Half-forgotten case against ex-employee of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko in the near future can "explode" with redoubled force. According to now SKR and FSB do not investigate individual cases of relations Zakharchenko and a payer, and the activities of the criminal community. Its purpose was embezzlement and laundering of budget funds, primarily Russian Railways. It was about hundreds of billions of rubles, obtainable under contracts with Russian Railways group of companies 1520, owned by Valery Markelov, Boris Usherovich and Alexei Krapivin. The whole group of security officers, but not only one Zakharchenko covered this business. They received their share in the billions of rubles. A group of banks and bankers laundered money. In the case file appear bankers Ivan Stankevich and Dmitry Motorin (they have already been declared wanted). However, Usherovich and Markelov had another permanent partner - a banker and President of the Moscow ice hockey Federation Sergey Mendeleev.

He is a longtime member of a very specific banking business. Available was rasierte the statement in law enforcement bodies of another banker, Alexander Antonov. In it, he accuses periodic in the attempt on himself, the theft of large banks and money from them, the withdrawal of huge amounts from Russia. Importantly, in this statement are many, the main "heroes" of the "business Zakharchenko", for Example, Vladimir Antonov, Peter Chuvilin and German Gorbuntsov now are the main witnesses of the consequences in relation to Markelov (is in jail) and Osherovich (is wanted).

                  Now we turn to the statement itself:       

"I inform You that the Chairman of the Board of JSCB "Investbank" (ORGN 1023900001070, located at the address: Russian Federation, 109240, Moscow, Goncharnaya street, house 12, building 1) Mendeleev Sergey Vladislavovich organized an attempt on my murder committed on March 11, 2009.

The purpose of this attempt was the theft of Bank assets belonging to me and my family, including four credit organizations: JSC "Voronezhprombank" (Voronezh), JSC "Grankombank" (Yekaterinburg), JSC "Konversbank" (Moscow) and Kaliningrad JSCB "Investbank", later United in JSCB "Investbank", as well as JSC "Baykalinvestbank", JSC JSCB "Yeniseybank" a number of other assets United under the name SNORAS-group.

The above events occurred as follows. Around 2002 by Antonym V. A. purchased the Academchimbank where the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board was taken young, but promising Manager to work with clients Mendeleev S. V. He was quite proactive, able to communicate well with customers and was about the same age with the son Antonov A. Yu., Antonov V. A., who served in the Academchimbank the position of Chairman of the Board. On this basis, Antonov V. A. and S. V. Mendeleev became friends up to the joint visits with families on vacation.

Despite the fact that Antonov A. Yu. disliked the young, ambitious Mendeleev S. V., his son constantly stood up for him and even offered to make him Chairman of the Board of Academkhimbank, which happened in 2005.

In 2007 Antonov decide to sell Academchimbank Gorbuntsov and Chuvilin, G. V. P. Y. (previously headed the security service Gorbuntsov G. V.), with whom Antonov introduced Mendeleev C. V., which upon change of the owner of the Bank is to occupy the position of Chairman of the Board. At the time of purchase "Akademhimbank" (later renamed the Capital trade Bank) complaints from Gorbuntsov and Chuvilin, G. V. P. U. was not, but later S. V. Mendeleev begins systematically to inform Gorbuntsov G. V. that the Bank has illiquid assets in the amount of $ 106 million. USA. In fact, Mendeleev, S. V., Gorbunova V. G. assures that the Antonovs had cheated him in the sale of the Bank. Simultaneously, P. Yu. Chuvilin also handles Gorbuntsov G. V. on the subject of charging he engaged in knocking out debt from Antonov.

Some time Gorbuntsov, G. V., doubts, forcing Chuvilin and Mendeleyev joined together in a conspiracy, the purpose of which was seizure of all property in Anton's and Gorbuntsov to organize the conflict between them.

The idea of this conflict was simple. Gorbuntsov and Antonov had at their disposal a private plane on which they were flying on vacation. At some point Gorbuntsov G. V. decided to use this aircraft was refused for the reason allegedly related to Antonov (those blocked Gorbuntsov's right to dispose of this property). For G. V. Gorbunova, not suspecting that this actually cost Chuvilin and Mendeleyev, that was the last straw. In a fit of emotion, he agrees to another offer Chuvilin to collect the debt from Antonov.

Having long-awaited carte Blanche Chuvilin A. Yu. Antonov invites to a meeting at the Golden restaurant, located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where also arrive-in-law Yampolsky Antonov, Gorbuntsov and Delimkhanov. The role of the latter was more to intimidate than to actually talk about debt.

At the meeting, the main speaker is Chuvilin, who reminds Antonov of the debt, for the first time voiced the amount of 106 million dollars. USA which Antonov agrees, asking her to justify. In turn Chuvilin asks how many according to Antonov it has to and having received the answer of 52 million dollars. The US immediately multiplies it by 2 for late return and adds another $ 2 million. US for the concern of important people.

At this meeting, Chuvilin periodically turns to Gorbuntsov for support, and in response to his silence reminds of some agreements with Mendeleev. The above meeting takes place in January 2009 and in March 2009 Antonov was assassinated, but he received five bullets survives.

