He was born in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda in the north of Azerbaijan on September 8, 1966.

His family belonged to the Diaspora of the Sephardim (Mountain Jews).

Father Bension was a shoemaker and had five sons, who were taught to craft from childhood. Zahar sewed headwear - the famous "cap-aerodromes", which were sold in the market in the neighboring Azerbaijani city of Cuba.

He has no secondary special education and no higher education.

At 17 years old (in 1983) Zahar went to Moscow, where his two uncles and cousin were engaged in business.

In 1993 he registered the firm "Iliev", which managed a part (15 hectares) of the Moscow clothing Cherkizovsky market.

In 2000, Ilieva acquired a 57% stake in JSC Wholesale and Retail Trade Center Moscow, which owns premises at the former Moscow ball bearing plant in the Lublino region, and subsequently converted into a Moscow shopping and entertainment center with an area of ​​200,000 sq. M. Meters. The second owner of JSC "ORTTS" Moscow "- the Government of Moscow.

In December 2000, he established the company Safra Instrument.

In 2005, together with Zurab Tsereteli, he created the company "City of Miracles".

He is a co-owner of the shopping centers "Electronic Paradise", the furniture center "Grand", the automobile hypermarket "Moscow" on the Kashirskoye highway.

Award of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia "Fiddler on the Roof" - 2015.

Zahar Iliev has several patents. So, he patented a useful model of a rotating advertising structure with the letter "e", which is installed at the entrance to the "European" shopping center. He is fond of painting. During the reconstruction of the hotel "Ukraine" was restored 1200 paintings of Soviet artists of the mid-twentieth century, adorned its walls.

He is married and has two children.

He heads a community of Mountain Jews in Moscow, which includes about 15 thousand people.

The main hobby of the billionaire is fishing.



It is difficult to say who is more important in this tandem - 48-year-old Zahar Iliev or 42-year-old Nisanov. At least the beginning of the joint business due to age was put first - in the early 80's young Zahar left for Moscow from his native Azerbaijani village of Krasnaya Sloboda. In his homeland, he wore caps-"airfields" since childhood, a smart young man in the capital began to trade in flowers in Cheremushki.

"Version", 16.02.2015


Iliev came to Moscow when he was 17 years old. First he supplied cognac to the store in Lubyanka, and in the early 90s he bought several outlets in containers on the Izmailovo market - that is, according to the scheme operating in the capital markets, he acquired the right to rent them.

In 1993, Iliev registered "Firm Iliev", which began to manage part of the Cherkizovsky market. Nearby are the managing companies "Old AST" and "New AST" of his partner and partner Telman Ismailov. The general director of "Firms Iliev" became the known sportsman, the trainer of a Russian national team on freestyle wrestling Omar Murtuzaliev.

In the summer of 2000 Iliev's Ilion-Trade acquired a controlling stake in the ORTs Moscow, the construction of a shopping center in Lublin. In December 2000, the company "Safra Instrument" was created to manage the shopping center "Moscow". Until the end of 2003, investments were made through it for new projects by Ilieva. The additional issues were distributed by private subscription between individuals. The same company owns large centers "Electronic Paradise" and "Panorama".

In October 2002, Safra purchased the building of FGUP Eleron on the Kashirskoye highway, which was later turned into the largest automotive hypermarket in Europe, Moscow. Iliev attracted customers to patented and implemented a rotating design of seven sparkling cars on chains.

"Cherkizovsky market" by decision of the authorities was subject to demolition in 2003. Here it was decided to build offices, housing and shopping complexes. But the implementation of the decision was postponed, allegedly, due to the impossibility of quickly solving the issue with numerous tenants.

In 2004, the company "Power Plant Arbat", registered by Iliev in 1992, acquired a part of shares of Interprombank.

"Russian Forbes", 02.2006.


In 2004 the furniture center "Grand" acquired new owners. At first the names were not disclosed, it was said only that it was one of the owners of the Cherkizovsky market, as well as the owner of the Moscow shopping center. However, all said that the center was purchased by Iliev. Ilieva's receptionist answered the same secretary as in the Grande.

Vedomosti, October 18, 2004


Iliev changed the concept of "Grand": now it sold not only furniture, but also housed the hypermarket "Electroplasma" company "Eldorado" and a huge carpet store Art de Vivre.

Together with Iliev "Grand" was managed by another member of the diaspora of the mountaineers - the Nisanov Year.

