Telegram-Channel VChK-OGPU and found out why in the case of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), whose organized crime group committed dozens of contract killings, the customers themselves are absent. Some of these customers were called "right hand" and financier Dzhako Arkady Berkovich. At least those who "ordered" the murders of a number of bankers, committed by Gagiev's killers. These testimonies completely coincide with the testimonies given by the killers of Jaco, who, however, did not know the names of the "customers". But Berkovich knew. The testimony was fully confirmed in the course of the confrontations that had begun. And then all work on the testimony of Berkovich was abruptly stopped, and Berkovich himself, after spending 1.5 years in a pre-trial detention center on charges of murder, was released and enjoys life on Rublevka in exchange for further silence. After all this, a whole group of security officials became very rich people, and the customers named by Berkovich were able to “breathe out”.

Аркадий Беркович 13-2

From the part of Berkovich's testimony published today, it unambiguously follows that Andrei Krapivin, an assistant and “right hand” of Vladimir Yakunin, who was the head of Russian Railways, “ordered” the removal from Dzhako. His son Alexei now manages the largest Russian Railways contractor GK 1520 (created by Andrey Krapivin) in the interests of Igor Rotenberg. Berkovich also talks about Boris Usherovich. He is wanted in the "Zakharchenko case", but continues to be a co-owner of GK 1520. At the time mentioned in the testimony of Berkovich, Krapivin, Usherovich and their partner Valery Markelov were very close to Yakuninau, owned GK 1520 and a number of other companies mastering almost all contractual money of Russian Railways. It was about tens of billions of rubles. A significant part of this money was plundered and withdrawn from Russia. Before the withdrawal, the money was laundered through a whole group of banks. And then the owners of these banks quarreled.

A large sum of money from the mafia, Russian Railways, was suspended in Kredittrust Alexander Slesarev, intended to be withdrawn from Russia. Slesarev, in return, offered to give good loans, which should have been given to the bank. Everyone agreed, except for the shadow banker Sergei Karakovsky (Sergei Student, Ship). He wanted to get his share of the money directly from Slesarev.

The owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik was involved in the re-registration of good loans. On this topic he sang with Slesarev and also organized the withdrawal of a large amount from Credittrust from Russia. Plytnik rewrote the loans to the National Capital, and then had to re-register them to the structures of Krapivin, Usherovich, Markelov. But he refused to do it. Then Slesarev, Krapivin, Usherovich, Markelov and the owner of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky ordered Plytnik Jaco. The goal was to squeeze out the National Capital along with seven of its money. Dzhako's militants kidnapped Plytnik, tortured him for a long time, forced him to sign a lot of documents, and then killed him. It was not possible to get the National Capital, but the attackers learned access to the funds withdrawn from Russia. Later, they managed to get close to the money of the National Capital, the co-owner and head of the bank, Filipp Dyagterev, frightened to death, agreed to carry out any orders of Jaco and began to pump money out of the bank to the indicated accounts.

Karakovsky, as planned, began to demand his share from Slearev. Then he ordered his murder. On June 6, 2005, the ship along with the guards was shot at the exit from the village of Petrovo-Dalnee near Moscow. In July 2006, the collection of monuments of antique applied art by Sergei Karakovsky was donated to the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin's widow Sergei at his oral request.

Next came Slesarev's turn. Krapivin, Usherovich, Markelov were terribly angry with him, since Karakovsky was a member of their team and he “drew” and implemented all the schemes to withdraw money stolen from Russian Railways. Banker Vladimir Antonov replaced him in this field.

The order to eliminate Slesarev was entrusted to Jaco, and this was part of Gagiev's plans, since he also eliminated a person who could prevent him from gaining access to Credittrust's money withdrawn by Plytnik from Russia. As a result, in October 2005, Slesarev was shot by Jaco's militants along with his entire family. For this, Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov paid $ 9 million.

And then, by order of Gagiev, Diagterev and Novoselsky were killed as unnecessary witnesses. cites the testimony of Berkovia, where he describes in detail the interaction with "orders".

“Approximately in April-May 2006, at the next meeting about Aslan Gagiev, the latter insisted that I be taken and guarded by people who, according to him, were police officers. At first I refused any "protection", because I perfectly understood that these are not just guards and drivers in the literal sense of these words, and Gagiev Aslan wants his people to constantly monitor me and report all my movements and meetings to him personally. In the end, Aslan Gagiev insisted on his own, and I, since I was very afraid of him, had to agree with his decision.

