I guess IKEA is a sin to complain that doing business in Russia is boring. In late January, one of the "daughters" of the retailer's subdivision received regular information about the criminal case in which it appears. A quick glance at the documents is enough to understand what kind of people are behind the persecution of the company and who exactly executes an order to properly "zakoshmarit" it.


On January 30 representatives of IKEA Mos LLC received a message from the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Federation Criminal Code for the Moscow Region. The letter said that the Babushkinsky District Court will consider a petition in criminal case No. 92127 on "seizing property and imposing restrictions" on the company's charter capital.


At first glance, routine business is the everyday life of a foreign investor in Russia. However, as it turned out, the application for non-payment of taxes by the company was filed ... by ordinary natural persons. Some Andrei Sinelnikov, a 28-year-old citizen who lives in Moscow and works as a fitter in one of the design studios (this is all that is known about the applicant), for some reason, decided to "overshadow" the company with multibillion-dollar turnovers, although up to that time neither Had nothing to do with it. Well, maybe I went to her shops for shopping and nothing else.


The "foreshadows" of an ordinary citizen are all the more surprising, that - let the proceedings concern taxes - the fiscal bodies of Russia and Germany have no claims to IKEA. This, in particular, is confirmed by the findings of the tax audit of the retailer's activities for 2011, which the Federal Tax Service conducted in 2015.


It is not surprising that the court did not appreciate the zeal of the young man and the servants of the UK and refused to arrest the company's property.


Unfortunately, for the latter, the given process, the relationship between IKEA and regional wards is not exhausted.


Earlier, on January 20, the department did not comply with the complaint of IKEA lawyers in the case, ignoring the statements of lawyers about the lack of sufficient grounds for its initiation, the groundlessness of the conducted investigative actions and the personal interest of people in epaulets in its outcome.


It is unlikely that this development was a surprise for IKEA. The company has already encountered similar activity near Moscow. It is a case of case # 88833 initiated by the regional snot on March 31 last year "with respect to an unidentified person from among interested persons" of another "daughter" of the largest investor in the economy of the Russian Federation - IKEA Hanim Ltd.


Interestingly, both No. 92127 and No. 88833 were born immediately after the opponents of IKEA - in the first case it was Konstantin Ponomarev, and in the second KHPP Khimki - they suffered losses in the courts. The famous "diesel machinator" once again lost in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, and raiders from the city near the Moscow Ring Road - in the Tenth Arbitration Appeal.


However, after such a sensitive setbacks, the hand of help to the suitors was always extended from the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Federation Criminal Code for the Moscow Region. They instituted cases, the mandatory element of which was the seizure of assets of the company. But what was the reason for the "little accomplices of Santa"? How did IKEA opponents provide such powerful support?


Most likely, it's a magical relationship.


It is known that the interests of Ponomarev belonging to RUKON LLC and KHPP Khimki are represented by the same lawyer. This is Aminat Ruslanovna Matieva, born in 1993. And the young, ambitious girl is not alone.


She has a brother - Isa Ruslanovich Matiev, working in the same Investigation Department of the Russian Federation Criminal Code for the Moscow region. Isa is a very determined man. Just the other day, he fought in "Sailor's Silence" with one of the sittlers, while not only spitting on the opponent, but also hitting him with an umbrella directly into the eye. A person with such a character is definitely able to come to the rescue of a relative interested in maximally effective - even on the brink or even beyond the bounds of the law - representing the interests of his clients.


But the two mentioned citizens are not exhausted by the Matiev family. Senior sister Aminat Leila works in the scandalously known lawyer bureau "Kamerton Consulting". Tom itself, where runs the reputable raiders of Natalia Veselnitskaya. She also represents KHPP "Khimki" in a dispute with IKEA.


It is hardly a coincidence that a company that is tirelessly losing to a retailer in the Ponomariov courts and controlled by the Cypriot offshore company Basama Investments Limited suddenly gets under the same circumstances the necessary criminal cases.


For the sake of justice, it must be said that Matiev's sisters and brother did not accidentally find themselves in the sphere of jurisprudence. This is a family tradition. The father of the enterprising trio, Ruslan Zagievich Matiev, at the beginning of the millennium defended a thesis on the topic "Criminological features of crime and prevention of its manifestations in the region with a special economic status (ECO) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs".


One can only guess what topic they would choose for their candidate Aminat, Leila and Isa. "Features raider attacks in the metropolitan region with the complicity of law enforcement agencies"? "How does the Investigative Committee create a region with a special gangster status from the Moscow region"? Or "Fabricating criminal cases with the forces of one merry family"?