Criminal cases against the security forces-billionaires for individual persons turn into great business. Still, when the co-owners GK "1520" (the largest contractor of Russian Railways) Valeriy Markelov and Boris Usherovich allocated at the time "Resilovo" 50 million and $ 60 million respectively. According mastered these two amounts of a fixer - Renato usatyi and Dmitry Smychkovski. Moreover, the latter himself being on the international wanted list in the case of bribery of employees of the TFR. It is possible to "solve" and out of London, where Smychkovski. Not passed by money and shadow banker Vladimir Antonov. He was arrested for stealing money from the Bank "Soviet" and made a deal with the investigation. Within it, he testified to Markelov and Usherovich. And as the owner of banks, and just as a shadow financier, he laundered and sent outside Russia hundreds of billions of Railways, which received the GC "1520". Antonov personally knew the security forces, which "krysheval" CC, including Dmitry Zakharchenko.

However, according to sources then to Antonov made it "the fixers" from Osherovich and for a very substantial fee was offered to change the testimony. Which he did. From the updated testimony Antonov fell Usherovich. However, the latter did not help. Located in the international wanted Usherovich, spending on a yacht off the coast of Israel a long conversation with Renato Usatii, realized that 60 million dollars he blew "to the wind." Nothing could be solved. And went to London for political asylum.

And Vladimir Antonov again had an opportunity to earn well. This time in the case of other security forces-billionaires - heads of the banking Department of The FSB Dmitry Frolov and Kirill Cherkalina. Antonov knows them well and has paid a lot for the "roof". So he has something to tell the investigation. Or, in case of a good fee, not to tell. 

By information, with Dmitry Frolov Vladimir and his father banker Alexander Antonov met under the following circumstances.      

At one time Anton's was "Academchimbank", where the head was Yury Molchanov. He met with a number of employees of the interior Ministry and became a member of a very simple business. Employees of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation withdraw various documents and securities necessary for banks. And Molchanov then offered heads of banks to return documents and papers for a certain payment.

So in March 2003 Molchanov suggested to the President of "Promsvyazbank" Alexander Levsky to promote in return of the bills of Bank withdrawn during a search in the financial company "Bill". For this service Molchanov asked 200 thousand dollars which were paid to it. In the same way he received money from representatives of a number of other banks.

Such side activities Molchanov by 2004, tired of the Antonov. In addition, at this time they had a new project (about it later) and a new "roof" in the form of Management "K" FSB (the fight against crimes in the credit and financial sphere). Direct the curator of Anton's FSB was just Dmitry Frolov. As a result, Antonov asked Molchanov "in a good way" to leave the Bank. That demanded otkupny in the amount of 2 million dollars, having threatened otherwise problems with the Ministry of internal Affairs and bandits. As a result, Antonov's IPRI help Dmitry Frolov decided to get rid of Molchanov on hard. First, he wrote a statement to the President of "Promsvyazbank", and then Alexander Antonov, who accused Molchanov of extortion 200 thousand dollars under false pretenses April 15, 2004 Molchanov was arrested, later the court sentenced him to seven years in prison for fraud. However, more than a year ago he was released.

As for the new project, for the protection of which expensive services of Dmitry Frolov were needed, as the source said, in banking circles, "Akademkhimbank", since the middle of 2003 became a structure through which "laundered" and sent abroad the money received from "Russian Railways", Krapivin, Markelov and usherovich Structures.

Thus on billions of Russian Railways ways of security officers-billionaires Zakharchenko and Frolov are crossed.

To be continued

Arseny Drones