Recently in electronic mass media and on a number of TV channels there are similar "investigations" about the banker Herman Gorbuntsov. The man he is, of course, controversial, but this history is not relevant. Readers probably himself would never have had what lies behind such PR activity. And in reality it is attempts to place to further investigation of business ex-the employee Guebipk of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko. Business partners Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich and their "solver" Renato usatii are behind such attempts.

Articles about Gorbuntsov came out probably a couple dozen, they are all very similar to each other, it is clear that written by one group of authors. All information in them is given with reference to the investigation of journalist Oleg Lurie. However, then it turns out that Lurie to this information has nothing to do, and learned them from his colleague Irek Murtazina. The latter, in turn, in his blog scolds Lurie last words and writes that "dig into the topics that fit and Lurie, I personally (and not only me), I think indecent."

However, not so important, whose hands all this is done. I wonder who's behind this. To understand, let us turn to the personality of the same Herman Gorbuntsov. In Russia, he was the owner of banks, stadiums, hockey teams, etc. the Main assets, of course, are banks. Through them, including, passed "dirty" money of Russian Railways. Those that received contracts owned by Markelov and Usherovich GC "1520". Through these banks money was "laundered" and sent abroad. It was Gorbuntsov who witnessed how "1520" put Dmitry Zakharchenko on a giant salary of 150 thousand dollars per month. Then between former partners there was a conflict, gorbuntsov hung debt as much as $ 1 billion - missing from one of the banks "black cash" Railways plus interest. He disagreed with the debt. Then Osherovich along with the solntsevskaya ran into a family Gorbunova and forced its participants to rewrite to different company assets like 1 billion times afterwards Gorbuntsov has fled to England.

According to when Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested in Russia, Gorbuntsov immediately expressed a desire to also testify in this case. Together with his story about who and what bribes were paid to Zakharchenko, Gorbuntsov handed over his Bank documents about the theft of Russian Railways funds. The documents were the final recipients of the amounts, both legal entities and individuals. Thus the "reality Zakharchenko" there is the second track on the payment Zakharchenko bribes to cover theft and money laundering of Russian Railways, iscollapsible hundreds of billions of rubles.

Learning of this, Marcus and Osherovich tried to negotiate with Gorbunovym. And when they failed, they involved their "Junior" partner, Moldovan politician and businessman Renato Usatii, in solving the problem. The latter in Russia positioned itself as a solver capable of settling problems with the security services at the highest level. He was allocated a huge budget for "Resilovo" in the amount of $ 60 million. However, all ended notorious for "1520." In the autumn of 2018 Markelov was arrested for bribery Zakharchenko. His closest partners, including Usherovich, were wanted, Moreover, within the same "Zakharchenko case" in December 2018, searches were held at Usatii and he has since been trying not to appear in Russia.

Despite the escape, the mustachioed long osherovich feed the "Breakfast." While he was in Israel, usatii said that his problem was about to be solved. But as the months passed, the situation did not change. Then Usherovich went for political asylum in England. Now he constantly communicates with local intelligence agencies, telling about their partners from the most different agencies in trades abroad. He does it very secretly.

According to Osherovich continues to hope to return to Russia. Osherovich and Marcus realize that they are now at a crucial point. In a number of cases, Zakharchenko's sentence was passed, now the TFR and the FSB will take up with renewed force for the remaining materials of the investigation. First of all, - for materials on bribery Zakharchenko co-owners "1520" and money laundering of Russian Railways. So Osherovich and Markelov with the support of the same Mustachioed threw all their forces against the main witness in the case, as well as the custodian Bank secrets "1520". Hence all these similar materials in the media.

To be continued

Arseny Drones