Attempt forcing Antonov A. Yu., along with his son to leave for treatment abroad. While they remained in Russia for several banks (the"Voronezhprombank" (Voronezh), "Grankombank" (Ekaterinburg), "converse Bank" (Moscow) "Investbank" (Kaliningrad), which in 2008 merged into the Bank "investment Bank" and OJSC "Baikalinvestcom", OJSC JSCB "Animabank".

After recovering from the assassination attempt Antonov A. Yu returned to Russia for the sale of the banks "investment Bank", "Baikalinvestcom", "Animabank", which in his absence was managed by hired managers, in order to finally move overseas.

While finding a buyer at Anton's, there is a meeting (21 may 2009) in the lobby of the President hotel in Moscow and Cywilnym P. Yu., who harshly warned Antonov, the next time will kill both if they did not write him a receipt for $ 106 million. USA. Perceiving his words as a threat, which he is able to realize, Antonov VA the next day signs a receipt in his office in the presence of invited Chuvilin notary of Moscow Baranovskaya Li The text of this receipt was prepared by the lawyer Maxim Anchipolovsky (currently the head of the legal firm "Legal point"), who also heard Chuvilin's threats against Antonov.

At the end of 2010, Mendeleev, who is not yet suspected of organizing an attempt on Antonov A. Yu., learns that Antonov is trying to sell the investment Bank and two Eastern banks, with a request to give him a loan in the amount of 23 million euros, which he is going to spend on the purchase of their own banks (10 million for "Baykalinvestbank", "Yeniseybank", the rest for "Investbank").

The specified credit is issued through a company registered in the state of Belize, which issued the loan personally to Mendeleev S. V. as an individual. Transactions on renewal of shares of banks also at the end of 2010, however, with the payment of Mendeleev S. V. delays referring to certain problems. Antonovs continue to believe Mendeleev, S. V., and await payment for the already restructured banking assets, but at the end of 2011 in the next telephone conversation with Antonov V. A., and then, with Antonov A. Yu., reports that he will not pay because Antonov, in his opinion, soon all the same will arrest on criminal case opened on them in Lithuania. Moreover in this conversation Mendeleev S. V. reports that if Antonovs take any actions connected with return of Bank assets to them, both of them will finish.

To design "Investment Bank" on a periodic S. V. is a credit institution had an impeccable history, a completely transparent structure and high financial stability.

With the change of ownership in the investment Bank began to form a hole. The management of the investment Bank has formed an illiquid loan portfolio consisting of fictitious loans issued to technical firms (list attached) created or acquired by the management of the Bank for the purpose of fictitious increase in the authorized capital and theft of funds of customers and depositors. At the same time, the Bank's authorized capital was plundered by the Bank's management using feduciary credit schemes (Bank Winter (Austria), Bank Julius Meinl (Austria), Multiasset SA (Switzerland)).

Behind the organization of this criminal scheme of theft of funds from the JSCB "invest-Bank" is the Chairman of the Board Mendeleev S. V.

Description of the current financial condition and forecast balance of JSCB "Investbank" after the sale of the Bank in March 2011.


After the sale (actual seizure), a set of fiduciary interbank loans/balances on correspondent accounts in foreign banks was created on the Bank's balance sheet, namely:


Meinlbank AG – RUR (Austria);

Falcon Private Bank – 476.551.000 RUR (Switzerland);

East-West United Bank – RUR (Luxembourg);

Also the actual balance of JSC "Sercretly" in the amount of RUR 3.791.600.000 cannot be included in the Bank's liquidity, as it is impossible to claim due to the current liquidity of the correspondent Bank, and in fact, is a funding "hole", "Sercretary»


Securities located in two professional market participants


Bank Winter und Co. AG (Austria) and Multiasset SA (Switzerland), for a total amount of RUR were fatally pledged, the money was withdrawn to the offshore companies controlled by Mendeleev S. V. and cannot be included in the balance sheet section as available for sale and/or held to maturity.

Thus, it is necessary to exclude the amount of about 8,300,000,000 rubles from the liquidity/liquid assets of the Bank and to create reserves for the same amount, which will immediately lead to a negative value of the Bank's capital, as well as to non-compliance with any of the standards established by the Bank of Russia.


Credit portfolio:


Largely formed at the expense of loans, technical companies and dumps not secured or secured badly periorismenis software. Thus, with the creation of fair reserves on KP in the amount of at least rubles, the actual capital of the Bank will reach a negative value of more than minus rubles.


The Bank's Funding:

Funding of the Bank is carried out mainly at the expense of expensive deposits and funds of legal entities, the negative margin is at least 350.000.000 rubles per month. To this amount it is necessary to add the amount of AHR and deduct the actual income received by the Bank. Thus it is easy to calculate that the financial result of the Bank has a negative value and is minus (!) 500.000.000 per month.

It is easy to predict in the near future the collapse of the investment Bank, and if this happens it will be the largest insurance case in the history of the domestic banking history since the creation of the CERs (Deposit insurance system)."

To be continued

Zakhar Belocerkovsky