today they say that Pugacheva, who was a member of the upper circles, could help the future Chechen son-in-law in the career issue. However, as one former millionaire told "KP", the Prima donna herself did not fail.

Alla Borisovna had high connections, but often complained, they say, money is sorely lacking. And in order to become a queen in show business, of course, a huge financial support is needed.

They say Baisarov did not spare money to get the trust of his star mother. Yes, and a solo career Orbakayte after financial recharge quickly went up the hill.

Baisarov, as follows from his biography, first in 1997 engaged in "cultural and mass events and the opening of restaurants", and in 1998, his sphere of activity included processing oil and "organizing and maintaining a casino."

As they say in law enforcement agencies, Baisarov was kept in operational development before he was connected with Pugachev.

The press repeatedly hinted at Baisarov's connections with Chechen criminal groups. When in 1997 a scandal broke out around the World Trade Center, the name of the Chechen businessman was sounded in criminal reports, got into the press: several attempts were made against Baisarov. As they wrote, he was allegedly tried once to blow up and shoot several times. But the law enforcement bodies never filed official claims against Baisarov., 10.09.2009 


Shalva Chigirinsky, along with his partner Igor Kesaev, controlled 23.35% of Sibir Energy. This company operates in Russia, produces 4.2 million tons of oil a year and owns almost half of the Moscow refinery. The second major shareholder of Sibir Energy (about 20%) was the Moscow government, the remaining shares were traded on the stock exchange and belonged to a wide range of investors.

The shares of Sibir Energy were controlled by entrepreneurs through Bennfield. In it, half belonged to the structure of Gradison Consultants (Chigirinsky), and the other half to Orton oil (Kesaev). In the fall of 2008, Shalva Chigirinsky faced financial difficulties. Solve them helped partner. To do this, Orton oil took $ 250 million from Sberbank, having received a pledge of Gradison. But Orton itself was founded by Sberbank. However, Shalva Chigirinsky did not solve all financial problems, and in March he stopped paying interest on the loan. But instead of foreclosing, Orton assigned the right to claim a loan to Bronson Partners, which was controlled by Ruslan Baisarov. Chigirinsky decided to challenge this deal in a London court.

However while the businessman tried to keep the share in the company, the structure of its shareholders has changed. Since April, Sibir Energy has begun to actively buy up Gazprom Neft. As a result, the company acquired all securities traded on the market, and in late July 2009 bought from Igor Kesaev and Orton oil. The government of Moscow did not sell its share. In October 2009, the maturity of Orton's loan to Sberbank expired. Gazprom Neft paid off the loan.

The package, for which Shalva Chigirinsky and Ruslan Baisarov were arguing, was at the same time pledged to the oil company. At the end of June, Sibir Energy reported several strange transactions with its shares. The company reported that it owns 34.1% of Sibir Energy, another 14.67% belonged to Gazpromneft's subsidiary Gazpromneft-ZS. And 25.66% were pledged to Gazpromneftfinans. It was such a stake in Sibir Energy that belonged at the time to Bennfield, it was said in another message from Sibir Energy. In mid-July, the London court banned transactions with these shares until October. But the control over the company from the summer belonged to Gazprom Neft, which claimed that it directly owns a 55% stake in Sibir Energy.

"Kommersant» № 20 (4320), 05.02.2010


The founder of the Inteko group and the richest woman in Russia, Elena Baturina, "secretly" owned half of Shalva Chigirinsky's business, including development projects and a stake in Sibir Energy. This was stated in the High Court of London, one of the lawyers Chigirinsky - Christopher Grison, writes FT.

This is the testimony of Grison in the process of the rights to a share in Sibir Energy (23.34%). Until last year, this package owned Gradisson Consultants, controlled by Chigirinsky. But in the spring, Ruslan Baisarov, the first vice-president of MOGC, announced the rights to the shares; Paper arrested.

According to Grison, Baturin gained control over part of Chigirinsky's business in exchange for resolving "bureaucratic issues," writes FT. Their partnership began in 1999, a formal agreement on the joint ownership of shares in Sibir was concluded in 2003. And Baisarov, as Chigirinsky fears, now "fronts" the founder of Inteko to deprive the entrepreneur of a stake in the oil company, the FT reports citing On Grison.

Baturin refuted all this data. As she told FT, with Chigirinsky she had only one link - the loan that Baturina gave to the businessman and which he did not return.

Vedomosti, July 13, 2009


Almost two months, Kristina Orbakaite does not know the whereabouts of her youngest son, 11-year-old Denis Baisarov. The last time the 38-year-old singer saw the child on July 22, when a former husband - a large Moscow businessman, a Chechen by birth Ruslan Baisarov - drove for his son to go with him on a tour to Paris Disneyland. As it turned out later, there was no trip to France. Instead, Baisarov took the child to his relatives in Chechnya.

Where is the boy now, it is not known: Denis's mobile phone is either turned off or is out of the network coverage area. Ruslan himself does not answer calls from Kristina and Alla Pugacheva. According to Orbakayte, the only telephone conversation with his son took place on August 29 and lasted exactly five minutes. "But Ruslan was standing side by side," Cristina cries, "and apparently forbade him to tell his son where he is." Denis was tense, constrained, and said quietly: "I really miss."

Baisarov himself already managed to send a former document to his former civilian, entitled "On the Determination of the Residence of the Child and the Procedure for the Exercise of Parental Rights by the Parent Living Apart from the Child."

Gordon Boulevard, 09.09.2009


Famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva claims that businessman Ruslan Baisarov, the former civil husband of her daughter Christina Orbakaite and the father of her grandson Denis, raised his hand to Christina.

"I was good to him, acquainted with influential people." I needed a worthy son-in-law, and he beat my daughter, "Pugacheva said on Thursday while recording the program" Let them talk "on Channel One.

Baisarov and Orbakayte were in the center of a public scandal after they could not share custody of their 11-year-old son Denis.

Orbakayte, also taking part in the recording, confirmed her mother's words.

"Before the eyes of the guards, he beat me in the dressing room Crystal" (nightclub and casino in Moscow). "I went to the table (Alla) Dukhova from" Todes ", and he (Baisarov) flew like a kite and took me to the dressing room. Alla can confirm, I also scratched everything I could, and I performed plastic surgery in two or three years, when it was necessary, "Orbakayte shared.

The Russian press wrote about this fact back in 2000, claiming that Orbakayte was injured at the time. However, then the parties did not publicly comment on this story. Baisarov last week after a press conference in Moscow said that he "did not break his nose" to his ex-wife., 17.09.2009


At the charity auction, which was arranged by Fyodor Bondarchuk and the funds "Healthy Heritage", "Planet of the World" and "Golden Lancet", unusual lots were exhibited: roles in the new film "Stalingrad". "Stars" of show business and businessmen in total laid out for the right to appear in the cinema of a famous director of a million euros.

For example, a Chechen businessman Ruslan Baisarov paid 200,000 euros for a female role in the future creation of Bondarchuk. True, he will not play himself, and certainly will not shoot in the picture of his ex-wife Christina Orbakaite. The businessman said that most likely he will present the role of some beginning promising actress., 2012


"It's in my phone is recorded as" the head of the Chechen Republic - one "- says Ramzan Kadyrov Chechen businessman Ruslan Baisarov. - I agree with him on the hunt go on a fishing trip. " Is it unpleasant for a businessman to hear when he is called "Kadyrov's purse"? Baisarov shrugs his shoulders: "Let them talk, but it's not true" [RUSPRES: literally Ruslan Baisarov replied: "It's OK, Che!" Koshyrova Kadyrova! "]. Baisarov claims that he achieved everything himself, he is responsible only for his own business, and friendship with the president of Chechnya has nothing to do with it.

RUSPRES, 12.12.2011


On August 27, the Yenisei Industrial Company (EPK) issued a statement in the media about the full repayment of its debt obligations in the amount of 878 million rubles. Meanwhile, the government under the leadership of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov held an emergency meeting on the situation in the EPK, the reason for which was just information about the company's debts, kindly provided by a certain "well-wisher" to President Putin. As it was possible to find out the editorial offices, a well-known Chechen businessman with a scandalous reputation Ruslan Baisarov acted as a well-wisher, and not only.

We had a copy of the letter addressed to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on July 26, 2012, signed by the Director General - attention! - LLC "Yenisei Industrial Corporation" Baisarov RS The corporation and the company, CJSC and LLC - do you feel the difference? Feel it and it's really difficult, if not to focus on this, especially since the abbreviation of the present EPK is nowhere to be deciphered in the text of the letter. And, as it turned out, in such a simple and bazaar way it is possible to circle the president himself.

So, at the beginning of the letter Ruslan Baisarov tells the president how economically important and socially significant is the project of construction of the Kyzyl-Kuragino railway. Then he says that "EBC CJSC (without deciphering, of course) was given a start in the development of the company." And after that Leontief "however" arises.

Baisarov confidently informs the president that "during the operational management of the company, a number of significant risks were identified." Lies begins here, since no real relation to the "operational management" YPC Chechen businessman has, but more on that later. And while Baysarov describes in detail the well-known to him (and, in fact, do not keep no one in secret) debts UAB YPC, the lion's share of which is just a few days ago extinguished credit "IIB".

"These newly discovered facts make investments from the private investor project unnecessarily risky" - theatrical worried Baysarov. Next he asks the president on this issue "to authorize a meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Kozak DN, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Don SE and Transport Minister Sokolov MY "

And finally, in the last sentence - a brilliant solution to the raising of a thimble! "In turn, for its part, will ensure that the construction of the w / e will go in accordance with the terms of an existing Passport of the investment project." That is, I think, - from the "Yenisei Industrial Corporation", director and sole owner of which was signed by the line below. For reference: the general director of LLC Baysarov appointed himself ... July 26, 2012 - that is, on the same day, when he signed a letter to Putin! Well, the very office-double was registered, according to an extract from the register, only 31 July 2012 - that is, put on the table a letter to the president of the defunct company still!


However, it turns out, the president of the Chechen swallowed the bait. And with the visa "Please consider the meeting under your leadership," the letter flew to Shuvalov.

Perhaps the president did not know, and the Deputy Prime Minister did not dare tell him that just at the same time YPC Company management structure was changed in such a way as to exclude the Baysarov people. This was done for one simple reason: Ruslan Baysarov really claim a share in the company, their obligations to make the necessary funds in the share capital is not fulfilled. Roughly speaking, I wanted to buy, but money is not enough.

However, the course of the letter was given, and the situation, no matter how absurd, comical it may seem, is the place to be. Mr. Shuvalov held after the meeting painted a commission of the president on the list with a request to work on this issue with the participation of EPC "clone" - Yenisei Industrial Corporation, and to prepare specific proposals agreed. It remains a mystery whether the participants understand the process, including officials with whom they are going to discuss the fate of the very important projects for the country's economy.

Compromising. Ru, 29.08.2012


" In the morning I had a talk with a person close to Poroshenko, who was involved in addressing the issue of Simferopol motor show" Bogdan "(Salon until he managed to return, but a couple of buses have disappeared in an unknown direction). And so, the whole resort business and commercial real estate in the South Coast of Crimea is given to the Chechens (by the way, it is through the Chechens was a question about the cabin). term - until the end of this week or the beginning of next. Russia has put there mostly former common law husband Kristiny Orbakayte Ruslan Baysarov.

Baysarov plans to introduce their people and to establish control over at least two objects "Ukrprofzdravnitsa": sanatorium "Kurpaty" and "Livadia". + He has a few more types of objects that Minkurortov Crimea plans to nationalize, and then sell. how many of these objects do not know yet.

By the same Russian-speaking residents of the Crimea, which are now in the euphoria of the "historic reunification with Russia," I really do not envy you. sooner or later, the euphoria will pass and come everyday life, and in the Crimea, according to my source, already sickly "dessant" Chechens in the near future the number of people who call themselves "Nokhchi" will only increase. they have crushes under her business. "

« UAinfo »,  19.3.2014


Moscow LLC "Sibgeoproekt" sent to the Arbitration Court of Tuva lawsuit against ZAO "Tuva Energy Industry Corporation" (EPDM controlled by Ruslan Baisarov) in the amount of RUB 327.8 million. On it informs "Interfax" referring to a card file arbitration cases. The statement was sent to the court last week. While it is not customary for the production, the first meeting is not scheduled. The arbitration materials not disclosed essence of the claims of the design organization to the EPDM.

