In the case against former officer of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko, verified information about the theft on 300 billion roubles. This is how much the founders of one of the main contractors of the state monopoly GC "1520"- Boris Usherovich, Valery Markelov, Alexei Krapivin and their business partners Dmitry Motorin and Ivan Stankevich borrowed from Russian Railways. All of them (except Krapivin) are accused of bribery Zakharchenko for General patronage. begins a series of publications about these persons. In the first of them it will be a question of Boris Usherovich who managed even to the friend of youth and the accomplice on theft from the apartment "to ship" about 15 billion rubles of means of Russian Railways.

Custody is now only Valery Markelov. In total, his business partners prudently fled from Russia, mainly to England and the United States. In the same countries now ask for political asylum. They successfully withdrew all their financial assets from Russia. How invested these funds in the West EServices and Markelov, will tell soon. The money is "dirty" because it was stolen from Russian Railways. Alexei Krapivin's father Andrey Krapivin has long been an adviser to the now former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and provided GC "1520" and related structures state contracts for hundreds of billions of rubles. Witnesses testify that after the death of Andrei Krapivin, the leaders of this group were Usherovich and Markelov and they have already organized further theft of railway money. In total, 300 billion rubles were stolen. This is precisely the amount present in the materials collected in the framework of the proceedings against Zakharchenko, whom Markelov and Osherovich monthly pay a large bribe. carefully studied the personality of Boris Usherovich and was surprised how good it actually admitted to posredstvom. According to the archives of the interior Ministry, in 1988 Usherovich was sentenced by the Perovsky court of Moscow to one year probation for several thefts. He, along with five accomplices by the trust or selection keys got into the apartment, where he carried televisions. Then, the technique has come true. Considering that at the time of Commission of crime to Usherovich was 16 years (that is the minor), he also got off with so soft sentence. In materials of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation there is a list of accomplices Osherovich theft: SHISHOV, EVGENY V., MAKAREVICH, VITALY V., DEMIANOVSKY DMITRY VLADIMIROVICH, NATISHVILI ZURAB dzhumberovich MASHKOV and SERGEI MIKHAILOVICH. interested in these people and discovered many interesting things. So, Osherovich continued to communicate with fellow youth and accomplice to theft Vitaly Makarevich. He is the founder of two companies. The first is, "Setscrollrange" that Makarevich has created together with Oleg Zaitsev and Mikhail Bezlyudova. LLC "Setscrollinfo" received 33 contracts directly from Russian Railways in the amount of 3.6 billion rubles. And another 65 contracts she got from the" daughter "of Russian Railways - "RZDstroy". Here the total amount of contracts amounted to 9.9 billion rubles.

Makarevich also is the sole founder of the company with a loud name "party" (stands for "INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION"). This structure has signed 28 contracts with Russian Railways worth more than 1 billion rubles.

One can only guess at the scale of corruption and theft in Russian Railways, even if the firms of Usherovich's accomplice in stealing youth got from the railway almost 15 billion rubles.  

To be continued

Zahar Belocerkovsky