From that moment, on the initiative of Aslan Gagiev, “guards” and “drivers” appeared, namely Yevgeny, Andrei, Viktor, Igor, who was called in the “Family” of Aslan Gagiev “Garik” and Alexander, who had the nickname “Stas”. Also, on the initiative of Aslan Gagiev, I was "guarded" and carried, in my opinion, by two or three men whose names I do not remember at the moment, if I remember, I am ready to additionally inform the investigation. The abovementioned Eugene, Andrey, Viktor, Igor ("Garik") and Alexander ("Stas"), in the future I will be able to describe and also identify, both personally and from a photograph.


These persons “guarded” me until the murder of A.Yu. Slesarev, which took place in October 2005, after which they disappeared somewhere. From which I concluded that they were somehow involved in the murder of A.Yu. Slesarev, at that time I already had information that this murder was committed by persons who were part of the criminal group of Gagiev Aslan, called the "Family". I knew this from O.A. Novoselsky.

In February 2005, between Slesarev A.Yu and Usherovich B.E. Markelov V.A., Krapivin A.V. a conflict situation arose due to the fact that Slesarev A.Yu. considered himself deceived by them for a large amount of money, presumably for 9 million US dollars, since Slesarev A.Yu., expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of Usherovich B.E., Markelov V.A., Krapivin A.E. gave me the details of the bank account where he demanded that the latter transfer him money in the amount of US $ 9 million.

On the same day he handed over the specified bank account details to Usherovich B.E., Markelov V.V. and Krapivin A.V., when they were all sitting together in the same office of our office located at the address: Moscow, st. Staraya Basmannaya, 5.

 Around the middle of 2005, the murder of Sergei "Student", who was a friend and companion of B.E. Usherovich, V.A.Markelov, took place. A. V. Krapivina As far as I know, Sergei "Student" is being shot in a car, somewhere in the Moscow region, where exactly, I do not know. Together with Sergei "Student", also in his car were two men who were the guards of V.A. Markelov. and employees of the private security company "Legion". One or both of the guards, according to my information, also suffered in the course of committing the indicated crime and received gunshot wounds to the legs. As far as I know and as far as I understood, Usherovich BE, Markelov VA, and Krapivin Az thought that the murder of Sergei "Student" was ordered by Slesarev A.Yu.

After the murder, Novoselsky OA was strongly agitated by this crime, constantly asked me about where Slesarev A.Yu. might live, and asked other information about the latter. I found out if I know the cell phone numbers that Slesarev uses. Everything I knew I told Novoselkoy.

About seven days passed and I, together with Novoselsky O.A. at his request, I went to the dacha to A.V. Krapivin, located in the area of​​the Istra reservoir of the Moscow region. Upon arrival at the place, on the territory of the specified country house ownership Novoselsky O.A. told Krapivin A.The. that their order for the murder of Slesarev A.Yu. completed. Krapivin shook hands with Novoselsky, saying that everything was fine. After that, OA Novoselsky and I returned to Moscow in my Toyota Land Cruiser, on the way back to Moscow from OA Novoselsky I learned that apart from Slesarev A.Yu. members of his family were also killed along with him.

I want to clarify, clarify and supplement, I know for sure that from the words of Novoselsky O.A., that Usherovich B.E., Markelov V.A., they listed O.A. Novoselsky himself. money in the amount equal to approximately 2 million US dollars. The money was transferred from the accounts of organizations controlled by B.E. Usherovich, V.A. Markelov, A.V. Krapivin. to the account of an offshore company registered abroad and controlled by O.A. Novoselsky About a week later, during one of the regular meetings that took place in one of the restaurants in Moscow, Gagiev Aslan told me that the murder of A.Yu. this is the work of his guys, who were under his control. At the same time Gagiev A.M. asked me: “Are you satisfied with A.V. Krapivin? and his companions by the carried out case? ”, referring to the murder of A.Yu.

It took some time, how much, I cannot explain, because I don’t remember exactly, and at the next meeting, Gagiev Aslan asked me to arrange a meeting with Usherovich B.Ye., Markelov V.A. and Krapivin A.The. I promised Aslan Gagiev that I would try to organize this meeting, however, I did not want to do this and did not do it, dissuading from Aslan Gagiev later, coming up with some reason. I do not organize this meeting in order to try, if possible, to break off relations with AM Gagiev. and moreover, I did not do it, because I thought that Gagiev Aslan would try to subjugate the business of B.E. Usherovich, V.A.Markelov. and Krapivin A.The. In such a situation, I could have created problems on the part of the latter, so when asking for a meeting, the latter would perceive me as a person who works for Aslan Gagiev's rivers.

After a while, I again had another meeting with Aslan Gagiev, which took place in one of the restaurants in Moscow. At this meeting, Aslan Gagiev again asked me to arrange a meeting with B.E. Usherovich, V.A. Markelov, A.V. Krapivin. I again promised him that I would try to arrange such a meeting, but again I did not fulfill everything for the same reasons. "

Timofey Grishin

To be continued