On June 23, the Presnensky District Court of Moscow continued the consideration of the case of billionaire colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, who, according to the investigation, received billions in bribes from the 1520 Group of Companies (the largest contractor of Russian Railways, which Forbes called in 2018 the "king of state orders"). Details are in the report.

Дмитрий Захарченко

Despite the unprecedented heat in Moscow, the atmosphere in the courtroom was relaxed and a little ironic from the very beginning. After some hesitation, Zakharchenko's underage daughter Ulyana was even allowed into the hall for a short time. "Look how many people are around," her father turned to her. And you have grown up: you yourself can probably sit down and lead the process. " Before Judge Artyomov appeared (the meeting began 40 minutes late), the prosecution representative and defense lawyers had time to discuss the need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. It seems that they did not come to a consensus, but the expediency of wearing masks did not cause controversy.

As the correspondent reports, the next two hours were devoted to the testimony of Svetlana Chernaya - the key, according to the prosecution, an employee of the so-called "Platform" (the largest money laundering channel at that time), through which illegal payments of "Inkredbank" passed, and then Galleon and Milana. The prosecution believes that a significant part of the laundered money is funds withdrawn by the 1520 Group of Companies from the contracts of Russian Railways. From 2007 to 2016, Cherny was the key client manager of Ploschad (or eb2, as this system is called in the case file), who supervised the work of employees, some of whom had already appeared in the Presnensky court as prosecution witnesses. According to her, she came to Inkredbank (as well as to two other companies) at the suggestion of Ivan Stankevich (deputy of the fugitive banker German Gorbuntsov). The purpose of her work was to build "illegal operations". Black behaved calmly, confidently and even joked. The details that she provided repeatedly caused laughter in the audience (for example, that Gorbuntsov himself appeared in the database under the username “Slim.” When asked by the judge why “Slim,” Chornaya said that “The thin one was not: he was fat, huge "), but did not shed light on the role of GC" 1520 "and Zakharchenko himself in the discussed schemes.

Иван Станкевич

However, in the process of testifying, she delved into the presentation of her own guesses and conclusions, which did not add points to the prosecution's version. Because of this, the representative of the prosecution several times, with undisguised irritation, asked Cherny not to say what she was not sure of and which she had not seen with her own eyes. After that, Chernaya began to regularly stipulate that part of the texture that she is trying to convey is "the assumptions built on my inferences." Surprisingly, she could not remember the approximate number of clients of "Platform", as well as the number of managers who were engaged in their service and were subordinate to her. Those present were also smiled by the fact that Chernaya herself appeared on the site under the nickname "Jump": it turned out that her salary passed through the accounting system, taxes from which, according to Cherna herself, were not paid.

Герман Горбунцов (в центре)

The next meeting is scheduled for July 5th. We are following the development of events.

Let us remind you that when German Gorbuntsov had a conflict with his partners, Dmitry Zakharchenko, who provided security for Ploshchadka through law enforcement, told him that he would be arrested soon. Gorbuntsov preferred to leave Russia, but not empty-handed. He took with him the electronic database “Platforms”, developed specifically for the companies of the Russian Railways group: “This database was bank transactions for clients with code names (for example, all companies of the Russian Railways group were called“ client TOKYO ”), which reflected both official information about money transfers from one bank account to another, and unofficial, for example, about who is the manager of this or that account, to which group or client it belongs to and whether this or that operation is real or “shadow”. Employees of the bank Ya.L. Lefler, O. Bodrova, and Chorna S. worked directly with the base. The specified program reflected transactions in the STB and Inkredbank banks., Gorbuntsov said during interrogation in the Zakharchenko case. the position of all financial flows, that is, how much money each specific client or group of clients (including the Russian Railways group) had and went to all client accounts in all banks at one time or another, what expense was made for each client and in what form it was done (in cash, non-cash).

At the same time, the expenditure of funds and the further actual receipt by the client of this or that money was made on a netting basis with various persons who controlled the bank accounts of various organizations in Russian and foreign banks. "


In 2010, Gorbuntsov left Russia with the same electronic database of the Russian Railways Group. And the financial " laundry ”continued to work without him. Its new managers, according to the materials of the TFR, were Ivan Stankevich and Valery Razdorozhny, who controlled the bank "New time". Stankevich was in charge of the Russian Railways Group, and Razdorozhny was in charge of the Gazprom Group.

In October 2018, co-owner of 1520 Valery Markelov was arrested for giving bribes to Dmitry Zakharchenko. His business partner Boris Usherovich, as well as top managers of the "laundry" Ivan Stankevich and Dmitry Motorin were arrested in absentia, they were put on the international wanted list.


Regarding the activities of the "Ploshchadka", the Main Investigation Directorate of the ICR in Moscow is now conducting a case under Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 172 ("Illegal banking activity") and 210 ("Organization of a criminal community").

To be continued...

Denis Zhirnov