In February 2005, Iliev together with Zurab Tsereteli created the company "City of Miracles", Nisanov became its leader. The company took up the project of developing the Lower Mnevniki, where Tsereteli received land for the construction of the "Russian Disneyland".

In May 2005, in the territory of the Baku tanning factory, the Gen Deri factory was opened to process leather and sew leather products. In this project, Iliev helped his brother Yarukhom, co-owner of the enterprise. The fact that Iliev conducts business with relatives, or rather, pulls them with him, some considered it a drawback.

In November 2005, Nisanov purchased, on behalf of OOO Biscuit, a hotel-monument "Ukraine" from the Moscow government

"Russian Forbes", 02.2006.


In the summer of 2006, the explosion in the Cherkizovsky market, 10 people were killed and 55 injured. The explosive device worked in the trading rows of the Eurasia market. As the main one, a version of the "commercial rivalry" of diasporas operating in the markets of Moscow was put forward. Firm "Iliev" officially had no relation to this site.

Vedomosti, August 22, 2006

And in May 2005, the factory "Gen-Deri" was opened in the territory of the Baku tannery factory in Narimanov district (here they sewed famous for the whole Union of shoes "Nariman"). The enterprise processes the skin, sews shoes, jackets and bags. They say that in this project Zahar helps his brother Yarukhom (who is the co-owner of the enterprise). "" This is a defect of Iliev as a businessman, "says one of the Moscow partners of the businessman. "He pulls a bunch of relatives behind him."

However, from all projects, Iliev extracts some benefit for himself personally. The same "Gene-Deri" brought him support at the highest level. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, speaking at the opening of the enterprise, said unequivocally: "The people who manage this factory can succeed in other industries. They must be supported at all levels "

Forbes, 03.02.2006


In June 2006, the deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor, Oleg Mitvol, together with State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein and Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin, tried to get to the construction site of the Evropeisky shopping center on the square of the Kiev railway station, whose project was realized by Iliev, but they were not allowed by the employees of the ChOP. Khinshtein's hand was wedged by a wicket, and on the others they poured concrete dust. Khinshtein and Mitvol considered the construction illegal, it was assumed that it could lead to the collapse of the metro and pollution of the environment. They came to the construction site with a warrant from Romprirodnadzor about the inspection. Mitvol also believed that the head of the GUVD of Moscow, Vladimir Pronin, was personally interested in construction, since his son is a co-owner of ZAO "Kievskaya Ploshchad", which builds the SEC "European". There was a big scandal in the media, which made a lot of noise, connected with the use of violence against Mitvolu and the deputies, but soon he died down.

«Company», July 14, 2006


Soon the prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against the guards of the "Evropeyskiy" shopping center, "Lonvik", which did not allow Mitvol to the construction site.

"Gazeta.Ru", July 17, 2006


The case ended in favor of the developers, in October 2006 the company "Kievskaya Ploshchad" won from the environmental prosecutor's office.

Solomin, 17.11.2006


Prior to this, a complex examination of the construction site was carried out, according to which it met all necessary standards. Most likely, it was due to the fact that during the holiday, Iliev and Nisanov were able to organize a coalition with other detractors of Mitvol. Even Khinshtein changed his position. He said he was satisfied with the results of the examinations.

Thanks to Iliev and Nisanov, who took up arms on Mitvol, the media got scandalous details of his raids on the dachas of famous people in the Moscow region, as well as on the company Sakhalin-2. Mitvol's official inspection began and a campaign to remove him from his post.

Solomin, December 22, 2006


Iliev and Nisanov after the opening of the shopping center "European" began to make high demands on their tenants: they were obliged to show financial documents, to disclose the structure of business and property. This approach was brought about by the authorities' careful attention to the shopping center itself. This scrupulousness of Iliev and Nisanov began to manifest immediately after the purchase of the hotel "Ukraine", a historical monument of Moscow. The significance of the project made them become more attentive to their reputation.

Solomin, December 14, 2006


In 2007, Yuri Luzhkov put an end to the controversy over the fate of the Cherkizovsky market, signing an order to extend the lease of its territories until 2009. In fact, the authorities surrendered to Iliev and his diaspora. The head of the Moscow Department of the Consumer Market and Services, Vladimir Malyshkov, officially stated that the market will be closed step by step. Instead of trading rows, the authorities decided to build a new residential complex. Thus, the market still remained with the previous owners. It is clear that the solution that was so advantageous for the diaspora was due to the good connections between Iliev and his comrades: on the eve of the decision they were seen driving in their cars to the mayor's office.

Solomin, July 30, 2007


In November 2007, one of the towers of the hotel "Ukraine" collapsed. It turned out that this was due to the non-compliance with the standards even during its construction. But against Iliev and Nisanova after this campaign was launched, aimed at the removal of their business. The objects of real estate, erected by them, regularly became objects of interest of different groups. The collapse of the tower brought the campaign to a new level.

In 2008, businessmen and their families were threatened with physical violence. They appealed to the law enforcement agencies. As a result, a group of intruders was detained and an investigation was initiated against the organizers of the crime.

Solomin, 05.06.2008


In the summer of 2009 Cherkizovsky was closed. On the eve of Iliev with his partner Telman Ismailov, the head of the AST group, there were disagreements, the reasons for which were not known.

"Interlocutor", June 16, 2009


In 2009, Nisanov and Iliev decided to go on a cruise business, buying five icebreaking yachts. They also created a cruise company Radisson Royal Moscow.

Kommersant, November 9, 2009


Immediately there were problems with Ismailov: it turned out that smuggled goods were located on the Cherkizovsky market, in the territory allegedly controlled by Ismailov. Against the ACT a criminal case was opened. The market was closed, part of the goods confiscated. The restaurant "Prague", owned by Ismailov, was searched.

By that time Cherkizovsky was closed forever.

According to one of the versions, the source of Ismailov's problems was Iliev.

"Company", August 31, 2009


The secret of Iliev's success, according to many experts, is that Vladimir Putin's friend Ilgam Rahimov is a partner in many of his projects. His personal office is located in the restaurant "Venice", owned by Iliev and Nisanov.

"Interlocutor", August 4, 2009


The predecessor of Kolokoltsev, Vladimir Pronin, is registered on the Zoological Street near the Garden Ring. In the same place, he has the right of ownership. Together with Pronin, a wife lives - a kindergarten worker.

Pronin's son, Valery, lives in the prestigious Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. He leads a large business in Moscow, he is on the board of directors of the First Republican Bank. Four years ago, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein complained that the police did not pay attention to violations during the construction of the European shopping center due to the fact that Valery, together with entrepreneur Zarakh Iliev, is a co-owner of ZAO Kievskaya Ploshchad. Vladimir Pronin called these rumors slander, however, as it was possible to find out, another son of Pronin, Alexander, is connected with Iliev.

For several years, Alexander, according to the tax service, worked at OOO Imperial-2000, whose founder is LLP Firma Ieva. Its owner Zahar Iliev is known not only for being the owner of the "European". Together with Telman Ismailov, he owned and Cherkizovsky market in Moscow, the order on which for several years could not (or did not want?) To lead the metropolitan police under the direction of Pronin the elder and the mayor's office under Luzhkov.

"Interlocutor", April 20, 2010


In the history of Russian business it is difficult to find examples of such invulnerability. Defeats the brothers Rotenbergs, and Igor Sechin, and "Alfa-Group" know. Victory in each individual case could be explained by the ability of Iliev and Nisanov to work and find approaches to the city authorities, prosecutors, investigators, judges. But it is unlikely that competitors like the owners of Emerala, which for many years managed the largest construction fair, are less skilled in this science. It's ridiculous to imagine that Putin himself would sort out the disputes between the Kiev Square and the GUBEP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Rosprirodnadzor. However, the name of "friend of Putin", classmate Bastrykin, etc. in itself can serve, as in computer games, as a shield, under which it is easy to pass level after level.

Three businessmen from the Forbes list told that they know about Ragimov's friendship with Putin, which helps the business of Iliev and Nisanov. The representative of Nisanova and Ilieva denies that Ilgam Rahimov can somehow use his acquaintance with the president for the benefit of business. "We do not work with Gazprom, we never received anything from the budget," Nadezhda Spiridonova convinces. "And his shares are just a family business, Ilham Rahimov is investing money and providing consulting services as a lawyer."

Forbes.ru, September 28, 2012


The activities of Oboronservice are dissatisfied with the military industry - the company monopolizes the assembly of imported weapons for the Army in Russia, and selects other orders. The curator of the defense industry, the deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin, or the general director of Rostekhnologii, Sergei Chemezov, could not initiate the case in the TFR, the government official said, but could complain to the president.

Among the real estate in the case, investigators of the TFR called the hotel "Soyuz" on Universitetsky Prospekt: ​​its price, they say, was 1.5 times lower than the market price. Hotel for 600 million rubles. In 2011, bought the structures of Zahar Iliev and the Year of Nisanov. But CBRE deputy director Stanislav Ivashkevich believes that 600 million rubles. For "Soyuz" - the market price.

RUSPRES, October 25, 2012


Zahar Iliev and the Nisanov Year illegally transferred 37.8 thousand square meters. M of the center, due to the city

The privatization of Moscow's property reveals the mistakes of the previous government. The city authorities, planning to sell a third of the shopping and entertainment center "European" on the square of the Kiev railway station, learned that they can not do this. According to the department of property of the city of Moscow (DIGM), the developers of the most successful retail project of the capital Zahar Iliev and Nisanov illegally transferred the privatized property, reducing the share of the city from 30 to 10%. Businessmen do not comment on the slippery situation.

RUSPRES, July 29, 2011


Who now owns the House of Reception of the Ministry of Defense and is it true that 7,9 thousand square meters. Meters on University Avenue of Moscow were sold for only 647.7 million rubles?


As for the buyer of the Reception House, the only founder of the "Combine of Power" Arbat "LLC (the current name is OOO Prom-Invest) is Israil Yakubov, owner of the Moscow restaurant chain Venice and co-owner of Interprombank. According to the source of Novaya Gazeta, Yakubov carried out the deal with the House of Reception of the Defense Ministry "not so much for one's own benefit, as for the benefit of his partners in the bank": the main beneficiaries of the areas were big businessmen Zahar Iliev (part of the board of directors of JSCB "Interprombank" ) And the Year of Nisanov - owners of hotel complexes "Ukraine" and "Slavyanskaya" (hotel operator - Radisson), shopping centers "European" and "Prague", market "Sadovod" and managers of the exhibition center VVC. According to Forbes, Iliev and Nisanov are among the largest players on the Moscow real estate market - their annual income from rental income is more than half a billion dollars. According to our source, Zarakh Iliev regularly visits Universitetsky Avenue in Ramenki's office, "There are several cars coming, a lot of security - all with weapons ... It seems that the former House of receptions they want to turn into a dwelling for 8 -10 apartments. A nearby building, as far as is known, also belongs to them. "

Novaya Gazeta, November 12, 2012


A new skyscraper will appear in the MIBC "Moscow City" by 2015, Interfax was informed by a source in the management company OAO City. "Development of the project architectural and structural parts of the building carried out under the leadership of the company Werner Sobek (Werner Sobek)", - told the agency.

... at the beginning of December 2013 and Ilieva Nisanova structures bought the Moscow station №15 in the business center. For him, they paid 7.218 billion rubles. New skyscraper - the first business project in the "Moscow City".

Iliev and Nisan - the largest real estate owners in Moscow, former co-owner of the Cherkizovsky market. Their combined fortune Forbes magazine estimated at $ 6 billion. In addition to the "Lotus City" they own the SEC "European" market "Gardener", the hotel "Ukraine" and "Slavic", a furniture center "Grand", "Electronic Paradise" to "Prague "" Panorama "in Cheryomushki, trade Fair complex" Moscow "in Lublin. Also Nisanova and Eli structure reconstruction is performed and new construction to the OCE. Among their iconic projects at the site - the largest oceanarium in Europe and two new hotel Park Inn by Radisson and Radisson Congress Hotel.

Vedomosti, 12.23.2013


The city authorities have limited the penalty against the leadership of the largest in Moscow, "gardener" of the market, the activity of which was suspended the day before, reports "Interfax".

January 17 Lublin Moscow court fined 250 thousand rubles in administrative offenses in the market "Gardener". The Court relied on the results of market testing Rospotrebnadzor specialists, during which there were found violations of sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The owners of the shopping "Gardener" center are natives of Azerbaijan Year of Nisan and Zahar Iliev.

"BBC News," 1/17/2014


Exhibition of Economic Achievements, in the post-perestroika era, better known as the OCE, in the near future can turn into a gated development. Elite, inaccessible ordinary Muscovites, but it is a gated development. This convinces the message "Revival VVC» Ltd. that it intends to continue cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality in the framework of the exhibition.

The fact that the owners of this company Year of Nisan and Zahar Iliev - villagers Yakov Yakubov, already lined up at ENEA beautiful castle in the Disney style. It seems Yakubov castle was only the first sign, and now confidence in the future "Revival VVC" will build locks for the oligarchs thread-safe industrial method.

Representative of "Revival of VVC" reported that the project in question, implemented under the auspices of the public-private partnership initiated by the Russian Federation.

ru-compromat.livejournal.com, 21.04.2014


48-year-old Zahar Iliev went to the police with a statement about the abduction of her son, 19-year-old Ben-Zion. Moscow police opened a search file (№33-00 from 24.12 .2014, by the way, 00 means "the highest level of priority investigation") and proceeded to operatively-search actions (searches directs Colonel Dmitry Pichugin), criminal proceedings (and do not seem to under article 126 of the Criminal Code of "kidnapping", and by article 105 of the Criminal Code "Murder") ...

Meanwhile, Ben-Zion says that he was not kidnapped. He said, calling the lieutenant colonel Pichugin. The guy does not want to live in a "golden cage", ranked father wants to live her life, her father refuses billion. Snickering? Or is it something else?

irek-murtazin.livejournal.com, 25.12.2014


... with Yuri Luzhkov administration relationship partners really lined up more than warm. Given how tidbits are capital markets, Iliev and Nisan could get the market "Gardener". Not accidentally moved to the traders with Cherkizon. Together with them to a new location and moved to the established order. In 2005, Nisan and Iliev have purchased one of the iconic buildings of Moscow - Stalin skyscraper hotel "Ukraine". However, the most ambitious project was another: in 2003, the Moscow City Hall has signed an investment contract with a group of "Kiev area" to build "business commercial center". The project was completed in 2006 - so the square near the Kiev station there was a huge shopping and entertainment center "European" with a total area about 180 thousand square meters.. Thus 30% of the city owned by SEC. So at least it was believed until 2011 when replaced Yuriya Luzhkova, Sergei Sobyanin decided to include the share of the "European" in the program of privatization of municipal property. And then it turned out that this is impossible, since the city for some reason does not belong to a third area of ​​the center, but only their 10th part. As it happened, and who of the officials did not pay attention to it, to find out it was not possible. Scandal, the municipality appealed to the court. As a result, the parties agreed that Nisan and Iliev recognize the disputed area in the country with their subsequent redemption, thus taking full control of one of the largest shopping complexes in Europe.

... Here, many are advised to pay attention to the roots of billionaires. The village of Krasnaya Sloboda, from which came both oligarchs, one and a half thousand years is a place of compact habitation of mountain Jews. Immigrants from Red Sloboda can be found all over the world, especially in Moscow. Among them - officials, businessmen, cultural figures. "Naturally, we are helping our diaspora. Our strength is that we do not lose ties with their compatriots "- proudly confessed Year Nisan. And these connections go far beyond Russia. Nisan and Iliev actively donate money to Jewish organizations. The extent of charity have reached such proportions that patronage grew into political influence. In 2011, at a conference of Chabad movement Nisan envoys sat next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And when the summer 2013th Iliev and Nisan suddenly were searched at Ben Gurion Airport, they personally received by President Shimon Peres to apologize for what happened. Story with undeclared diamond earrings that have found Nisanova customs, the parties agreed to consider "unfortunate misunderstanding".

Our newspaper version of 16.02.2015


It is no secret that Nisan and Iliev were persona particularly close to the family of the then Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his wife Eleny Baturinoy.

kod-ua.com, 06.07.2016


For the construction of the largest not only in Russia, but in Europe, the wholesale food base area of ​​84.5 hectares of Nisan and Iliev have chosen, once again, as if in mockery, the most problematic place: departure from Moscow (more precisely, from the "old" in the New Moscow) Kaluga highway. Left - "Mega", the Ikea, "Auchan", right - the construction market, popularly known as the "Mill", and now to this celebration zamkadnogo retail giant added fruit and vegetable base.

Just on the border wholesale complex logistics extends main high pressure pipeline. For all safety standards, including legislative support, the vicinity of such facilities may not be built objects that involve the accumulation of a large number of people - in particular, markets and shopping centers. Directly above the market buildings located power lines, all built by the time line and the only way the city has agreed to accept them.

But this is not the main problem with the "Food City". In addition to the bombs, in what could become a gas pipeline and the categorical prohibition of construction in the buffer zone of transmission lines, wholesale and logistics center carries a bomb. Namely, products with this mega-market, especially vegetables and fruits, are a real threat to the health of Muscovites.

