Source: WWW.RUCRIMINAL.INFO and the VChK-OGPU telegram channel continue to publish the classified testimony of Arkady Berkovich, the "right hand" of the leader of the organized criminal group Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), who organized more than 50 murders. These testimonies are "classified" not at all because intensive work is being carried out on them. Vice versa. Frightened Berkovich, accused of a number of murders, gave the details of how a whole group of bankers was eliminated and, most importantly, named the customers. Let us remind you that in the Jaco case, besides the modest former prosecutor Olga Shvetsova, there are no other “customers”. These testimonies were exchanged by operatives and investigators for millions of dollars in order not to give them a go. And Berkovich himself, in exchange for silence, was released and put on trial and are not going to. What does Berkovich call? Andrey Krapivin - assistant and "right hand" of Vladimir Yakunin when he was the head of Russian Railways. His son Alexey now manages the largest contractor of Russian Railways GK 1520 in the interests of Igor Rotenberg. Berkovich also talks about Boris Usherovich. He is wanted in the "Zakharchenko case", but continues to be a co-owner of GK 1520. At the time mentioned in the testimony of Berkovich, Krapivin, Usherovich and their partner Valery Markelov were very close to Yakuninau, owned GK 1520 and a number of other companies mastering almost all contractual money of Russian Railways. It was about tens of billions of rubles. A significant part of this money was plundered and withdrawn from Russia. Before the withdrawal, the money was laundered through a whole group of banks. In the testimony, one can hear about the owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik, the owner of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky, the owner of many different banks Vladimir Antonov, the owner of Sodbiznesbank and Credit Trust Alexander Slesarev, the shadow bankers Arkady Berkovich and Sergey Karakovsky (Student, Ship). All of them maintained close relations with the mafia, were personally acquainted with Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). And then the "spiders from the banks" did not share the large sum withdrawn from Credittrust. Plytnik “squeezed it in his National capital. And where Gagiev is, there are murders. As a result, Usherovich, Markelov, Krapivin, Novoselsky, Slnsarev "ordered" Dzhako to kidnap and murder Plytnik. The goal is to capture National Capital along with all its money.

The second part of Berkovich's testimony from

“What kind of documents were supposed to be forced to sign by Plytnik DS? and for what property objects, I do not know. The only thing that I know is that Plytnik D.S. was the owner of a company (I do not remember the name) engaged in the production of toothpaste and some kind of base located near the city of Dubna, Moscow region. Abduction of Plytnik D.S. it was supposed to be carried out through OA Novoselsky, who hired Aslan Gagiev and the group for these purposes. I want to clarify that even before Aslan Gagiev met with O.A. I introduced the latter to B.E. Usherovich, V.A. Markelov. and Krapivin A.The., who in turn introduced him to A.Yu. Slesarev.

In addition, as I later learned, Novoselsky O.A. for many years he was quite familiar with Vladimir Antonov, who, in turn, maintained business and friendly relations with B.E. Usherovich, V.A. Markelov. and Krapivin A.V.

I want to clarify, clarify and supplement, I learned about all these plans from Novoselsky O.A., as well as during a personal conversation with Usherovich B.E., Markelov V.A., Krapivin A.V., as well as Slesarev A.Yu. , since I was present at this several times, since they trusted me.

One day, in my opinion, December 2004, Gagiev Aslan, together with the guys under his control, kidnaps Plytnik D.S. Where exactly he was kidnapped, I do not know. On the same day or the next day, in the dark, B.E. Usherovich called me. and said that Novoselsky O.A. will bring me the documents that need to be signed at Plytnik D.S. and bring him, that is, B.E. Usherovich. According to Usherovich B.E. I realized that where exactly it is necessary to sign the documents with Plytnik D.S., Novoselsky O.A. will explain to me.

Several minutes passed and Gagiev Aslan called me from his secret phone to my secret phone and asked me to call O. A. Novoselsky. and tell him that Gagiev Aslan cannot get through to him. A few minutes later I received a call from O. Novoselsky. asked where it was necessary to drive in order to hand over the indicated documents, which had to be signed by D.S. Plytnik. At the same time, I informed Novoselsky O.A. on the phone that Aslan Gagiev could not get through to him. Just a few minutes later, Gagiev Aslan called me again on a cell phone intended for secret communication and again asked to inform Novoselsky OA that he could not get through to him. I do not remember where I was at the moment, but within about an hour Novoselsky O.A. drove up to me. and handed me the documents that need to be signed by D.S. Plytnik., NovOselsky O.A. in some red Mercedes car he brought me to the base located on the street. Boat in Moscow. I got out of the car. Aslan Gagiev, who was standing with his guys at the entrance to the administrative building, immediately approached me. Next to Gagiev Aslan there were about 7-10 people who were part of his criminal group. Of which, at the moment, I clearly remember by name Alexander, nicknamed "Stas", who later was my guard, imposed on me by Gagiev Aslan.

Novoselsky O.A. I remained sitting in the car, and I, together with Gagiev Aslan, entered some administrative building located on the territory of the indicated base. Gagiev Aslan and I went into one of the rooms located on the first floor. Also, near the indicated room, there were several other guys who were part of the criminal group of Gagiev Aslan, who were guarding Plytnik D.S. so that he could not escape. In this room, Plytnik DS was sitting on the floor, wearing a knitted folder on his head, which blocked his visibility. After that Gagiev Aslan left the room. Then I went up to D.S. Plytnik, took off his hat, handed him a ballpoint pen and a package of documents given by O.A. Novoselsky. The package of documents itself was pasted with stickers in the places where it was necessary to deliver to Plytnik D.S. signatures. Plytnik D.S. silently signed the documents I gave him. After that, taking the signed by Plytnik D.S. documents, I went out of the room to the street. Before going out into the street, the guys who were guarding Plytnik D.S. shouted at me for not putting a hat on the head of Plytnik D.S. back. I told Gagiev Aslan that Plytnik D.S. signed all the necessary documents and I took them back. For some more time I stood with Aslan Gagiev on the street a little away from the guys standing nearby who were part of Aslan Gagiev's criminal group. During a conversation with me, Gagiev Aslan told me that during the abduction of Plytnik D.S. he slipped and fell when he caught the last one. After that I got back into the car to O.A. Novoselsky. and previously, having phoned and agreed with B.E. Usherovich, I, at his request, left him signed by D.S. Plytnik. the documents in his office of the office in which we worked, or rather handed them over to B.E. Usherovich's secretary, explaining to the latter that they must be given directly to B.E. Usherovich.

I want to clarify that after that I am more than Plytnik D.S. I did not see him, his relatives began to look for him, as far as I know, one of the relatives wrote a statement to the law enforcement agencies about the disappearance of Plytnik D.S. After a short time, an attempt was made to seize the bank, which ultimately failed, because, on someone's initiative, law enforcement officers intervened in time. After the abduction and disappearance of Plytnik D.S. For one or two months, I periodically asked Aslan Gagiyev about where Aslan Gagiev was doing Plytnik DS. Novoselsky OA kept silent and did not say anything Approximately two or three months later, at the next meeting with Gagiev Aslan, which took place in Moscow, Gagiev O.A. told me that Plytnik DS is no longer alive. From which I concluded that Plytnik D.S. killed by people who were part of the criminal group of Aslan Gagiev, Approximately in April-May 2006, at the next meeting about Galiv Aslan, the latter insisted that I be taken and guarded by his people, we went home.

Timofey Grishin


To be continued