In the case against former officer of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko may be a new defendant. According to a number of persons involved in the investigation, cooperating with the TFR, testified to the former Chairman of the Board and co-owner of the investment Bank Sergei Mendeleev, who was recently re-elected head of the Moscow ice hockey Federation (FCM). Witnesses say that Mendeleev also participated in the transfer of bribes Zakharchenko. Immediately after that, the banker lay low, which is not surprising. All his friends and business partners are now in custody or wanted. We are talking about the owners of GC "1520" Valery Markelov (in jail), Boris Usherovich (while in Israel, but going to London), bankers Dmitry Motorin (in England) and Ivan Stankevich (in the United States). GC "1520" received hundreds of billions under contracts with Russian Railways, a significant part of these funds was stolen. All these persons participated in these operations.   

            Motorin and Stankevich actually resigned to the role of fugitives and are trying to get political asylum in England and the United States. Boris Usherovich also, just in case, filed a petition in England. And even told the emigrant officer a lot of interesting information - about who and how many bribes he paid. However, according to the Osherovich still full of hope to return to Russia and puts huge amounts on solving the problems with the security forces and bribery of witnesses.

            Thus, the banker Vladimir Antonov (convicted of theft from the Bank "Soviet"), concluded a deal with the investigation, initially testified about all known facts of interaction Markelov, Usherovich and Mendeleev with Zakharchenko. But after usherovich's financial injections, Antonov unexpectedly changed the indications concerning Boris - a pier, he in bribery of the employee Guebipk of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation didn't participate. But from his testimony on the periodic Antonov not going to give up.

             Vladimir Antonov and his father Alexander were not only Mendeleev's chiefs, but also friends with him. Then between them there was a conflict, and Antonov accused Mendeleyev in a giant embezzlement and involvement in the attempt on Alexander Antonov. At your disposal there is a statement by Alexander Antonov in GU MVD in Moscow, where he describes in detail all the acts of Mendeleev.              In the last publication, we cited the economic part of the statement. It Antonov tells the story of how Mendeleev brought Investment of over 10 billion rubles.

            The new article will focus on ordinary crimes – extortion and attempted murder.  

"Realizing that to evade responsibility in front of Antonov, A. Yu., S. V. Mendeleev will not be able it using links Chuvilin, P. Y. in the environment of the Chechen criminal community and its friendly relations with Gorbunovym G. V. ordered the murder Antonov A. Yu. knowing that the first under suspicion will be Gorbuntsov G. V. All meetings and the transfer of money from the periodic S. V. P. Yu. Chuvilin happen in Sports Palace "Sokolniki" in the presence of Gorbunova G. V. that if the latter could not subsequently specify on the customer, because in fact, he was a partner. For insurance Gorbuntsov G. V. said that if he will report to law enforcement, with him, his wife and son with the same deal.

Gorbuntsov G. V. is currently outside the Russian Federation and is afraid to return to Russia because of threats to him from Mendeleev, Chuvilin and a number of other persons, but at the same time he is ready to give testimony if law enforcement agencies send an appropriate international request and ensure his personal safety," Antonov said in a statement, which is available ahhh!

"After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Antonov (he was hit by 5 bullets but survived), he goes abroad and actually loses the ability to control the banking business created by him.

While Mendeleev convinces Vladimir Antonov, the son Antonov A. Yu., who was issued shares of "Investbank", the need to fictitiously sell them to him. So in his opinion it is possible to stop new attempts of elimination of both Antonov. Trusting Mendeleev Antonov A. Yu accepts his offer and sells in October 2009 a 50% stake in the Investment Bank. In February 2011, Mendeleev under the same scheme acquires the remaining 50% of the investment Bank and becomes Chairman of the Board there.

Until the last moment Mendeleev maintained friendly relations with Antonovym, promising to fulfill all the earlier promises, namely to sell back its shares in JSCB "Investbank", as well as of banks of KB "the Enisey Bank", CB "Baykalinvest", will disappear as soon as the threat to the lives of Anton's. However, in late 2011, when Antonov A. Yu appealed to Mendeleev with the request for renewal, the latter refused bluntly, adding: "the last time we had not finished, will finish next time."

Thus, after all the above events and Antonov's meeting with Gorbuntsov G. V. and the exchange of information about these events, it became quite obvious that Mendeleev S. V. and Chuvilin P. Yu.were behind the attempt on Antonov A. Yu. and the corresponding statements were written to the law enforcement agencies. However, interviewing Mendeleev, S. V. and P. Yu. Chuvilin, who naturally denied everything, the police concluded that no confirmation of their involvement in the assassination and the refusal in bringing them to justice".

To be continued

Zahar Belocerkovsky