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2024-01-23 18:49

FSB lieutenant colonel accused of murdering blogger

Husband, wife and one shot from 50 meters in the back

2024-01-22 18:49

"Lekha - photographer Lebedeva"

Whoever “removes” the Chairman of the RF Armed Forces is the one who “dances” him

2024-01-21 19:00

“Bad news for Governor Sergei Nosov”

The seagull was made the head of copper and gold, he waved his “empty wing” to everyone

2024-01-20 19:22

Boris Mayorov about the funeral of Russian hockey

"Kunlun is a political project of two presidents, there is no sports here"

2024-01-19 20:28

The shaman caused hysterics among the Investigative Committee and the FSB: they “took revenge” on a 73-year-old pensioner

A new portion of revelations about corruption in the security bloc

2024-01-18 20:31

Freezing houses, Chemezovs, FSB and Maybachs by Martin Bormann and Eva Braun

Investigation by about why Klimovsk near Moscow was left without heat

2024-01-17 19:38

Estate in Nice for the family circle of Governor Drozdenko

The head of the Leningrad region and his wallet became related by sons-in-law

2024-01-16 20:44

FSB imprisoned Shaman's 73-year-old mother

How the Poronkin family of security officers “ruled” the security forces

2024-01-12 20:41

The "King of Microfinance" is preparing to escape

The shadow of Viktor Vekselberg and the withdrawn billions

2024-01-11 20:21

The person who ordered the murder was cleared away by the Investigative Committee

How a mob murder was turned into a one-on-one fight

2024-01-10 20:27

Billionaire Berezin's family sets its sights on the West

Transplanting competitors and capturing the construction and medical waste market

2024-01-09 19:29

A cooperative of a deputy prosecutor general, 10 prosecutors and 3 investigators

“Hiding behind the broad generals’ backs from the criminal case”

2024-01-08 19:09

"For money, yes"

Chairman of the Samara Regional Court Vadim Kudinov and his connection with the organized crime group.

2024-01-06 19:42

He “danced” the girls only himself and did not share with others.

Oleg Boyko changed his offshore sign

2024-01-05 21:02

Pyramid-AVA Group: how to scam tens of thousands of citizens and not get jailed

The golden sponsor of the family of judge Khakhaleva Vahan Harutyunyan corrupted Kuban officials and judges

2024-01-03 19:05

Kostin-Asker-Zadeh: Love worth billions

State Bank VTB suffered a record loss in 2022

2024-01-02 21:10

The downside of the Semenikhins' collectors

How the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Monaco withdraws assets and abandons antique dealers

2024-01-01 20:03

Roscosmos figured out how to “cut” 800 billion rubles

The result will be the absence of a working Russian satellite constellation

2023-12-31 22:53

Apartment bribes for the head of the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

How Abramovich's partner, ex-senator Efim Malkin, distributes bribes

2023-12-30 20:20

We sat down wrong: from the “cock house” to the best places

How the assistant to the chairman of the RF Armed Forces worked for fundamentalists

2023-12-29 22:05

MTS turned out to be naked

How the operator and AFK Sistema blamed their scandalous party on the stars

2023-12-28 20:49

Putin’s “partner” in hockey and a double scam

The money was brought in cash and given in bags right in the stadium director’s office

2023-12-27 21:04

How prosecutors were sent to cross potatoes

The State Sorting Commission was put in charge of laymen from the Prosecutor General's Office

2023-12-26 20:37

Cottage for General Patapeni in Gorki-2

What has the deputy head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to earn during his 10 years in office?

2023-12-25 21:36

"The habits of the oligarch are unchanged"

Usmanov admitted that by his exciting, the Kremlin recognizes a foreigner anyone

2023-12-23 20:04

The head of the police department was shot in the stomach

Murders are passed off as accidents

2023-12-22 20:21

"Kalimatov's glasses"

Ingushetia is ruled with the help of dark fortune tellers and witches

2023-12-21 21:27

How to go from being a suspect to an “unidentified person”

Secrets from Daria Ushakova's lover Gennady Udunyan

2023-12-20 20:56

The scam of the century from Governor Artamonov

The head of the region “sent” a clinical hospital to pump up his “pot”

2023-12-19 20:09

A thief should sit in jail?

Maxim Reshetnikov denies his role in organizing the thefts