According to the database "SPARK-Interfax", registered in Moscow, two of "Sibgeoproekt", both are at the same address, and engaged in the development of industrial processes and production projects, referred to the areas of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mining, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as in the field of industrial engineering, systems engineering and safety, the agency said. Co-owners of each of the companies are the director of a company Dmitriy Zaytsev (38%), as well as Aleksandr Bychkovsky (19%), Sergey Klepikov (19%), Yuri Perepechin (19%) and Andrey Agafonov (5%). In addition, Zaitsev owns a number of businesses including mining, in Moscow and Kemerovo region. Director of another "Sibgeoproekta" listed Maxim Sorokin, who had previously also owned several mining enterprises in the Kemerovo region.

"Vedomosti", 31.10.2016


Ruslan Baisarov, criminalized businessman nebrezglivy in terms of business, owned once the biggest in Moscow ( and now shabby) gay club "Central Station" is located in the Palace of Culture on Dubrovka GPP, where the tragedy occurred Nord-Ost ... Through gay club and dragged in the Palace of culture explosives ...

Even after such a terrible history, Baysarov managed to get out (which in our country is not difficult), he managed to make a spectacular career, which had everything - and shootouts, and assassination, and difficulties, but also the victory. His influence was so great that today he had the courage to challenge the most diva whose authority seemed unshakable. About omnipotence Pugacheva legends. The rumor went about how severely "godmother" of show business Spreads and block oxygen objectionable. At the same time for those who loved him, he got up the mountain. Incidentally, in the 90s, and it also protects Baysarov of false accusations.

And now all we are waiting to see what Alla starts furious fighting for own grandson. But she kept silent, saying only - I will fight in court! Waiting for her in the studio program Malakhov "Let them talk," where she had to tell all about Ruslana. But at the last moment, she did not come ... And the people went gossip - Baysarov something frightened her ..., 17.09.2009 


As can be seen from the official documents, together with Baysarov Alla Pugacheva in 1999 established a company CJSC "OKA-OIL PROCESSING", the scope of activities which first entered trade. In this company in Pugacheva was a 49 per cent stake. The company based in indoor concrete products plant Serpukhov. It was rumored that the firm needed a Baysarov for far-reaching plans - like Ruslan ten years ago planned to make entry to the refining and Alla Borisovna persuaded to participate. In 2000 Baysarov Pugacheva and established company "Avtocard service", maintenance of the equipment, and gas stations.

With a swoop to infiltrate the Russian oil business Ruslan failed. And he declared himself as the owner of the hotel and gaming business in Moscow. Trade in petroleum products was first as a "trial balloon." Later Baysarov created the group "Infant-Silver" companies, reorganizing "Oka-Oil Processing" and a number of its other small firms. Later, they were closed. The company "Infant-Silver" has specialized in petroleum products. Pugacheva initially had a share in Baysarov business. But when things Ruslana went to the mountain, and he was appointed vice-president of "Moscow Oil and Gas Company", log in their oil stocks and staked their place in the oil business in Russia, he is said to have wanted to get rid of the loop companions. With someone talks stalled and resulted in a legal battle over ownership of oil stocks. And Pugacheva, apparently agreed amicably. Alla has agreed to withdraw from the business of the former in-law, leaving a live case. According to some, Baysarov was something bound or something should Diva - for which he paid off a chic Present - headquartered in Philippovsky lane.

In any case, the former companions knew a lot about each other's affairs. Did Alla Borisovna Baysarovu become a big oilman country? Even today, Ruslan speaks of the former mother-appreciated. Probably, he has much to be grateful to her. At least her name he could help greatly in hands, but did not clarify until the end of the history of terrorist attacks around the "Nord-Ost". In October 2002, the Internet was gay screaming headlines: "Alla Pugacheva-law was involved in organizing the terrorist attack?" They wrote that during the preparation of the rescue operation in the operational headquarters of Pugachev came. Media, citing sources in law enforcement agencies wrote that the son Ally Borisovny, a well-known representative of the Chechen diaspora in Moscow, Ruslan Baysarov contained in the building DK GPP nightclub. This club has been renovated shortly before the attack, and workers Chechens seem to take the building plans. According to one version, "part of the explosives could be delivered during this period" (news agency "RosBusinessConsulting", October 24).

Baysarov himself denied any involvement in the club. And even he said in an interview that he and Alla Pugacheva are trying to associate with gay club envious., 17.09.2009