If someone wants to know about the level of corruption in the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the city of Moscow and in particular in the 2nd District Department of Internal Affairs, then the best person to tell about this is a former friend and business partner of a former dollar billionaire and owner of the Yugra Bank and a number of oil companies. assets, including the Dulisma company of Alexey Khotin Viktor Lagvinets. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, the latter, in order to save himself, not only handed over his former partner Khotin to Lefortovo and went into the service of the new owner of his assets, Viktor Medvedchuk, who actually acquired these assets as part of a raider attack in the fall of 2023 with the help security forces and corrupted the entire capital's Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee in such a way that General Sergei Yarosh and Colonel Vladimir Vazagov will have enough for several generations to come. Vazagov this is corruption. He even got his place in the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for a bribe.

Олег Менжинский

The situation was like this. Boris Lavrenev is a close friend of the now former deputy head of the Department of M of the FSB of the Russian Federation Oleg Menzhinsky and the owner of Monarch Sergei Ambartsumyan. It was Lavrenev who conducted all the negotiations with Menzhinsky so that he would assist in the appointment of Lavrenev himself and Vladimir Vazagov as deputy heads of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Moscow. In return - apartments in an elite building being built by Ambartsumyan's structures. The deal was completed. Lavrenev and Vazagov became deputy heads of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Moscow. And then the story of the bribe came to light.

Борис Лавренев

However, the FSB decided not to wash dirty linen in public. As a result, Menzhinsky was only dismissed from the FSB. The same thing happened to Lavrenev. But by that time Vazagov had become involved in various corruption schemes and he remained in his post.

If we return to our story, then, as found out, Vazagov personally met with Lagvinets, including at the Lastochka restaurant on Luzhnetskaya embankment in Moscow and took bribes through proxies for criminal cases involving multi-billion dollar tax payments being investigated by the 2nd District Department of Internal Affairs machinations of the empire (some of the companies were registered with the Federal Tax Service No. 5 of the city of Moscow) of Khotin and Lagvinets. Vazagov is in charge of the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs (economics and corruption). The puzzle has come together. Having resolved the issue with the Moscow Investigative Committee, Lagvinets decided to betray his former friend Khotin and went under the “roof” of Medvedchuk. As a result, Khotin went into custody, Dulisma and other assets passed to new owners, and the cunning Lagvinets, having surrendered Khotin and resolved all the issues with Yarosh-Vazagov, continues to work to damage the economic security of the country, but in the interests of Medvedchuk.

According to a source from, Vladimir Vazagov is part of a powerful group of security officials and lobbyists, which consists of Vitaly Saksin, Kirill Menshov and many others whom they appointed to various positions in the structure of the Investigative Committee. Including various SUs and MRSOs. Vazagov, Saksin and Menshov themselves come from the Administration for the South-Western Administrative District. They are united by one “land,” as they say in the UK. Vazagov is in dialogue with almost all divisions of the FSB: with Directorate “K”, with the Internal Security Service and with the FSB Directorate for Moscow and Moscow Region. Because all divisions of the FSB want to have control over the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow in order to have influence in matters of economic and corruption nature. The biggest money is here. Vazagov sometimes has problems with Directorate M, which is why he is still a colonel, and Central Asia does not always receive good information about him from the federal MCI. One of the “tame” investigators of the Saksin-Vazagov team in the 2nd District Department of Internal Affairs is Nikolaeva. For example, it was she who investigated such a “dirty” and ordered case as the “Bitmama” case and completely carried out all the actual criminal commands of Vazagov and FSB officers. In addition, it was she who “investigated” the case of multibillion-dollar tax frauds of the empire of Khotin and Lagvinets (including episodes of corruption in the Federal Tax Service of Moscow and the Moscow region, where Lagvinets transferred millions of dollars in bribes to tax officials through intermediaries Denis P and Aslan), but after Lagvinets corrupted Vazagov, then almost all the claims from the capital’s Investigative Committee against Lagvinets disappeared and he is now working for Medvedchuk.

The head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Moscow, Andrei Strizhov, is a former group investigator of Igor Krasnov in the Investigative Committee and a man of Ivan Tkachev from the time when the latter headed the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB of Russia. Andrey Strizhov (count Ivan Tkachev) also places his people in leadership positions in the administrative districts of the capital. At a minimum, they include Sergei Badulin (MS for the North-East Administrative District), Alexey Pishchulin (MS for the North-West Administrative District), Vyacheslav Oslyakov (MS for the Northern Administrative District), Denis Semenov (MS for the Closed Administrative District). The Saksin-Vazagov-Menshov connection, from the time they worked in the Investigative Directorate for the South-Western Administrative District, became completely under the control of the head of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB, Ivan Tkachev, at that time. It is still under control today, despite various intrigues and clan wars in the FSB - compromising evidence is such a thing, as they say, for life, and Ivan Tkachev has enough such “daddies” for many. Sergei Yarosh will also not take a step without Ivan Tkachev. Why? Because he oversees tax issues at the State Statistics Service, and this is rank of Directorate "K" and Ivan Tkachev. And it is impossible to take bribes in serious tax cases in the Investigative Committee without the patronage of Ivan Tkachev: there is a risk of not only losing your position, but also your freedom.


Arseny Dronov

To be continued