Former co-founder of the 1520 Group of Companies Valery Markelov began to get acquainted with the case materials. He, along with his partner Boris Usherovich (put on the wanted list), is accused of giving bribes to ex-employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko. Zakharchenko and a large group of his colleagues made 1520 GC (the recipient of large contracts from Russian Railways) a law enforcement cover. They also had a gangster “roof”. In particular, Usherovich was in close relationship with the "authority" of the Solntsevo organized crime group, Viktor Averin (Avera). It was Avera who took part in the showdown with banker German Gorbuntsov, whom Markelov, Usherovich and their third partner, Andrei Krapiavin, were charged with missing $ 600 million. Krapivin served as adviser to the then head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin. And the missing $ 600 million, according to a source from, is Yakunin’s share of the 1520 contracts. Markelov and Usherovich deducted the share not only of Zakharchenko. continues to publish Gorbuntsov’s testimony, which he gave to the Investigative Committee as part of the “Zakharchenko case”.

“On April 9, 2009, Usherovich contacted me, who said that on my initiative we should have a meeting with Averin Victor Sergeyevich. I did not appoint this meeting, because Averina V.S. I saw for the first time in my life at this meeting and had never been acquainted with him, but I heard that he is one of the leaders of the Solntsevskaya organized crime group.

On April 10, 2009, a meeting took place at the Denis cafe, somewhere at the end of the Mozhayskoye Highway, which was attended by: Usherovich, Valery Markelov, a man whom everyone called Taras, A. Krapivin, V. Averin. ., Chuvilin P.Yu. and Khokhalkov E.G. (former FSB general). During the meeting, it was announced that someone had stolen some money from Krapivin and that I personally answer for this. I offered to conduct an audit and if the allegations were confirmed, then I would agree with the claims presented to me. At the same time, during the conversation I received threats that I attributed to pressure on me. I want to add that in the aftermath of the independent audit it did not take place for reasons beyond my control. According to Usherovich, their "accountant" Serebryany already calculated everything himself, and, allegedly, revealed the fact of theft on my part.

On April 20 or 21, 2009, Usherovich appeared in Industrial Credit along with Taras and several armed people. They began to call up senior employees at the bank and intimidate them. I believe that they pursued the goal of ruining the bank from the inside, removing me from the management staff. At the same time, Usherovich announced to the bank staff that now he is the owner of the bank and transferred the management of the bank to O. L. Vlasov.

April 27, 2009 D.V. Zakharchenko called me and asked for a meeting, explaining that there is a very urgent conversation. Since earlier Zakharchenko D.V. never called me to request a meeting, I took his call seriously and met him at the Sphere shopping center on Novy Arbat St. (I’ve met him several times before), ”reads the statement published by Rucriminal .info.

“During our meeting, Zakharchenko D.V. I was informed that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they would either call me or forcibly bring me to Petrovka, where criminal cases are being investigated on the murder of State Duma deputy Yamadayev and on the assassination attempt on Akademkhimbank owner Antonov A.Yu. I said that I have a summons on 05/04/2009 (to the investigator or investigator, in the police department of the city of Moscow, Petrovka St., 38), and I plan to go there. However, Zakharchenko D.V. I was informed that the investigation of these criminal cases is completely controlled by A. Antonov, who has a corruption interest in them and directs the investigation against those people who are considered opponents. Antonov owed me $ 106,000,000 for closing my holes in the Stolichny Bank The Merchant Bank, purchased from him earlier (the bank was bought with a hole in the capital, which Antonov undertook to close) about which I had a receipt issued and signed by Antonov personally (I enclose a copy). In case of my appearance at Petrovka, according to D.V. Zakharchenko, after interrogation there will be my arrest and further arrest, therefore D.V. Zakharchenko I strongly recommended that I leave Russia somewhere, while they will deal with the problem and resolve it. In support of his words, he provided me with a copy of the interrogation of Antonov A.Yu. dated March 16, 2009, in which Antonov A.Yu. directly pointed to me as the only person possibly involved in the assassination attempt on him. I immediately realized that some kind of provocation was being prepared against me and I took this information very seriously.

Since Zakharchenko D.V. previously proved to be a very competent law enforcement officer, who comprehensively assessed the situation and issued the correct forecast and solutions, then right after the meeting with D. Zakharchenko I went to Vnukovo 3 airport, where I flew to Moldova with a private plane leased from Vnukovo to wait there for an unexpected problem, and at the same time to combine all this with the management of Universal Bank of Moldova.

At the end of 2011, I informed the investigator of the Investigative Committee of Russia Tutevich about the circumstances of the perfect assassination attempt against Alexander Antonov that I knew of, after which I myself had a complete assassination attempt in the city of London. The assassin shot me point blank eight times and I miraculously survived. I am sure that the same people are behind me in organizing the attempt on me in London, the theft of my property, and falsification of criminal cases in Russia: Krapivin-Usherovich-Markelov., As well as their many accomplices. They initially thought out and implemented a plan to steal my assets. Their goal was to either imprison or kill me.

During my stay in Moldova, a well-coordinated raider attack started on my business, the purpose of which was to seize all the property under my control (a statement of the property is attached). ”

To be continued...

Denis Zhirnov