According to the source of the telegram channel VChK-OGPU and, the actions of the team of “effective managers” - Evgeniy Potapov (member of the board of directors of AMK and Co.) in sounding the death toll in relation to the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, occur in close tandem with NGOs "Industrial Assets Fund" (manages the assets of the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, pledged to Gazprombank and the Industrial Union of Donbass - an asset of the state development corporation). Potopov, according to sources familiar with the situation, has extensive experience in participating in corporate conflicts and business “restructurings”, and knows how to destroy and bankrupt any production asset. Successfully brought JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel and GC Petropavlovsk to bankruptcy and withdrew more than one billion rubles for customers. The Industrial Assets Fund, according to CAD-Arbitr data, is trying to collect almost 60 billion in debt from Alchevsky, the meeting was prudently classified. Further, according to the working scheme of the circle of involved persons, which will be discussed further, "AMK", through the future enforcement proceedings initiated in Moscow, through a technical run through formal bidding, enters as an unrealized asset on the balance sheet of the creditor ("Industrial Assets Fund") and is transferred into management, but simply into the plunder of the nominal individual - Kotlyarenko (the holder of the assets of the family of Igor Shuvalov). The scheme for “privatization of state property” is supported from the inside by another corrupt chicks, the head of VEB Shuvalov - senior managing director of the Assets Block - Nikolai Zhdanov and managing director Igor Gorin. These are the executors who carry out all the relevant directives of the customer through their patron-adviser Igor Shuvalov - a certain A. Tarabrin, an employee of VEB.RF. The recipient of valuable production assets for personal use is a high-flying bird, and tries once again not to advertise himself even at the level of corruption approvals transactions in high government offices and do everything carefully and through his subordinates who are caught in corruption and are obligated to him. But the raiders are simpletons, leaving traces everywhere trying to please the boss.

According to the interlocutor of, the famous coal holding Sibuglemet, owned by the department of Igor Shuvalov, whose bodies include the already familiar to us “Chuk and Gek” - expensive corrupt executives Gorin, is carefully and diligently trying to push the corrupt chicks out of the hands of state ownership. and Zhdanov, from Shuvalov’s shoulder, each owning 17% of the state-owned New Mining Management Company LLC (formerly LLC Sibuglemet Group). The actors are still the same, the price of the asset is not market, no assessment has been carried out, there is no public auction and there will not be any. The asset goes to the Shuvalov family. The schemes are primitive and illegal.

Mikhail Ermakov

To be continued.