At the meeting of the ice hockey Federation of Moscow (FCM), the current President of the Federation Sergey Mendeleev was unanimously re-elected to the same post for a period of four years. According to the voters did not take into account a number of important points: whether Mendeleev will lead the Federation from jail or another country, for example, England, Israel, USA. It is in these places are now all business partners Mendeleev. We are talking about the owners of GC "1520" Valery Markelov (located in jail), Boris Usherovich (while in Israel, but going to London), bankers Dmitry Motorin (in England) and Ivan Stankevich (in the United States).

All the above characters are accused of bribery of employee of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko. The money he was paid, that he would have the law enforcement of the line was covered by kind of business of the "1520" and related to GK banks. "1520" annually received from Russian Railways contracts for hundreds of billions of rubles, of which, as suspected operatives, a significant part was stolen. In the "Zakharchenko case" now there are materials about the theft of 300 billion rubles. All this stolen money was laundered and withdrawn from Russia through banks and bankers connected with Markelov and Usherovich. Among the latter were Dmitry Motorin, Ivan Stankevich and, as sources believe Sergei Mendeleev. For example, photos, which depicted Mendeleyev, Osherovich and Markelov. (PHOTO 1).

Markelov was arrested in the autumn of 2018, he is in custody. Recently, the Basmanny court ruled in absentia arrest of Osherovich, Motorina and Stankevich. However, absentee, as they all managed to escape. Now this Trinity is building to be a "fighters against the regime", which "evil forces" besieged with bribes. On this basis, they ask for political asylum: Motorin and Usherovich – in England, Stankevich – in the United States.

About Mendeleev recent times can not hear anything. Which is not surprising. The investigation is in full swing and there are more and more persons involved.

Mendeleev has another cause for alarm. The criminal prosecution of Markelov, Usherovich and Ko was largely initiated on the testimony of the banker Vladimir Antonov (convicted of embezzlement of the Bank "Soviet"), concluded a deal with the investigation, and another banker - Peter Chuvilin (recently released from the colony, where he served time for fraud). Antonov and Chuvilin also participated in the laundering of money stolen from Russian Railways, and the latter also participated in the transfer of bribes Zakharchenko. Chuvilin was previously the boss of Sergei Mendeleev and knows everything about him. And Vladimir Antonov and his father Alexander were not only Mendeleev's chiefs, but also friends with him. Then between them there was a conflict, and Antonov accused Mendeleyev in a giant embezzlement and involvement in the attempt on Alexander Antonov. At your disposal there is a statement by Alexander Antonov in GU MVD in Moscow, where he describes in detail all the acts of Mendeleev. We'll be publishing the entire give the statement.         

"On March 11, 2009, Alexander Antonov, Chairman of the Board of converse group and a member of the Supervisory boards of a number of banks, was assassinated. The perpetrators of this attempt were detained and convicted, but the customers have not yet been established.

Antonov A. Yu. in their explanations and interrogations, repeatedly pointed out that the consequence of the attempt on his life was the meeting in the restaurant "Zolotoy", in which Chuvilin Peter Y. 10.03.196... the year was Moscow, .... he voiced a demand for payment of $ 106 million. The US, promising otherwise big problems.

At that time, Antonov A. Yu believed that Chuvilin, P. Y. acting in the interests of Gorbunova G. V. Chuvilin what P. J. said. Subsequently, however, Antonov A. Yu., it became known that Gorbuntsov G. V. by deception and threats made to create the illusion that he is the initiator of claims to Antonov.

In fact, the ideological inspirer of taking property from Antonov A. Yu. was Mendeleev S. V. Being an employee of Antonov and using his trust, he decided to take possession of Antonov's assets and at the same time distancing himself from the situation. To do this, he needed physical or at least actual removal of Antonov from the management of Bank assets.

The second no less important reason for Mendeleev's desire To remove his employer from the management of Bank assets is that JSC "JSCB Investbank" under the leadership of Mendeleev S. V. formed illiquid loan portfolio consisting of fictitious loans issued to technical firms created or acquired by the management of the Bank in order to fictitious increase the authorized capital and theft of funds of customers and depositors. At the same time, the Bank's authorized capital was plundered by the Bank's management using feduciary credit schemes (Bank Winter (Austria), Bank Julius Meinl (Austria), Multiasset SA (Switzerland)).

Using the above scheme with technical firms, among them avalon, OOO, OOO "Avangard-Expo", LLC "Avangard", LLC "Autorize", OOO "Alyans-Prestizh", LTD "Antel", OOO "Willenbrock", Grantek, OOO, OOO "Diamantbild", OOO "Calistro", Katarina, OOO, OOO "Keywest", "Libertarian", medpremium, OOO, OOO "Navanee", LLC "Ogden", OOO "ODEN", OOO Rusbalt-Kargo", "sawat", "space", "Startmaster", OOO "Technopark", LTD "Troika", LLC "Finvest" LLC "FANTA", "Hicontrast", OOO "Seaprodex", OOO "Allgrades", "AXEN", OOO "Packaging and logistics", OOO "Vertikal», Persejj, OOO, OOO Santal", Avistroy, OOO, OOO "star Line", "DEMILLE", Infinkom, OOO, OOO "Solo Treyd", LLC "MC FINSO", OOO "Galion", "Energotekhpostavka", "Energodorstroy", Paritet, OOO 6m", "Pantin", "Akademgrupp" and others, Mendeleev, S. V., stole a total of 10 904 764 671 rubles."


To be continued

Zakhar Belocerkovsky