Dmitry Zakharchenko, a former employee of the GUEBiPK, was escorted from the colony to the pre-trial detention center Sailor Silence in Moscow. He was transported as a particularly dangerous criminal in double shackles. In Moscow, he will get acquainted with the materials of a new case, about receiving bribes of 1.5 billion rubles from co-owners of the 1520 Civil Code Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. Zakharchenko and a large group of his colleagues made 1520 GC (the recipient of large contracts from Russian Railways) a law enforcement cover. Moreover, as it turns out, law enforcement officers not only defended, but also attacked those who interfered with Markelov and Usherovich. continues to publish the testimony of the fugitive banker German Gorbuntsov, which he gave to the Investigative Committee in the framework of the “Zakharchenko case”.

“So, on April 28, 2009, Usherovich called my wife L. Gorbuntsova. and asked her to drive to the bank. During the meeting, he demanded that she sign some documents, the contents of which are unknown to her, while two unknown women came to the bank with a notary registration book. Subsequently, I found out that these were powers of attorney to dispose of financial assets legally owned by my wife, but in fact I was their owner. Whether there was a notary among them, I do not know. With Usherovich B.E. This meeting was attended by four middle-aged people of a sports physique, whom B. Usherovich introduced her as members of the Solntsevo organized crime group. After a short conversation, Usherovich B.E. demanded to rewrite to the person indicated by him the shares of Incred-Invest CJSC owned by L.V. Gorbuntsova's ex-wife whose shareholder at that time she was. After a categorical refusal and unwillingness to consider this issue in the absence of her husband, B. Usherovich he began to insult her with obscene expressions, switched from normal Russian to "slang speech" and made it clear that until she signed all the documents he needed, they would not let her out of the office alive. In addition, he began to threaten her life and the life of our son (Gorbuntsov V.G.). In particular, Usherovich B.E. He promised to kidnap or kill her, and to fabricate a criminal case against his son (Gorbuntsov V.G.), using corrupt communications in law enforcement agencies and imprisoning him, planting drugs on him. Also Usherovich B.E. promised to burn the house belonging to the Gorbuntsov family, located in the village of "Gorki-1", - says the interrogation protocol, which is at the disposal of

“After that I repeatedly received threats of physical violence against Usherovich personally and me and my family, he also said that I should not contact law enforcement agencies, as Kolokoltseva V.A. (at that time the chief of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow) they lifted him from the Depur of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and now he is “manual”.

I considered the threats of physical harm to me and my family to be real, because Persons threatening me have extensive connections in the criminal and law enforcement agencies and could bring threats to the end.

Later, already from Moldova, and later from London, where I was forced to leave, after a raider attack was made on my Universal Bank of Moldova bank, I tried to somehow organize the process of returning stolen assets through arbitration, litigation and through appeals to law enforcement. I talked with my former bank employees Motorin, Mendeleev, Stankevich and others, from whom I received a little information about the state of affairs and about the attitude of Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov to this. From them I learned that D.V. Zakharchenko was originally a member of the Markelov team and was purposefully introduced to me and the goal of subsequent influence on my decision-making. His warning of my impending detention was clearly planned and implemented in order to seize my property. In reality, there was no threat to my security and freedom. This was also confirmed in my subsequent conversations and meetings with the Antonovs, who informed me that they did not consider me the customer of the assassination attempt against A.Yu. Antonova.

In addition, being in London in the process of communicating with Rinato Usaty (a citizen of Russia and Moldova, who organized the raider seizure of my bank in Moldova), I became aware that Sugrobov’s people were directly involved in completing the verification activities on my statements to law enforcement agencies in Moscow and in particular Zakharchenko. Rinato Usatii also made it clear that Denis Sugrobov is a member of Markelov’s team and all applications will be closed. He positioned himself as a close person of the leader of the Solntsevo organized crime group Averin, as well as a member of the team of Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov (I record the conversation with Usaty).

To be continued...

Denis Zhirnov