His first degree was in Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute, from which he graduated in 1980. At the beginning of his professional career, he worked at the Military Hospital of Arkhangelsk on the positions of a dentist.

Employment in management positions started with PKP "Titan", where he was CEO from 1990 to 2000. Besides Krupchak for three years since 1997 and was CEO of JSC "Arkhbum", and from 1996 to 2004 he chaired the Board of Directors of OAO "Arkhangelsk PPM" while occupying the presidency of the group of companies "Titan".

In the late 1990s - early 2000s, the shares sold by the Austrian and German companies, but Vladimir Krupchak remained chairman of the board mill until 2004.

In 2000 and 2003 he was the defendant in criminal cases of embezzlement from the state 20% of the shares of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, but the charges against him were filed. In June 2000, he was elected to the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly, in December 2003 - in the State Duma in single-mandate constituency. On the eve of the Duma elections is excluded from the "United Russia" for unauthorized extension, but then entered the United Russia faction. In February 2004, moved into the governor of the Arkhangelsk region, a month later withdrew the candidature. In 2007 Arkhangelsk, political council of "United Russia" declined to make Mr. Krupchak in the regional list in the elections to the State Duma of the fifth convocation of the fact that he "did not do anything for the region."After the expiration of parliamentary powers Krupchak Vladimir went to the Ukraine.

Married. He has 7 children.



In the mid-90s Vladimir Krupchak, while still a dentist in a military hospital in Arkhangelsk, with the help of his father George Perfilova, Chairman of the City Property Management Committee of the Arkhangelsk region, made it to the governing body of the Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill (PPM) - the largest in Europe, now the industry. Thereafter Krupchak stopped paying mill salary than the company forced employees to sell their shares. When it came time to cash privatization auction, partner Krupchak crime boss Borisov did not allow him to competitors, and the test Krupchak Perfilov controlled process.

According to the decision Perfilova enterprise shares with numerous violations of legislation have been introduced in the authorized fund while holding "North cellulose", which topped the Krupchak. Shares of CBK got him almost nothing, and the state in this case has been damaged in the amount of US $ 60 million. The government originally planned to make it owned a 20% stake in APPM eponymous holding company, but Perfilov insisted on their translation in "North cellulose" and Krupchak out - has its "foreign partners". Then package and resold many times crushed abroad, and in 2005 is consolidated at the Austrian company "PalpMillHolding".

"" 22.09.2005, "Parity-media", 14.11.2008


With regard Krupchak was brought a lot of criminal cases, all of which are somehow related to the theft of state funds. They all appear under the control of his business structure.

March 21, 2000 was a criminal case against the former chairman of the City Property Management Committee of the Arkhangelsk region Perfilova and CEO LHK "North cellulose" Krupchak on the fact of embezzlement of another's property. A criminal case was initiated in connection with the publication of Perfilov illegal orders, according to which 20% of APPM shares were contributed to the authorized capital of LHK "North cellulose". July 6, 2004 the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow ordered the arrest of 20% shares of JSC "Arkhangelsk PPM".

In the spring of 2002, representatives of the company "Basic Element" offered to buy a controlling stake in APPM Krupchak but Krupchak refused. Since then, security forces put pressure on the company and a group of "Titan". For example, in early October it was held searches in the Arkhangelsk office series "Titan". Experts called it the initiation of attention to companies Krupchak "forest wars", for which there was a powerful administrative resource, attracted by his main opponent - the head of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska.

The essence of the conflict and Krupchak Deripaska was that the aluminum magnate Deripaska wanted to create a single timber holding, and for which he needed a "Arkhangelsk PPM", the country's largest manufacturer of cardboard. In autumn 2004, Deripaska managed to get 20% stake in the company and the representatives of "Basic Element" to claim a place on the board of directors of APPM. Compromising on Krupchak Deripaska was profitable - so he could put pressure on him to include the company in its holding.

"Rosbalt", "Vedomosti", "Fontanka"


A September 11, 2003 was opened another criminal case under Art. 159 h. 3 p. "B" of the Criminal Code (fraud) on the fact of deliberate overstatement CEO of MP "Ruta" VI Runov in collusion with Krupchak (LHK general director and director / owner of IPE "Titan") value of the MP "Ruta" contribution to the charter capital of LHK "North cellulose" 500 times. This led to misappropriate "outside investors' shares LHK 60%, the subsequent assignment of shares in OAO" Arkhangelsk PPM "and their partial sale. The firm "Ruta" was a partner of the company "Titan" is located in a wholly owned Krupchak. These two companies were the participants and theft of actions of combine. According to available information, the investigation, Rounov nothing more than a figurehead, as the true owner of the MP "Ruta" was Krupchak.

The Moscow Post, 02.10.2008


In December 2004, criminal proceedings were instituted against Krupchak on the fact of embezzlement of public funds. But Krupchak time falls to the State Duma, elected in single-mandate constituency in Arkhangelsk, and use parliamentary immunity to evade responsibility in the case of the "Northern Pulp" four years.

His election Krupchak owed to his fellow countryman, at that time the former head of the Central Election Commission Alexander Veshnyakov, who before the election sent their representatives to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for its recovery in the electoral lists. For more information about their relationship is not known, however, from this fact, it is clear that Veshnyakov was clearly obliged to something Krupchak. The fact is that by the time Krupchak expelled from the party "United Russia" for "undermining the authority of the party" and withdrew from the elections because of vote-buying. In early October 2004 the initiative group of citizens on the early termination of powers of the deputy Krupchak it does not justify the confidence of the electorate was created in the Arkhangelsk region.

Fontanka, "Parity-Media"


Oktyabrsky court of St. Petersburg, considering the arguments participants in the process, decided to arrest Krupchak. In the near future a consequence of the Russian Federation intends to announce ex-deputy in the international search. The case is conducted in March 2000. According to investigators, Krupchak illegally held an additional issue of shares of the CPC, which led to the "blurring" of state-owned and its resale. Shares resold several times by German and Austrian companies - as a result of the buyer was foreign Pulp Mill Holding, allegedly controlled Krupchak. But as a consequence received materials that would attract Krupchak to criminal liability, he was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In the case other than Krupchak, figured committee chairman of the Arkhangelsk region for the management of state property of Russia Grigory Perfilov. According to his relatives, in the spring of this year, he left a suicide note and jumped in Arkhangelsk from the bridge into the river. But the video camera on the bridge did not record it. Perfilov considered missing, it opened a search file. Law enforcement officers suspect that the suicide was staged, and the former official, according to operative data, as there is in Ukraine.

TSN Ukraine, 21.12.2009


Yet, in a new list of candidates from the United Russia party in the State Duma Krupchak not entered - due to the personal orders of Vladimir Putin. And just Krupchak charge carried under the "Northern Pulp" a criminal case, and he was declared wanted. Krupchak detained when he flew from Simferopol, but he was suddenly on the documents a citizen of Ukraine. But Ukraine does not extradite its citizens to the law enforcement bodies of foreign states.

Based on the collected result of the criminal proceedings "Northern Pulp" materials, Federal Property Management Agency in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit was filed to oblige "PalpMillHolding" that held the stolen state package of APPM shares to compensate the harm caused to the Russian Federation, that is, return the shares.

November 6, 2009 the Arbitration Court of Moscow District dismissed the suit "Federal Property Management Agency" to recover from "PalpMillHoldinga '20% stake in APPM, which were improperly disposed of in the course of privatization of the plant. In early February 2010, Federal Property Management Agency appealed in the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia that decision.According to the plaintiff, the shares were improperly disposed of in the course of privatization of the plant. Experts suggest that the likelihood of canceling the decisions of previous instances in the Supreme Arbitration Court is negligible.

"Kommersant-SPb", 19.02.2010


We also know of cases of attacks on the deputy head of the Arkhangelsk region A.F.Bulatova administration, speaking to expose illegal activity Krupchak at SU IC investigator at the Interior Ministry in the Northwestern Federal District B.V.Strigaleva, the murder of the head of "Ruta" small enterprise AV .Burdanova. But Krupchak part in all these cases has not been proved.


