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According to, State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch started selling off his Russian assets. They have been interested in the FSB of the Russian Federation for a long time in connection with the "thief-in-law" case of Zakhary Kalashov and about corruption in the Russian Federation. Skoch still hopes for the help of his friends and business partner Alisher Usmanov. But, just in case, began to part with real estate.

As told several well-informed sources, Andrei Skoch is now actively looking for buyers for several expensive real estate objects located in the suburbs of Sochi. They were built by a billionaire for the Olympics-2014 and were considered "inviolable." However, now Skoch decided to put them on sale. Which is not surprising in his situation. Since autumn of 2016 the deputy is under the close tutelage of the FSB of the Russian Federation. When the counterintelligence agents listened to all the conversations of the General Secretary of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mikhailovich Maksimenko, they fixed conversations, from which it followed that Skoch repeatedly conveyed to the General "gratitude" for resolving issues with the investigation in different regions of Russia. In particular, according to, in connection with the investigation of the activities of one of the construction companies associated with Skoch, in St. Petersburg. Also, the FSB had suspicions that Skoch participated in the collection of money for a bribe of $ 5 million for Maksimenko for the collapse of the case of extortion against the "authority" of Andrei Kochuykov (Italian), which also featured a "thief-in-law" Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young).

Counterespioners recorded that in addition to Skoch "gratitude" Maksimenko passed and other businessmen. All of them have already written the relevant statements to the FSB of the Russian Federation and the General of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, new incidents of charges have been added. However, Skoch shows a rare obstinacy. He prefers to spend most of his time abroad (mostly in England), but he does not cooperate with the FSB.

From history with a bribe for the collapse of the affairs of the Italian and Shakro, Skocz managed to get out. The old acquaintance of Skoch (both started in the ranks of Solntsevo OPG) and his current business partner (together own a network of restaurants "Yakitoria") Oleg Sheykhametov (Oleg Sheikh) took all the blame. After much consultation with various stakeholders, including Skochem, the Sheikh flew from the US to Moscow and wrote a statement that he was the only one to transfer money to the employees of the SC of the Russian Federation for the release of Kochuykov.

However, the FSB of the Russian Federation did not lag behind Skoch after that. According to sources, counterintelligence agents already want from the principle that Skoch wrote a statement about giving Maksimenko a summum for solving problems with the investigation, in particular in connection with the story of the St. Petersburg construction firm. If a deputy does not do this, then the case may arise about giving bribes, where he will become the main person involved. At the same time, there is no doubt that the State Duma of the Russian Federation will easily give "good" for the criminal prosecution of a deputy who does not appear in the Duma.

As a result, Skoch asked for help from his business partner Alisher Usmanov. He is now busy chasing his comrade. At some point, even information appeared that Usmanov was able to agree and solve the problems of Skoc with counterintelligence agents. But it turned out that the deputy gives wishful thinking. The FSB of the Russian Federation is still extremely interested in Skochem. And he himself begins to sell Russian assets.

However, can he feel safe in Europe, until the end is not clear. As already told, in Spain for money laundering was arrested Arnold Tamm (Spivakovsky). According to Interpol, in the 90s Tamm in the Solntsevo group was the criminal leader of the current State Duma deputy, Andrei Skoch, who also had his own brigade, which was part of the OPG. Here is an excerpt from Interpol's report:

"TAMM Arnold Arnoldovich, born July 7, 1966. Headquarters on Solntsevsky Prospekt, Moscow, is one of the leaders of the Solntsevo group189. Also known as SPIVAKOVSKY. Controlled banking activities (creation, participation, transactions). He also dealt with the racket of cultural figures.

According to the NCB of Interpol in Washington, he controls the heads of the organization's brigades. In September 1996, TAMM was considered an assistant to Sergey Mikhaylov in Moscow. It is believed that he arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, after the arrest of MIKHAILOVA by the Swiss authorities in October 1996 to help guide the organization. Together with AVERIN, he used the Mogilevich office in Budapest to conduct operations of the Solntsevo group ...

* Note. Analyst: In June 2002, the Interpol NCB in Moscow received a request for confirmation of this information.

Brigade TAMMA Arnold consists of 10 people and is associated with some AMAZING Andrei.

Andrei SKOCH is the leader of a criminal group of 15 people. The owner of the Russian passport No. 00 .... It is reported that he is a Duma deputy. "

Source: Rucriminal