"Neighbors" are ovoschebazah Nicholas Khovanskoye Cemetery, and that is much worse - the famous Salarevskaya landfill, Europe's largest landfill waste. Earlier in his place was a waste sand pit, a maximum depth of 3 meters: in the 60s of last century began to bring their garbage here from all over Moscow. During the years of operation of the landfill in Salaryevo "received", according to environmentalists, more than 15 million tons of debris, its area reached 60 hectares, and the height of the garbage mound - 70 meters. Although in 2007 the landfill was closed, but the Moscow authorities have a complex and very expensive program of its reclamation, the mountain of garbage as tall as a 27-storey building will be a long time to poison the life of all the surrounding villages.

"New Look" of 11.11.2015


According to Russian media, none of the experts had no doubt that the main candidates for the prestigious project in the center of Moscow became the Year of Nisan and Zahar Iliev. Even, it seemed all-powerful "gates" Musa Bazhaev officially renounced participation in the purchase of charges. " Painfully strong in every sense of the owners of "the Kiev area."

Gorskie.ru, 09.07.2016

According to informed sources, "Food City", "project billionaires Year Nisanova and Zahar Iliev, informally controlled by such influential thieves-in-law as the Zahariy Kalashov nicknamed Shakro Young and Vagif Suleymanov. They are tacit participants "Food City", says Rumafia.

FLB.ru, 25.08.2016


Owners "of the Kiev area" are Year Nisan and Zahar Iliev, who won this year's first place in the ranking of the largest owners of real estate in Russia. According to Forbes magazine, the annual turnover of almost $ 1.3 billion.

Recall that Nisanovu and Iliev owns shopping mall "European", located near the Kiev railway station, Trade Fair Center "Moscow" in Lublin, hotel "Radisson SAS", the largest in the capital of agricultural market "Food City" - more than 346 000 sq.m. retail space and about 300 000 sq. m. of warehouses and others. However, it is not far from all, they own partners. Their business interests are quite varied. As reported by "Version", they have a shipping company, being completed building in the complex "Moscow City" and the aquarium at the Exhibition Center. Finally, they say, there is also interest in the hotel business. For example, a hotel in the center of Moscow on Varvarka, which is owned by the heirs of businessman Dmitry Shumkova intend to complete construction of Nisan and Iliev.

"Version" of 09.28.2016


"Zavalunov spoke scheme where Horev specifically initiated by employees of Economic Crimes GU MVD and the FSB Department for Moscow and Moscow region criminal case initiated on the fact of realization of contraband and counterfeit goods on the territory of TC" Lotus ", which is owned by an acquaintance Zavalunova directly Horev - Arkady Rotenberg. According Zavalunova, customers of this criminal case is the owner of shopping mall "European" Year of Nisan and Zahar Iliev, who wanted to buy TK "Lotos" in their own interests. "

"Novaya Gazeta", 11.07.2016


The project of the St. Petersburg Oceanarium, lobbied Zaharom Ilievym and Year Nisanova also looks doubtful - the numbers have increased from 3.5 to 15 billion rubles. The merit of these authoritative currently among the leaders of organized crime Mountain Jews put a unique experience, allegedly acquired by them in the construction of "Moskvariuma". But now, it was reported that the Moscow real object is not owned by Nisan and Iliev, and Arkady Rotenberg.

Kompromat1.info, 18.01.2017


Nisan and Iliev said that investing in the reconstruction of the OCE about $ 1.5 billion, and return on investment will be carried out due to the construction of commercial real estate. Besides the aquarium, the Moscow authorities are allowed to build on the territory of the exhibition complex is about 700 thousand square meters. meters of real estate, including parking, an indoor amusement park, five-star hotel and the Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

But Nisan, Iliev and Rahimov with failed task. In 2014, when the park was transferred from federal ownership to the ownership of the City of Moscow, the exhibition was visited by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin criticized her condition. For his part, Sergei Kapkov, at that time, led by order of the Department of Culture of Moscow Sobyanin, announced plans to change the concept of development of ENEA - it was decided to abandon plans to build commercial properties.

As it became apparent that the center is not built with Nisan Iliev and Rothenberg, entrepreneurs are now in a delicate situation. Firstly, it is very inconvenient to Vladimir Putin - because he lied Mountain entrepreneurs that merit in launching "Moskvariuama" belongs to them. Secondly, the idiot himself must feel Georgy Poltavchenko. To get the site and bonuses Year Nisan assured the governor of St. Petersburg, which is the most successful and effective okeonariumostroitelem Russia.

Ruspres, 01.18.2017