In June 2008, the former State Duma deputy Vladimir Krupchak in Simferopol airport policeman approached. He asked to produce documents. "It tried to intimidate me", - says the businessman. By the time he was the fourth year involved in the case in Russia. The investigation accused him of stealing shares of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill - the largest in Eastern Europe, the paper maker with an income of under $ 400 million.

Businessman and former member of the "United Russia" demonstrated employee MIA Ukrainian passport and was gone. It is in Russia Krupchak still under investigation, and in Ukraine it owns paper mills, sits at the Kiev regional council and receive govern- governmental awards. With a fortune of $ 273 million Krupchak occupies 38th place in the list of the richest Ukrainians.

... To return to Russia is not going to Krupchak. In Ukraine live all his six children from two marriages. Relax once. In April, the Austrian Prinzhorn Holding has opened near Kherson plant for the production of corrugated packaging. "This is for us a new headache - experiencing Krupchak. - Let's think about how to compete with them. " , 07.08.2013


Informed sources in the police, however, believe that these violations pale against the backdrop of deliberate bankruptcy of the forestry companies and the withdrawal of assets abroad. The money for the sold Arkhangelsk forest, according to the security services, go straight to the Ukraine. "Dnepr-1", "Dnepr-2", "Azov", "Aydar", "Kiev-1", "Donbass" - all of these units is formally assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and are fighting south-east of the country, in the area of ATO. And all of these battalions are behind the scenes at the "content" the Ukrainian oligarchs.

The most famous of them, the TFR announced on Interpol wanted - billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (N3 richest Ukrainians according to Forbes-2013 with a fortune of $ 2.4 billion). One of his businesses - Izmail Pulp and Paper Mill, which is the fourth largest in Ukraine. It is for this business, say informed sources familiar with Kolomoisky Vladimir Krupchak (N38 in the list of the richest people of Ukraine with a fortune of $ 273 million). Krupchak - the owner of the Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill.

- To the company successfully work and receive markets, part of the money goes to finance Ukrainian security forces fighting in Donbas - said an informed source on the market. - And Kolomoisky and Krupchak participate in these schemes, although the latter is carefully hides.

Vladimir Krupchak escaped from Russia to Kiev, where he became a sponsor of the party of Viktor Yushchenko in 2007, the "Our Ukraine". And before that he was a deputy of the State Duma of the "United Russia" and simultaneously defendant loud criminal case on the theft at the largest in Europe Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill (APPM). The case is not closed until now that, in fact, made in his time to go Mr. Krupchak the run. The police reports 1990 Krupchak appeared as the leader of organized crime groups, who worked hand in hand with crime boss Borisov and under its roof.

moscow-post, 01.12.2014


The police reports 1990 Krupchak appeared as the leader of organized crime groups, who worked hand in hand with crime boss Borisov and under its roof. In the late 90-ies between criminal groups in the region struggle for Solombalsky sawmills, woodworking plant (SLDK), and "Borisov" group was the most active participant in the battle for control over the enterprise. The result of shootouts was the disappearance of the then director general SLDK Dracheva, which has not yet been disclosed., 01.12.2014


And a large Ukrainian business, working on the dollar and the euro, became suddenly do not mind something to invest in Russia, where the ruble falls supposedly faster hryvnia - I do not know in what way. During my stay in Kiev in the media business in Ukraine there is information that the deputy of the Kyiv City Council (Kiyivs'ka mіska pleased) Vladimir Krupchak, (he is a former Russian citizen, member of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly), the current owner of the Kiev Cardboard Combine and toilet paper factory, translates business again in Russia. Arkhangelsk LDK-3 is now (supposedly) under its financial control.

