With the departure of ex-senator Alexander Sabadash by a court sentence to a colony and the dismissal of Andrei Srochinky (general director of JSC Lenenergo until 2015), who masterly placed 13 billion rubles in Bank Tavrichesky (after which the bank collapsed and the money disappeared), “ Lenenergo took a short break from reputable business and crime. With the arrival of Andrei Ryumin, it was expected that such things would be done away with, but it turned out that everything only got worse. According to a source, the development of tens of billions of rubles allocated for construction, at the suggestion of Ryumin, passed under the control of the authoritative businessman Vladimir Golubev, known in St. Petersburg and Moscow as Barmaley. Alexei Goryachiy, who had previously worked as a director at Meridian (owned by Barmaley's son Maxim Zhukov), was appointed an advisor to Ryumin.ё

Владимир Голубев

His merits were duly appreciated by law enforcement agencies in two criminal cases (theft on contracts from Lenenergo). Despite the fact that Goryachev has been under investigation for almost two years, he continues to be listed as the Deputy General Director of PJSC Rosseti Lenenergo for construction. In the meantime, he is dealing with the stolen money and investigators, his functions are performed by Vitaly Bulatov, who already has a PREDICTION FOR THEFT, but which the Lenenergo management, including the security service, tactfully keeps silent about.

Александр Горячев

 Ryumin, knowing about Bulatov's past, appointed him in May 2020 to act as the chief of construction at the same time as he combined the post of director of the DSO (Directorate of Projects under Construction, where, according to the investigation, Goryachev was stealing money). And in August 2020, Ryumin's trustee and controlled person, who, thanks to the opposition of Governor Alexander Beglov, fails to become a full-fledged director without the prefix acting, Igor Kuzmin leaves the convicted Bulatov to perform the duties of Deputy Director for Construction of Rosseti Lenenergo PJSC. And on the acting. The post of director of the Directorate of Construction Projects is appointed by Bulatov's deputy, Andrei Gurylev, who miraculously bounced back from criminal cases.

Андрей Рюмин

 All these "masters" of energy construction began in the Srochinsky-Sabadash team and continue to hone their skills under the Ryumin team. At the same time, Rosseti are located in buildings controlled by Sabadash, who is in prison and receives money from Rosseti. With such intricacies, the picture for the fight over control of PJSC Rosseti Lenenergo between Ryumin and Beglov begins to play with different colors.

As the source of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel told, the FAS began to consider the case of a large cartel conspiracy, behind which the “shadow” of the general director of “Rosseti” Andrey Ryumin is visible. At the same time, the materials of the antimonopoly service mention the existing two criminal cases concerning both Rosseti themselves and Lenenergo, which was previously headed by Ryumin.

“We are talking about a real cartel conspiracy with a criminal component,” said the source. “Of particular interest is Ryumin's favorite, EnergoProjectEngineering, headed by Zhanna Bulavchik. She got 140 contracts worth several billion, which are carried out with large delays and poor-quality work. Taking into account the fact that the FAS is now pocket and the Artemyevskys have been removed from it, it is not difficult to guess that there will be a solution that Ryumin needs. However, he will not be able to solve the problem so easily with criminal cases ”.

Indeed, the criminal component can become an insurmountable barrier for Ryumin. In the summer of 2020, the former head of the SEB of the FSB of St. Petersburg, Andrei Yakovlev, was seconded to Lenenergo, who in a year of work collected a dossier on Ryumin sufficient to initiate a dozen criminal cases. Ryumin is Viktor Medvedchuk's creature and believes that this frees him from any responsibility. But Yakovlev is not simple either. He has long-term friendly relations with the first deputy director of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Sergei Korolev.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued