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2022-02-11 19:21

Blood, Chechen "authorities" and "Razgulyay"

Where did the traces from the murder of the head of Spartak lead?

2022-02-10 20:55

How a judge of the Supreme Court took gifts from a convicted "authority"

"Gifts" were plots of land in Sochi

2022-02-09 18:52

Tu-160M2 in the "paws" of the Forester

Part of the Russian "nuclear triad" was seized because of a tidbit of land

2022-02-09 18:28

AIBA President Umar Kremlev was presented with a piece of the Moscow region

"Brigades" began to replace law enforcement officers in Serpukhov

2022-02-08 20:43

Security forces from the Russian Federation and Germany went to the "Rublev laundry"

Tens of billions was laundered by the author of children's books. He took off on a balloon.

2022-02-07 20:57

Next Vekselberg?

The "right hand" of the billionaire Bakaleinik became "toxic", his team was put on the wanted list

2022-02-06 19:33

"Judge in Law"

How the FSB makes the leader of the organized criminal group out of the chairman of the court

2022-02-05 19:42

"Lefortovo" and "Guantanamo" are very similar"

What system of "torture" is used in the most famous pre-trial detention center

2022-02-04 18:25

Shot in the head " Spartak"

Why the execution of the general director of the "people's team" has not been disclosed

2022-02-03 19:39

"I'll put you in jail very soon."

Who killed Badri Shengelia?

2022-02-03 19:02

Laundered money under agreements with Russian Railways JSC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, GAZPROM

How the security forces covered the creators of the mega-"laundry"

2022-02-02 19:58

The legend of the special group "Alpha" against the "reshala" with a roof in the FSB

Participant of operations in Beslan and Nord-Ost is tried to be imprisoned on falsified documents

2022-02-01 20:42

A slap in the face at the price of a fortune

Father from the Foreign Ministry, as the main trump card in a divorce

2022-01-31 21:05

The whole truth about Usmanov soared in price

The oligarch is chasing a book from Gubkin, which has risen in value to "space"

2022-01-30 20:20

How Anatoly Chubais sold Chinese bullshit, like Russian know-how

“4K spherical cameras with a 360-degree view” for 3.5 billion rubles turned out to be consumer goods from Aliexpress

2022-01-29 21:15

Chechen "thieves in law" started a war with each other

Authoritative super-killer against the most correct crime boss

2022-01-28 21:33

Poachers delivered bear cubs to Agalarov and Leps restaurant

For the VIP clients of the singers, a she-bear with three cubs was killed while they were sleeping in a den

2022-01-27 19:34

29 pike strikes

“Customers were considered the president of CSKA Evgeny Giner and the head of Torpedo-ZIL Yuri Belous”

2022-01-26 20:06

The murder of Yuri Tishkov: Sharpening is in the heart of football

A journalistic investigation into the most high-profile sports crime that has never been solved

2022-01-25 19:11

Four bullets to the head as a 45th birthday present

"Matrosskaya silence" led to the cemetery

2022-01-24 20:50

What Woland could not do was done by Varlamov and presidential adviser Tolstoy

“How well do the lucky members of MASSOLIT live”

2022-01-24 08:51

In the coming days, siloviki will descend on the office of the head of the FSA, Skrypnik.

Corrupt reception from Senator Karelin and the head of the reception room EdRa Kulinich

2022-01-23 18:13

“Gruzdev knows how to make offers that are impossible to refuse”

How the owner of Coffeemania and Narkomfin hid from the ex-governor in hotels, changing phones

2022-01-22 19:46

War of thieves in law: Until the last killer.

“They planned to storm the villa of the mafia, deal with him and his guards”

2022-01-21 20:43

FSB conducted a secret operation against The Infraud Organization

The hacker organized crime group, called by the FBI "the largest group known in the United States," was defeated

2022-01-20 21:29

How "Nazarbayev's wallet" got away from accusations of complicity in the murder in Moscow

Arranged a bloody massacre at the request of Kenes Rakishev

2022-01-19 19:28

The results of Kush-Tau: Khabirov and Nazarov have a new "feeder"

The owner of BSK has changed, but the top management has remained. Money is also stolen, but "poured" into other pockets

2022-01-18 19:38

"Citizens are crooks, sell your property"

Transport organized crime groups are reinforced by security forces

2022-01-17 19:50

If the mayor has a gun, then it fired a vyatka

“In order to “strengthen the impression,” he named names that were definitely not worth mentioning in vain”

2022-01-16 20:10

Azerbaijani "thieves in law" and "authorities" drowned in blood

“I will bring 10 times more shooters to any arrow than Chechens will come”