It is curious that while living in Arkhangelsk, I did not even hear! Under partial control of the Ukrainian big business turned out to be, according to Ukrainian media, also Tsiglomen LDK, Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, and 25th sawmill - and it is quite large enterprises. And this, incidentally, is presented as a major victory "Svidomo" Ukrainian business on "durkovatym" Russian. In general, the overall medium-sized businesses, even belonging to the people who belong to Russia itself well enough, became still look to the West, to Europe. This is a purely personal impression. And it would be good if I was wrong ..., 12/8/2014


Ukraine has become a haven for political Krupchak from prosecution in Russia. In his first interview with Ukrainian media Krupchak admitted that his parents - natives of Western Ukraine. Lviv. In Arkhangelsk brought him by fate. According Krupchak, after the war, his father - a wealthy farmer - dispossessed and exiled to the North. A grandfather in Kazakhstan. And, finally, a true son of Galicia returned to their homeland!

(Doubt edition: ?? "Cannibalize" "rich peasant" Immediately after the war ... Instead of Bandera there happen to be older or Krupchak-volunteer SS division "Galicia", of which, as we know, in 1943 in Lviv? area of 80 thousand people signed up? Or policemen, to keep intact his farm during the war?)

A comparison of these facts suggests heart that every arhangelogorodets, simply by their indifference, may be indirectly complicit in the crimes Ukrainian natsbatalonov on Donbacse.

kompromat29, 2014


"Today Vladimir Yaroslavovich officially working for the company Pulp Mill Holding the status of adviser. It helps us to build both tactical and strategic objectives. Sin could not take advantage of the human experience that once revived the plant from the ashes. And all the rumors around his persona can be explained by the fact that successful people always have a lot of envy and ill-wishers ", - said Dmitry Zylev.

APPM CEO also noted that for the most part Krupchak lives in Italy, as well as a frequent visitor to Vienna, where the company is headquartered in which it operates. Priorities, according Zyleva have Krupchak change - is now more attention he pays to his wife and children, who are Russian nationals.

DvinaInform, 27/08/2015


Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, Head of the Russian Imperial House, announced gratitude Adviser Investment Policy Pulp Mill Holding Vladimir Krupchak. As noted in the address name, "for his zealous service to the Fatherland and significant contribution to the preservation of the all-Russian historical and cultural heritage."

This story is especially fun if you remember that Krupchak not just Advisor, and the beneficiary of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, which supports at the same time Ukrainian nationalist divisions. This famous company was launched in 1940, initially produced wrapping paper. During the Great Patriotic War at the plant producing gunpowder. In the 70s of the last century after the modernization and expansion of the production plant has become the largest woodworking enterprises of the Soviet Union. And today it is one of the major producers in Russia cardboard, packaging, pulp and student notebooks.

"Mosmonitor", 02/01/2016


Despite the crisis, Concha Zaspa still actively built oligarchs and officials. "Country" visited the pine forest on the bank of the river and found Kozynka two new VIP villages .... A little further along the route Obukhov, there is a real mini-replica of the world famous Belvedere Palace (Vienna, Austria), which is situated on 4 hectares of land belonging to Vladimir Krupchak. He is a multimillionaire, which is known as the king of toilet paper (according to "Forbes" for 2015 it occupies the 26th place in the hundred richest Ukrainians Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill in his business assets and the state 167 million dollars), produces half of the products to the Ukrainian market .... For high metal fence with adjustable gate on one side and the tall hedge of cypresses - the other hid the residence of Vladimir Krupchak. The facade is in Baroque style and is very reminiscent of the famous Belvedere Palace .... The oligarch 4-storey house with a large local area, garage for several cars, space for yachts and huge tennis court. Backyard opens onto Zatoka Kozynka river, there Krupchak built a private jetty ... According to data from the cadastral map of Ukraine, in Koncha Zaspa Vladimir Krupchak and Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill were about two dozen sites. The total area of ​​its holdings of more than four acres, and is 8 football fields. These data confirm and extract from the register of real estate rights. However, information about the size of a huge mansion in the documents there., 03/31/2016


The media also found that, despite the political situation, Ukraine has been an active participant in the laundering of money from waste paper. Particular attention was paid to Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Packaging (Lugansk) and Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill, reports The first runs Gennady Minin, whose son lives in Russia, having now by harvesting waste. The head of the Kiev Vladimir Krupchak object also has direct links with the Russian Federation. Here he is Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill and a number of export companies. Businessmen supply to Ukraine raw material for its production, overstating prices several times, and demanding the return of VAT to these amounts.