Moldovan politician and businessman Renato usatii was recently seen in Israel. There he arrived to meet with his business partner associated with Russian Railways, Boris Usherovich. The parties agreed that in Russia anything good they do not "Shine", despite the tens of millions of dollars, put on "Resilovo". Usatii, who, unlike Usherovich, is not wanted, to go to Russia is also afraid, as it may be behind bars in the case of employee Guebipk interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko.

There's discussion of Osherovich and Mustachioed, according there were a few. Chief of them, it that the Prosecutor demanded for Dmitry Zakharchenko 15 and a half years. And there is no doubt that he will get so much. It is clear that soon after that Zakharchenko will speak. He during the investigation wanted to do it a few times, but Osherovich and managed To restrain his impulses. Ex-employee Guebipk interior Ministry hoped that still will not get a very long time, and then "tag". Moreover, it will not be the last sentence. In the production of the TFR is a number of cases against Zakharchenko, including article 210 of the criminal code (organization of criminal Association). By the way, this episode is just about getting Zakharchenko bribes from the owners of the GC 1520 (Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich) and related businessmen. Among the latter is the mustache.

Markelov and Usherovich monthly allocated millions of dollars for bribes to the security forces for them to "turn a blind eye" to the theft of hundreds of billions of rubles of funds received under state contracts from Russian Railways. Of these setochnykh money distributed just Zakharchenko. A part, according to sources Renato moustache.

When within investigation "Zakharchenko's case" employees of SKR and FSB came to Markelov and Usherovich, right there it became known that the astronomical sum in 50 million dollars is allocated for the solution of problems. Mastered it, as suggested by our sources, the same mustache. But I didn't do it very well. He then Zakharchenko handed over the owners of 1520. He recognized acquaintance with Usherovich and Markelov, but denied receiving bribes from them. But there were other witnesses after their testimony. Markelov went to jail, and Usherovich was wanted.

In December 2018, Usatii was searched, and soon he moved to Germany, afraid to return to Russia. Usherovich settled in Israel, but is trying to get political asylum in England, posing as a victim of the security forces.

Now they decided to meet to discuss the situation. And came to the conclusion that things are bad. Money on "Resilovo" lowered in the shuffle. 1520 and billions RZD "floated". As Usherovich work out with immigration is not clear. A Mustache generally difficult to find shelter.  He brought a lot of cases in Moldova. And then there's that look Zakharchenko talks. All this "smells" not only accusations of bribery, but also accusations of giant theft.

We will remind, usatii began his career with selling flowers at the airport in Chisinau. Then he moved to Moscow, was engaged in business, hung out at night club where got connections in business community. This continued until he was introduced to Andrei Krapivin – adviser to the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. In combination Krapivin was the owner of the companies - the largest contractors of the Russian Railways receiving from her tens and hundreds of billions of rubles. Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich were Krapivin's younger partners. As a result, firms Baleen was also introduced during this huge business on the "distribution" of railway money. In a few years, moustache became a millionaire.

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski