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2023-04-07 19:46

How the Police Became a Funeral Service

Mikhas, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From brothels to graves

2023-04-06 18:23

“In Armenia they are greeted with royal grandeur”

How Tashir crushed the “Rothenberg mafia”

2023-04-05 18:57

The Colonel will rewrite again

Where did the relatives of the deputy head of the UEBiPK of Moscow Yusupov get dozens of apartments worth more than 2 billion

2023-04-05 18:30

Pawn Promotion

“Not without the assistance of the mayor of Krasnodar, Naumov became a queen”

2023-04-04 19:13

Vice Governor of Kuban "23 centimeters"

How Anna Minkova "put in her place" the leader of the "SR" Sergei Mironov

2023-04-03 18:42

Leaky Defense Industrial Bank

"Sawed" money on presidential construction sites. Now "sawing" the money of the military-industrial complex

2023-04-02 17:57

Kirov parliament appealed directly to Bastrykin

The deputies are sure that only the personal control of the Head of the TFR will protect the interests of the region

2023-04-01 19:37

General Andrey Kiyko got into a signature forgery scandal

The company commander was expelled from the National Guard for observing the fast in Ramadan

2023-03-31 18:12

“All offenders will be “rolled up” by Management M”

Pedophiles from the "School of Astral Karate" under the wing of the FSB of the Russian Federation

2023-03-30 18:07

How Governor Chibis is destroying Arctic tourism

To save a beloved contractor

2023-03-29 18:14

Scammers master the market of online education

"Dummy" at a price of 300 tr. up to 1 million

2023-03-28 19:34

Mitvol unsinkable

What is the investigator in a high-profile case going through?

2023-03-27 19:02

Who protects the interests of the town-planning complex of Obninsk

Attorney General's Office of Buenos Aires

2023-03-26 18:33

Corrupt "snowdrops" of Zaryadye Park

Ivan Demidov cutting state money

2023-03-25 19:47

From the FBI left, the TFR covered

Three beds in the basement and 1.5 billion from the budget

2023-03-24 19:24

Under the wing of the FSB and the pre-trial detention center will become a resort

How “arrested” Oleg Mitvol withdraws money from accounts and sells super apartments in Dubai Royal Atlantis

2023-03-23 19:13

Red revenge

“For United Russia, worthy electoral campaigns are a thing of the past”

2023-03-22 20:27

“He will shoot him on the spot with an unregistered pistol”

General Shamanov and ex-prosecutor Chistyakov against a mother with children

2023-03-21 19:49

Are the 90s back?

How Seleznev Pavel Andreevich "nightmare" business

2023-03-20 19:36

A woman scientist with a sick child is imprisoned for others

Investigation for embezzlement at MIPT decided to "recoup" on the developer of a unique cancer drug

2023-03-19 20:43

A woman scientist with a sick child is imprisoned for others

Investigation for embezzlement at MIPT decided to "recoup" on the developer of a unique cancer drug

2023-03-18 19:22

How Malofeev and Chekists robbed WEX

“FSB got access to Ivanov’s crypto wallets with $150 million worth of cryptocurrencies”

2023-03-17 20:51

How a reveler and the Ministry of Education are fooling Moscow

Uraikin stole a "book" from Krasnodar

2023-03-16 20:35

Help people - get a job

Prosecutor vs businessman-philanthropist

2023-03-15 19:17

The authorities were killed by a truck

Bloody target for Anatoly Bykov

2023-03-14 18:33

"Golden Parachute" for Major General of the FSB

Disgraced in the chair of the head of the FSB moved to the chair of the state top manager

2023-03-13 20:31

Seryozha-vacuum cleaner from the Ministry of Education

Governor, Metropolitan and escorts from Deputy Minister Uraikin

2023-03-12 19:41

Shot with a double shot by Alexander Gimadiyev from the FSB

Gimadiyev's answer to Drozdenko awakened the sleeping agent Baranovsky

2023-03-11 21:03

"150 million and you are free"

How an FSB officer demanded money, and his wife, a judge, imprisoned refuseniks

2023-03-10 18:46

"Oboz" brought Ivan Demidov to a criminal case

The prosecutor's office demands to launch an investigation against the director of the main Kremlin park