According to the source of, after the traditional Friday meeting with his subordinates, on October 20, 2023, the chairman of the VEB state corporation Igor Shuvalov in his private tea room for the elite, where a limited circle of people have access and many white-collar newcomers dream of going to restart their career or take it off. , a lover of luxurious European life and royal corgis, voiced to the retinue of those close to him, including his closest assistant from the time of civil service, Mukhomejan Naderya, who celebrated her 73rd birthday this year, about the decision finally made by the “boss” to release him from his post head of VEB, until the end of this year. The assistant’s instructions contained the need to inform the circle of people involved at the beginning of the next week and organize the prompt completion of all problematic transactions in numerous funds and subsidiaries (VEB Capital, VEB Ventures, VEB Infra, FERD, etc.). Also, it is necessary to clean up the flaws in obvious corrupt issuance of loans to their own (“oligarch friends”), due to the total lack of proper collateral, guarantees, systematic violation of covenants and reserves bursting at the seams. It is also necessary to cover up as much as possible the sins of the era of Dmitriev-Gorkov’s predecessors, associated with gigantic losses of trillions of taxpayers’ budget funds on investments in coal mines and enterprises of Donbass.

There was also a categorical order to veil under other people's management mistakes lost investments in unlaunched and plundered production assets in Crimea, which could hit the reputation of the head of VEB and turn him into, as Igor Ivanovich put it, Double Moishu (Chubais).

The head of VEB.RF is not yet going to wander around the globe like Chubais, nor is he going to answer awkward questions from the Accounts Chamber, the Prosecutor General’s Office and other supervisory authorities. Not his level.

The official statement will be signed on December 1 and Igor Ivanovich plans to go to his Dubai location. A step-by-step scheme, dismissal from office in exchange for a quiet life and no complaints. Against the backdrop of information about future fatal changes, numerous proliferating “corrupt chicks” about which has repeatedly spoken, are in a state of suspended animation and are urgently trying to cover up the traces of blatant corruption over the years of “Webism” and take out from it everything that has not yet been made it in time. Few people expect to find a warm place after working at VEB and being inspected by the Internal Control Service. Everyone understands everything. One of these corrupt bearers of the state budget in himself, preparing to “go out”, familiar to the readers of the channel for his passion for big and other people’s money, and the stronger sex, is the unconventional bankster Alexander (Suzanna) Ivanov, aka “Poor Sasha”, who knows how to saw , and lovingly relaxing in various gay communities of the country (previously we talked about his adventures in Ryazan). According to the source of, due to the large-scale transformation that began last week inside the Web, the corrupt chick A. (Suzanna) Ivanov is in a state of emotional distress and complains to those close to him in an informal setting that he simply “can’t handle” the current tension and attention of inspectors and is on antidepressants.

During his short time working in the state corporation, the bankster unsuccessfully tried to get into the wish list of Igor Ivanovich’s favorites through the grand fairy, Shuvalov’s assistant Naderya Mubimovna, and become, albeit temporary, the favorite of the head of the state corporation, in order to get a ticket to the future. However, even here the underbanker, who came from the Dom.rf bank, suffered a setback, since according to the conventional rules, Igor Ivanovich is loyal and allows young, athletic, elastic and clean-shaven “boys” without physical disabilities or defects into his personnel reserve. For there is water to drink from the face. However, the problem solver did not pass the casting for the tea room of the head of the state corporation.

According to the source, currently the number one priority goal for the rejected bankster is to receive kickbacks from the arbitration managers of the SRO "Assistance" in the form of remuneration for the work carried out in 2022. sale of the Engel Locomotive Plant at a 70% discount, at a cost three times lower than the market price (3 billion rubles). A similar fate befell the sad Angstrem-T microelectronics development project, into which Shuvalov invested hundreds of billions of rubles from the budget. In 2021 the sad leaky barge "Angstrem" migrated from the balance sheet of the Web to the formal gasket of LLC "NM-TECH" created by the state corporation at the insane price of 8 billion, and not 1 ruble (fair value taking into account debts). Naturally, at the expense of budgetary funds, as well as future cutting organized by state manager Ivanov and those involved.

Documents have already been submitted to the courts regarding the payment of interest “for effective work” to the arbitration managers, and the underbanker and his patrons are going to finally remove the state corporation from the state budget and more than 800 million rubles (60 million in the form of remuneration for the sale of Elz from Web's shoulder and 800 million for the Angstrem chip plant).

To be continued

Yuri Prokov