In 1998. He graduated from the psychological faculty of the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University; Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russia.

In 1984. He served in the army as part of reconnaissance airborne company.

In 1995 he was appointed deputy head of the commercial credit management, and then - deputy chairman of the board of the People's Bank of Russia.

He has been Deputy General Director of LLC "Kuznetsov and partners," Deputy "Interfin" the general director of investment company.

Since 1996, a citizen of Israel.

In 1997. He was chairman of the Moscow regional lottery fund "Youth of the world".

In 1999 he became Deputy General Director of JSC "Lebedinsky GOK" Investment and Development.

In 1999, elected to the State Duma of the third convocation of the Novooskolskiy single-mandate constituency of the Belgorod region.

In 2000 he became chairman of the Expert Council on metallurgy and mining; He defended his thesis on the theme "Charity in Russia as a means of social protection of children." The candidate of pedagogical sciences.

In 2003. re-elected deputy, he entered into a faction "United Russia".

"United Russia" in December 2007 was elected to the State Duma of the fifth convocation in the composition of the list of candidates of a political party.

In 2012. He has once again become a deputy, a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs of the State Duma Committee and Relations with Compatriots.

Skoch with Elena Mizulina, Valentina Tereshkova and Irina Spring enters the sectarian parliamentary group for the protection of Christian values; As such, it supports the amendments to the Russian Constitution, according to which "Orthodoxy is the basis of national and cultural identity of Russia".

President of the International Fund "Generation", engaged in projects in the fields of medicine, sports and culture.

He was a member of the Presidium of the Small Business Association of the Moscow region.

Married second marriage to Elena Lihach. The father of ten children, four of whom - the twins from his first marriage, born in 1994: Nikita, Sofia, Alexander, Julius.


Honored coach of sambo and judo master of sports.

He was awarded the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" and I of II degree.

In March 2014 Skoch was awarded the medal "Five Continents" by UNESCO.

Order of Merit (13 December 2010) - for outstanding contribution to the perpetuation of the memory of Russian and Soviet soldiers who died in the territory of the People's Republic of China, and active charity.

Order of Honour (South Ossetia, May 29, 2011) - for his great contribution to the development and strengthening of relations of friendship and cooperation between peoples, active charity and to assist the people of South Ossetia to support the construction of social facilities.

The sign "Samara cross" by the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bulgaria in Russia May 31, 2013 - for the restoration of the monument to the Russian tsar Alexander II.

Order of Alexander Nevsky (2016) - for the restoration of monuments and memorials to Russian and Soviet soldiers in the Belgorod region, China and Hungary.


Chairman of the Expert Council on metallurgy and mining industry.

Co-owner of CJSC "Gazmetall".

Co-owner "Metalloinvest" (30%, since 1999 the owner - a businessman father Vladimir Skoch).

President of the "Generation" international fund.



Andrei Scotch (Scotch nickname), according to the FSB anti-gang, is an active participant - but what's there, one of the leaders - the so-called "Solntsevskiy" organized criminal group. As a counter-intelligence claimed Scotch together with other "Solntsevo" bosses - brothers Kvetnoy and Dmitry Baranovsky (nickname Belenky) - headed by coordinated criminal groups engaged in smuggling arms business.

Deliveries of weapons, according to the same sources, are carried out in Russia from Poland, the Baltic States and Belarus. The legalization of revenues occurs through cash investments in the processing and mining industry, through various commercial structures. This group, which includes more than 20 people from among the former athletes and former convicts, today supervises commercial banks, "Montazhspetsstroy" Dialogbank and casino "Carousel." Sam Andrey listed as an MP until his one of the "owners" of the capital casino "Arbat yard."

Novaya Gazeta, 17.01.2000


Tomorrow, January 18, the State Duma of the third convocation will officially begin his career. Tomorrow at Okhotny Ryad will bring together elected representatives from all over Russia. It will be among them, and independent deputy from single-mandate districts Novooskolskiy Belgorod region Andrei Scotch.

Oh well ... The thirty-three businessman Andrei Scotch so charmed voters Belgorod region, we do not know. But the choice of the latter be respected. In addition, certain of anything from the above residents of New Oskol during the election campaign did not report.

Only one question remains. Interestingly, and know whether the honorable novooskoltsy and especially members of the Belgorod oblast election commission, which won them the deputy (among other things) from 1996 is a subject of the state of Israel ... (passport number 5681173)?

A curious detail: it is the presence of the second - Greek - citizenship is not allowed, no doubt, the most "respected" man in Solntsevo Sergei Mikhailov (better known popularly as Mihas) to satisfy their ambitions and deputy to run for the State Duma from Taganrog.


According to the law: the citizen of another country can not be a Russian MP. On concepts - can?

Novaya Gazeta, 17.01.2000


The Office of the Federal Security Service in Moscow and Moscow region had information about the involvement of Mr. Skoch disassembling around Serpukhov base oil products, which was the subject of a hard dispute between Solntsevo and Podolsky '' brother. ' In February 1998, a tank farm was fired three rocket-propelled grenades, and then a small local company "Oka Oil ', chairman of the board of which at that time was Andrey, immediately began construction in the area of new base oil products.

PRAVDA, 16-19 October 2009, №115


In 2000, Andrei Skoch came to the attention of law enforcement authorities in connection with a criminal case on charges head "Montazhspecbank" Arcadia Angelevich, in the past - the main treasurer "Solntsevo" criminal gang, which is accused of embezzling more than $ 7 million by the commercial bank ". Unity". Andrei Skoch, who was listed as a counselor in the "Montazhspecbank", together with Leo Kvetnoy, Deputy Angelevich, took on the case as witnesses. In fact, according to journalists, both of them were "staring". During the investigation Angelevich conspired with FSB counter-intelligence department of economic and Bank FSB officer Vladimir Vanesyan was sent, and that made Skoch Kvetnoy leave "Montazhspecbank". They wrote that Leo Kvetnoy during interrogation, the investigator said that Vanesyan threatened him to put a grenade in his pants. Solntsevsky then left its interest in the bank.

"Version" of 11.04.2000


In 2006, the minority shareholders of OJSC "Oskol Electric Steel Works", controlled by Andrei Skoch, businessmen Alisher Usmanov and Vasily Anisimov, filed a lawsuit in the Court of Arbitration for recognition Belgorod founders plant, not just shareholders. Minority shareholders have tried to challenge the privatization of the plant. The essence of the claim was the fact that in 1993 during the formation of joint-stock enterprises open joint stock company, and then the creation on its base of open joint stock company operating the plant received the status of the shareholder, having lost the status of the founder, although the terms of reference of the founders wider than shareholders. The court decided that OEMK privatization process that took place in 1993, consistent with the standards of the then legislation. Subsequently, a group of minority shareholders filed a complaint with the Voronezh arbitration, but there first judgment upheld.

Kommersant, 17.08.2006


Co-owner "Metalloinvest" Andrey Skoch is called the richest State Duma deputy - his fortune is estimated at $ 1.4 billion, in the "Golden hundreds of Forbes" in 2010, he took 46th in the richness. More surprising was to read his declaration of income before the October elections in the Belgorod Regional Duma (Skoch was one of the "locomotive" in the list of "United Russia"). It turned out that a billionaire Skoch has only a modest apartment in the Belgorod region, and any other property - nor securities, nor a bank account - it does not have.

"Vedomosti", 16.11.2010


In the State Duma Andrey Skoch lobbied the interests of large alcohol companies. He was one of the initiators of the draft law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products "(regarding the introduction of compulsory denaturing non-potable alcohol), introduced to the State Duma in October 2006. The bill requires manufacturers of methyl and isopropyl alcohol, which are made on the basis of substitutes, denature their products, adding to it, such as gasoline. This was supposed to bring an additional 5 billion rubles producers of strong alcohol. Also Skoch the authors of the bill were deputies Valery Draganov, Alexander Kogan, Yuri Medvedev, Alexei Rozuvan.

"Kommersant", 12.10.2006, number 191


Former worker aircraft plant "Sokol" Vladimir Skoch, preparing to exchange the eighties, not only owns 30% of shares of "Metalloinvest", one of the largest metallurgical holdings in Russia. Workers, and now the farmer, also belong to the apartment in a prestigious area of Moscow and land allotment under the Krasnogorsk.

The son of a pensioner Andrei Skoch - a longtime partner of Alisher Usmanov in the steel business - for 10 years as a deputy of the State Duma, officially holds only living area in the Belgorod region, and lives on a parliamentary salary. That Skoch Sr. owned an apartment in Moscow and a large plot of land, we learned from the two lawsuits filed in the Presnensky district court of the capital. In the first tax inspection for the Krasnogorsk demanded that Vladimir Skoch to repay the land tax. In the second, the consideration of which essentially began just over a week ago, the plaintiff became a pensioner himself. It requires that the tenants upstairs eliminated problems with ventilation, resulting redevelopment apartment.

In early October, in response to accusations of providing false declarations, Andrei Skoch said that his father manages the shareholding company "Metalloinvest". In one of the largest Russian metallurgical holdings in the MP family accounts for 30%. Received dividends on those shares are sent to the budget of the "Generation" fund established by Andrei Skoch.

In recognition of Andrei Skoch, he left the business more than 10 years ago, transferring all his father's hands. In 1990-ies. MP Deputy General Director of "Interfin", established by Alisher Usmanov to consolidate metallurgical assets.

Chronicles and comments 15.11.2010


We walked the wedding is not the weekend, as is customary, and on Wednesday. Guests gathered in a closed institution "Sporting Club" on the outskirts of Minsk. By the way, this place has long loved the couple - last year here arranged wedding showman Vadim Galygin. And if the paparazzi get to Galygin podsnyat esklyuzivchik and could, at the wedding Skoch a few meters from the entrance on duty in Moscow serious security. Perhaps because, as claimed by the Russian media, not like scotch when his beautiful Helen photographed secular chroniclers.

Honeymoon motorcade through the city accompanied by traffic police cars.

As I found out "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the wedding guests were few, only 25 people: only family and business partners. From the star guests at the table was seen lead singer of "Code of Ethics" Sergei smear.Treated couple in rich red and black caviar in bowls, a few wines, three-tiered cake at the wedding ... even specially brought from Moscow laser show with fireworks and fountains.

Congratulate the young came a train Russian stars. Philip, Vera Brezhnev, Alain Sviridov, Love Assumption, Leonid Agutin, etc. By the way, Philipp Bedrosovich came to the wedding on a train from Moscow. For some it has, as Pugacheva, stopped flying the plane. And now buys 200 thousand Russian rubles a trailer car.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 11.06.2011


46-year-old Scotch (Andrey) should get in indirect ownership of 30% in the holding company created by Usmanov, which will unite the share oligarch "MegaFon", Facebook, and the football club "Arsenal".

"Skoch, who remained in the shadows throughout his business and political career, was an example of the so-called silent partner of major Russian oligarchs, who began to find fame as a result of due diligence performed in connection with the IPO and international transactions," - said Courtney Weaver.

"Alisher Usmanov manages assets and will manage them if he wants to expand, it will do so if he wants to sell, it will sell.." - He said the Financial Times.

"I trust him I know that he always does the right thing." - He stressed.

The Financial Times, UK, Translation: Inopressa.Ru, of 23.11.2012


In connection with yesterday's IPO of the company "Megaphone" in London British journalists decided to look for information on the mobile operator and came across a photo the initial accumulation of capital in Russia, which shows the "indirect" co-owner of the company. They called the richest Britons, even "beggar", Russian State Duma Deputy Andrei Skoch.

The newspaper published a photo of a young Skoch of several people in the company. Many Russians know this shot. At the table, holding each other by the shoulders, settled seven representative men in suits and ties in the fashion merry mid-1990s. According to, for example, the site "", all the characters associated with the infamous OPG "Solntsevo" and a number of other criminal groups. Thus, the publication identifies Sasha Avery, Vova Operations, Arnoshu Tamm and Lev Kvitnogo.

The British also were able to identify only two. "Side by side with Skoch sits Sergei Mikhailov, and next to it, in the first row, Viktor Averin."

However, the fact of his acquaintance with Averin Mijas he does not hide. For example, in a recent interview with the Financial Times, he said that he had regular meetings with them in the period from 1992 to 1999, to reach agreement on various transactions. Thus for both Skoch intervened: "I can not say that they are bandits usual business."., 29.11.2012


The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published a database of thousands of Russians who are related to offshore companies in Panama.

At Vladimir Skoch has eight offshore. The same name of the father of the deputy of the State Duma Andrey Skoch and his nominee shares in USM Holdings and Vnukovo. All of these are registered offshore and Alisher Usmanov:


USM Capital Group Limited

USM Monaco Ltd

USM Telecom Holdings Limited

USM Finance Limited



DST USA II Limited

CompromatWiki, 12.05.2016


Russian President Administration seriously took up the criminal authorities to detain criminals Kalashova second CSS service FSB were thrown GUUR, CSO for Moscow with the operational support of 60 SWAT officers.

Such large-scale operations in the country was not since the bloody 90. Shakro detained on a high-profile case, while two people were killed in a shootout in shootout Elements Rochdelskaya cafe on a street in Moscow in December 2015, 7 more were hospitalized. However, as we learned from reliable sources in law enforcement, every effort security forces can be reduced to zero.

In the case of crime boss interrupted his friend, the former "Solntsevo" and now respected businessman and billionaire Andrei Skoch.

Article "extortion" and "hooliganism" reclassified to the article "arbitrariness" on which do not provide real imprisonment. It remains anyone's guess how much cost the billionaire service sales staff in the investigative committee. According to the source, in fact so arrogant "protection racket" criminal authority launched a special operation of the FSB control its own security. In the near future, most likely, will be the new detention "werewolves in epaulets" who worked for Shakro.

So who will replace Shakro Young on the podium of the Russian criminal world? And to be able to Kalash "bounce" from a prison sentence due to the oligarch scotch? It will become clear in the near future.

Criminal Russia, 26.09.2016


According to Forbes, the state of Andrey Skoch is estimated at 5.3 bln. Dollars and takes 18 place in the ranking of the richest Russian businessmen.

Forbes, 2016