Source: and the telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU continues to talk about the life of the corruption chicks who operated under the cover of the head of the Web.rf-Igor Shuvalov. According to the source, our publications greatly upset the head of the state corporation and he regularly demands from the involved subordinates to find and punish the culprits of information from the walls of the headquarters of the headquarters on the Vozdvizhenka, who prevent Igor Ivanovich from resting without complaints. So, after publications on our channel about the corruption plans of the non -traditional bankster Alexander Ivanov, familiar to the readers of our channel on his second name in the near circle - Suzanne, and users of one of the foreign dating networks under the nickname of "Alex Velvetty" (Alex velvety). The latter, like his cartridge, Alexander Tarabrin (the top manager of the State C of the State C of the State C of the State Corps) was forced to back down and publicly, in the person of VEB refused to reward, alleged to saw out through the arbitration managers from the “Development” SRO, SRO “Promotion”. The claims declared in the arbitration court from 60 million rubles decreased to zero, and the bursting state managers sharply considered their own manager to sell the "Engelsky Locomotive Plant" into the hands of the beneficiary (businessman Gamzalov) at a low price, absolutely insignificant. In total, the non -effective structures of the VEB Igor Shuvalov for the "years of development" lost more than 25 billion rubles in financing this project. They sold the asset in 2022 for nothing, with a giant discount for a sum of just over 2 billion rubles, with a real market value of the property complex, 4 times more sales prices (about 8 billion rubles). The non -traditional bankster Ivanov ("Suzanne") and the buyer in the transaction, behind which the debtor himself were in the person in the person of the affiliated structure, was not embarrassed, of course, the state -owned person could not know about.

  Playing the gangs with state -instruments in its purest form. Only the budget always loses. According to the source of, the size of the bonus (rollback), which the Web's involved persons mastered to close his eyes to everything. Including internal disagreements for a deal within the state -owned company itself. The formal and public refusal of the pro -government media from the “pile” on the reward of the manager after publications on our channel is not a big loss for “Susanna”, and the cartridge covering it in the Web Tarabrin. According to the interlocutor, Ivanov ("Suzanne") became too toxic for all participants in the scheme of earnings on the problem assets of VEB, including those who used it during the work at the State Committee for Bank Dom.rf and VEB.rf. In both state -owned cartridges, the same law enforcement officer was the same lawyer, who never reaches the media in the media, the Vyb.rf, which the head of the Web.rf calls exclusively affectionately - “Sashenka”. It was to him “Susann” and owe a bread place in “Institutes development ”(sawing). Now Ivanov (“ Suzanne ”) became too highlighted and his non -traditional patrons, including outside the WEB walls, which we wrote more than once, decided to load the state manager according to the full corruption transactions so far there is the right to sign and drain The "crowded" clerk behind the perimeter of the feeder.

According to the source of, including for these reasons from the invitation as a guest/speaker A. Ivanov ("Suzanne") to the final annual legal awards at the end of 2023, all specialized publications, a number of legal Internet portals and bankruptcy clubs refused . The only Event matinee, where, according to the interlocutor, it was possible to attend the state manager Igor Shuvalov “Suzanne” was a New Year's corporate maskarad corporate party in the Web called “Mask”, held at the end of December in the romantic hall “Nadezhda” on the Vozdvizhenka, held by Shuvalov after the scandalous “naked party "Ivleeva. Igor Ivanovich himself, after the publications of our channel and the failures of Ivanov ("Suzanne)" on the niche of problem assets, dirty sex scandals with his participation (orgies in the gay clubs of Ryazan), does not feel any hope for the state manager "Suzanne" and gave a secret and gave a secret A short indication of his HR service quietly and without noise to deal with this “rainbow boy”, terminating the contract in the shortest possible time with the payment of the state base.

According to the source, Shuvalov was originally against admission to the Suzanne State Corporation, due to his negative reputation, but the state manager, but his human weaknesses, and his human weaknesses, but his human weaknesses would allow him to control him and pushing him through the overalls of the most unpopular decisions, and the implementation of the implementation The most muddy schemes for sale to the friends of Igor Ivanovich Gosactiv at low prices and abandon the "one -time" at the right time. According to the source, this moment has come and at present a number of supervisory and regulatory authorities are checking the activities of Ivanov’s unit (“Suzanne”).

Another unpleasant surprise for Shuvalov’s corruption chicks was to free Kabri 2023 of a St. Petersburg businessman, ex -banker and legitimate owner of the largest timber industry, worth more than 60 billion rubles "Stod" - Nublidze. The VChK -OGPU told that the head of the VEB.rf personally posed an asset for which his creator and manager Ebralidze was removed from the asset and an external manager, a longtime hobby of Alexander Suzannov from the SRO “Development” - Loginov - Loginov. According to the interlocutor, Ebralidze, not only the top managers of the state support are afraid for severe disposition and determination, but also Shuvalov himself, who was more than once in a sharp form indicated the incorrectness of actions, his place and personal interest in working with VEB problem assets.

Taking advantage of the investigation period, accusations and finding two years in a pre-trial detention center, the true owner of the Hall Hostes, Hall, Ebralidze, the managers of the VEB bankruptcy department decided to take away a profitable asset to their hands and transfer it through the transactions of the transactions of the nominal owner of the Shuvalov-Sersgei Kotlyarenko family, according to the source, the source, according to the source. The released at the end of December, Ebralidze spoke to his entourage and business partners about his intention to return their production asset in the Tver region from the illegal expansion of non -traditional bankers of the state corporation.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued