Deputy Sergei Zirinov and Anapa businessman Hambardzum Eyriyan created in 1999 a gang consisting of unemployed Karnik Aslanyan, assistant to the chairman of the Stavropol regional court, businessman Eduard Paladyan, athlete Amar Suloev, director of the Cote d'Azur LLC Anastas Tilgerov, former officer of the Moscow OMON Dmitry Sapozhnikov , The head of the threat to Anapa Igor Nekhaenko and the personal driver and security guard Zirinov Andrey Miroshnikov. The criminal group controlled a large part of the business in Anapa. The gang mainly engaged in racketeering and raiding. To achieve their goals, they resorted to physical violence against businessmen. On account of Zirinov's gang, the murder of Viktor Sadovnichy, director general of Malaya Buchta Sanatorium, and his wife, the owner of the Orbita home appliances chain, and Salman Nabiyev's store for children, as well as an attempt to assassinate the deputy ataman of the Anapa Cossack Society Nikolai Nesterenko and the murder of his driver Viktor Zhuk. This crime was the last - in 2 months, in April 2013, law enforcement agencies detained Sergei Zirinov, and then the rest of the gang members.


In the opinion of the well-informed sources of "Criminal Russia," the aggregate of crimes committed by Zirinov's gang dragged on life imprisonment, but an active media campaign paid for in the media in his defense and communications in the highest judicial corps of Russia helped him avoid capital punishment. Also, according to the source, Zirinov's representatives transferred a sum of about 5 billion rubles to bribe officials who were involved in the investigation of this case and could influence its outcome.


Sergey Zirinov


In such cases, as with Zirinov's gang, it is obvious that the criminal community could not act for such a long time without a reliable "roof". After the defeat of the groupings, mass dismissals of the senior staff of the law enforcement agencies were carried out, but one personality, the connections with which Zirinov did not particularly advertise, remained outside the zone of media attention. Unlike the lost positions, all trials in the Zirinov case were calmly endured by the long-time chairman of the Anapa district court Vladimir Starodubtsev - one of the key characters in the story of how the deputy avoided the "tower". In particular, according to the source of "Criminal Russia," Starodubtsev as an employee of the judicial system had access to those who decided the fate of Sergei Zirinov, and served as an intermediary.


The source of "Criminal Russia" reports that only the Anapchans who rose up against the whole family seemed to have moved this "rock" from their seats. At present, there is such a situation that literally the whole city together with the municipal authorities, the prosecutor's office and the police rose against Starodubtsev. Until January 2017, this man, indeed, was out of reach, despite the fact that his name has repeatedly appeared in all sorts of scandals.


So, earlier it was reported in the media that members of the family of Vladimir Starodubtsev had launched an illegal construction of a cafe in the Utrish reserve, where construction was in principle prohibited by law.


Utrish Nature ReserveUtrish Nature Reserve


"This place is famous throughout the country. Near the village of Utrish there is a nature reserve with millennial juniper and unique pistachios. Red-listed trees are also in the village itself, than the local people are very proud of. And suddenly, last spring, in the territory adjacent to the municipal beach, trees were cut down first, and then, on the pebble, 30 meters from the water's edge, a pit was dug. The construction was progressing at a shock pace, and already in March 2015, the foundations appeared on the foundation pit, where the walls of the future restaurant quickly began to rise. Open entertaining and drinking establishment was planned for the beginning of the holiday season, and even, they say, almost the stars of the domestic stage were invited to the celebrations, "- wrote Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


As a result of interference in the ecosystem, relict trees were destroyed and natural sea beaches were disfigured. The construction of the drinking establishment caused pickets of ecologists. Chaos stopped the decision of the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Anap district, Artem Bakumov, who reported that the illegal construction was led by the son of Vladimir Starodubtsev Alexander, his wife Olga and cousin Gennady Eremenko. It was found that the construction is actually carried out without the permission of the controlling bodies. Violations of environmental legislation, the law on foreign citizens, and fire safety legislation were also revealed.


Illegal constructionPickers package


However, illegal construction projects are the weakness of the entire Starodubtsev family. Without permits, the family of a servant of Themis in Anapa at Shevchenko, 158 built a multi-storey house. Construction began with the son of Judge Starodubtsev Alexander, but as soon as the public began to protest against the construction, the building was allegedly resold for 68 million rubles to a simple engineer-mechanic Arthur Tevonyan.


Judge Starodubtsev and his relatives have a lot of land on the right of lease in the seaside Anapa. These are only those about which it was possible to learn "Criminal Russia".




In addition, the son of Starodubtsev Alexander belongs to the Anapa Hotel Monarch, located at 3, Krestyanskaya Street.


After the arrest of deputy Zirinov, new leaders came to the Anapa power structures, who took a closer look at the activities of Vladimir Starodubtsev's family, despite his important post. The result of their observation was a criminal case against Starodubtsev, Jr.. On May 25, 2015, an investigator of the 1st Department of the SS of the Krasnodar Territory of the Krasnodar Territory opened a criminal case against Alexander Starodubtsev in accordance with part 2, paragraph 6, Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal entrepreneurial activity without proper registration with the extraction of income in especially large amounts). The investigation became aware of the facts of non-payment of taxes from transactions for the sale of apartments in the self-built house on Shevchenko Street.


The chairman of the Anapa district court, Vladimir Starodubtsev, November 11 the same year, the criminal case was a cousin Starodubtsev-senior Gennady Eremenko. He is charged with crimes provided for by Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by an organized group, or in a particularly large amount, or resulting in the deprivation of the citizen's right to a dwelling) and part 1 of Art. 303 of the Criminal Code (falsification of evidence in a civil case by the person participating in the case, or his representative). It is noteworthy that the materials of the second criminal case contain information about the fraudulent actions of the judge himself. According to the investigation's version, in 2011 Vladimir Starodubtsev offered citizen Bagiyan M.S. To purchase from him for construction part of the land in Anapa (500 sq. M of land from the existing 1900 sq. M.), Located at the address Topoliny Prospekt 2. In this case, the ownership of the land belonged to Gennady Eremenko. For the land they asked for 2.5 million rubles, which suited the customer. Her son gave Starodubtsev money. After the erection of the buildings, Eremenko, as the owner of the land, had to re-register all property rights to the Baghiyan family, according to the terms of the transaction. However, this was the intent of the scammers. When it came to the point of re-registration, the judge's brother presented to the city court of Anapa a statement of claim for recognizing the right of ownership over the constructed real estate objects. In the statement of claim he falsified information indicating that he was the builder of the object. The court executed the demands of Eremenko and he was recognized for the right to build the buildings.


Having considered the complaint of the citizens of Anapa for an unprecedentedly high level of violations of laws by the Starodubtsev family, the All-Russian Council of Judges of the Russian Federation recognized the facts indicated in the appeal. Earlier, the Qualification Collegium of the Krasnodar Territory judges, in its response to the direct appeal of the SS of the RF IC of the Krasnodar Krai, acknowledged the existence of a conflict of interest in the activities of Vladimir Starodubtsev. Despite all this, during 2016 Starodubtsev continued to perform his duties with the prefix and. As the eight-year term of his office expired. In an attempt to sit in his chair, the servant of Themis declared war on both the head of the city of Anapa and the prosecutor's office, who together with the citizens are trying to obtain a fair investigation into him. So, on February 9, 2017, the "Moment of Truth" program was launched with the participation of the father and son Starodubtsev, in which the heroes tell how they are illegally pursued by the new district prosecutor Maxim Zlobin in order to take away the property in his favor. The source of "Criminal Russia" reports that an entertaining interview caused a flurry of ridicule over Andrei Karaulov, who, according to local residents, selflessly released a film in support of the Starodubtsev family clan.


The scandal began to gain momentum. At the disposal of the editorial board of "Criminal Russia" was the statement of a relative of Judge Starodubtsev addressed to the highest officials of the state, which describes the facts of the activities of the entire Starodubtsev family. Its author claims that, in an effort to avoid responsibility, he shifts all his obligations to others.


Here is an excerpt from circulation (orthography and punctuation are preserved - Ed.)


- I was summoned to the TFR in Krasnodar. I, without understanding anything, asked for an answer to Olga Petrovna Starodubtseva. To which she told me that I was called to a site in Anapa and admitted that she had "slipped" me to sign documents at the time of signing the documents from the Pyramid. I demanded immediately to discharge these obligations from me. Olga Petrovna explained that they will remove everything after the arrival from the TFR and my lawyer Alexander Rusak will represent my interests there and I can only talk about Article 51 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (not to testify against myself). Imagine my surprise when Olga Petrovna told the investigator that she saw me for the first time and another "blow" from the conversation with the investigator - Starodubtsevs issued 12 apartments for me from the house along Shevchenko Street, 156. I immediately explained that no plots and The apartments never belonged to me and do not belong. Upon arrival, I immediately decided to quit. But Olga Petrovna and Alexander Vladimirovich Starodubtsevs assured me that I did not panic and they took off all the property. At registration of documents I was not present. My passport for a while was asked by the director of Crete Ltd. (at that time!) Starodubtseva Olga Petrovna and how many times she signed different documents on behalf of other people (example: the founder of Crete Ltd. is still the same Eremenko, but he came to the Monarch extremely rarely and Then he sat only in the lobby in front of the reception desk, almost all of his signatures were made by Starodubtseva OP's hand. As it turned out later, they re-arranged the apartments only in September 2015. And the other day I asked for a copy of the registration file in the Crimean IFNS, Accidental The Starodubtsev family opened it on me in the activities listed there- "real estate transactions." The phone when registering is not mine and the signature when opening the IP is also not mine. I found out when talking to the IFTS staff that the woman who executed the IP was fired and Was a friend of Starodubtseva Olga Petrovna. "


"Criminal Russia" will monitor the development of the conflict between the family of Judge Starodubtsev and residents of Anapa.




Preliminary contract for the construction of the house Starodubtseva