The Kuban oligarch decided to pull everyone to the bottom with him. According to a source, Yakov Volkov, the deputy chairman of the 4th Court of Cassation, is most afraid of going there. We wrote about Makarevich's criminal schemes, bribery of security officials and judges earlier. Each time I was struck by the scale of the lawlessness that was happening in the region. Oleg Alexandrovich, apparently, lost a sense of reality from the atmosphere of total impunity and permissiveness that envelops him.


To give a bribe to one, to eliminate another, to share with these - these are the basic principles of building a successful business empire for Makarevich. However, everything got a little out of control when the Kuban oligarch decided to place an order for the Krasnodar judge, Chairman of the Oktyabrsky District Court G.F. Bayrak, according to his usual scheme. In any scheme with a large number of unknowns, sooner or later the very episode comes, after which everything starts to crumble like a chain reaction of a nuclear bomb explosion.


Everything was under relative control as long as all the main elements of the criminal scheme were in place. But after they kicked Chernov and demonstratively crucified Khakhalev, those who disagreed with the current state of affairs got the opportunity to reveal, hidden for years, the facts of corruption unprecedented even for Krasnodar. We are talking about billions in embezzlement, in which key people in the region participated.


A noose began to tighten around Makarevich's neck, into which he dragged all the high-ranking patrons who remained with him in the share. Great attention was drawn to Yakov Volkov, who until that time remained in the shadows, working behind the scenes through Chernov and Khakhaleva. Now, especially after a huge amount of compromising evidence was dumped on them, a large number of questions arose for him - both in terms of all the criminal cases terminated by his efforts against Makarevich, and in terms of his personal connections from the time he worked as deputy chairman in the North Caucasus Arbitration Court.


Bayrak's order looked like an elementary task - we throw him into the furnace and, against the backdrop of high-profile judicial scandals of the past 2 years, everyone will write off his resignation as a continuation of the corruption purge in the region. Even the time was chosen perfectly - everyone was cleaned one after another. However, like a chemical catalyst that set off a chain reaction, the landing of the Chairman of the District Court with destructive force hit all the links of Makarevich's empire.


The remnants of patrons from the security forces and officials began to scatter from him in scattering. The Kuban oligarch gave everyone a promise to deal with the problems on their own and get everyone out of harm's way. However, plugging a gap in one place, he immediately gets 15 new ones nearby. The main forces of the shadow governor of Krasnodar are now concentrated in 2 directions: work through his people in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (about whom we wrote earlier) with the defendants in cases fabricated by him and cleaning up the information field (with the help of all the same law enforcement agencies). Articles and investigations about the criminal business of Makarevich are being removed from the network, entire Internet resources are being blocked, in general, a full-scale campaign is being carried out to whitewash Oleg Aleksandrovich and his entourage.


A huge threat to the implementation of this plan is the situation unfolding around the landing of Bayrak. The investigator, engaged by Makarevich, cannot push the case to court in any way. From a source close to the judge’s family, we received information that a huge number of procedural violations were committed in the case, such as lawyers’ failure to familiarize themselves with the case materials, falsification of evidence, frank flaws in the investigation due to banal haste and fear of the customers of the criminal case. All this turned the stage of the preliminary investigation into the judge's case into an outright profanity, and the work of individual representatives of the central apparatus of the RF Investigative Committee into a real circus. If the investigator turns a blind eye to the editing of the main video recordings in the case, this already says a lot...


Such zeal investigator Novozhilov S.A. to bring the case to court faster, is explained by his desire to “close” the received order, fulfill his role and relieve himself of responsibility for what is happening. He does not understand one thing - as soon as the case goes to court, the violations he committed, which he hid from the leadership, convincing everyone that there is the necessary evidence in the case, will immediately become public. But the desire to quickly receive the fee promised to him by the Krasnodar mafia is apparently stronger than the hypothetical risks in the future.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued