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Arrests Head of T GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko and the "kingpin" Zacharias Kalashova (Shakro) may be links of the same chain.

During the arrest of criminal authorities followed the arrests of "roofs". There is every reason to believe that the next in line - criminal "wallets" ...

News related to the case of the deputy chief of the anti-corruption cupola MIA Dmitry Zakharchenko day by day becoming more and more sensational. First, during the search he was found to 8.5 billion rubles., And then to the family Zakharchenko accounts in Swiss banks, have emerged 300 million euros. Perhaps the main question - where the funds are comparable with the budget of a small country?

Versions of this bill enough, but very real, probably associated with another high-profile arrests. It is a question of taking into custody kingpin Shakro Young (born Zachary Kalash). According to some, the result has already established a connection between crime boss designer girlfriend Fatima Misikov and Colonel Zakharchenko. Moreover, it is believed that even the colonel helped Fatima escape, warning about the beginning against her prosecution. the Colonel himself, among other things, could advise the troubled banks, helping them to navigate in troubled waters billion dollar business of unlawful cashing funds. Now after these high-profile arrests of the business community held its breath waiting for the answer to the question - "Who is next?" The answer will be in the near future - the investigators are actively exploring the environment and Shakro detainee enforcer.

It seems Misikov became the femme fatale and the criminal authority, and to a high-ranking police officer. Recall, that the quarrel with the owner of the high-end restaurant Elements Joan Kim and designer Fatima Misikov began the history that changed the balance of forces on both sides of the criminal front.

As you know, the financial dispute between the two ladies turned bloody shootout on Rochdelskaya street. In the course of an investigation into the FSB found that for Misikov is one of the leaders of the Russian underworld Shakro Young, whose representative, named for the Italian, and was delegated to "arrival" at the restaurant. By surgery, it was found that the general crime is directly linked to senior officials of the Investigative Committee, who were detained along with Shakro. According to investigators, the SC staff involved in obtaining money from the kingpin just for the liberation of Italians, detained almost immediately after the massacre at the restaurant. As a result, the Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested before September 15, the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department (CSO) of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, General Denis Nikandrova, personal safety management chapter (CSS) Insurance Russian Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonova.

It is not excluded that the arrest of senior CSO caused loud resignation of First Deputy Head of the Internal Security Department (CSS) FSB General Oleg Feoktistov. General Feoktistov became known to the public during the resonant criminal cases "Three whales" (the smuggling of furniture) and Chinese contraband entering the warehouse in / h 54729 Office of Logistics FSB. Rumor has it that the general personally supervised the detention in 2014 GUEBiPK chief of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant General Dennis Sugrobova police and his deputy, Major-General Police Borys Kolesnikov. Subordinate General Feoktistov detained Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin, the head of the Komi Republic Governor Vyacheslav Gayzer, Mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and former governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh. Nevertheless, the powerful Feoktistov dismissed. Why?

According to one version, the general leads a close friendship with the head of the CSS Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko, thus arrested in the case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya. Moreover, according to some sources it Feoktistov oversaw special person from the UK and even personally recommend Maksimenko the post of head of the department. This cost Oleg Feoktistov positions.

Shakro and business

Echo arrest Shakro can affect the Russian business community. According to some experts, up to ten percent of the main business sectors superprofitable somehow had to do with Kalashov and its people. Business legal, of course. The examples do not have to go far. Suffice it to recall the recent history of a metallurgical giant "Mechel", workers who did not pay wages for months. Things reached the point that the situation had to intervene personally Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is possible that his hand to the collapse of "Mechel" can make a well-known businessman with a controversial reputation, the former deputy and co-owner of the group "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky. Recall, on the eve of the crisis of 2008-2009 "Estar" belonged to a number of metallurgical enterprises in the Urals, including the "Mechel". Opaque and adventurous management business put Warsaw strategic enterprise on the brink of bankruptcy, which was only prevented by the personal intervention of the government. Himself Warsaw in 2016 proved once again in a critical situation. He was threatened with bankruptcy, urgently needed money, which, given the reputation of a businessman, he and no one gave. And suddenly Warsaw received a loan. As written media, "one way or another, the money Warsaw trusted only two banks: State" Rosselkhozbank "and" Promsvyazbank "Ananiev brothers."


As it turned out, the authorized person "PSB", which also deals with the problem of Warsaw - one Timothy Kurgin. It is noteworthy that he Ananiev brothers own two wholesale distribution centers (CRC) long-term storage of food in the Moscow region with the capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORC and are called "Four Seasons." In turn, the CRC are at "Invest Finance" Ltd.'s balance sheet. This company is owned by three shareholders: by 47.17% in Cyprus Iontis Investments and Contirta Holding, another 5.66% in Russian "Terra Invest". All three of the owner "Invest Finance" owned by another Cypriot company Jakardis Holdings, which, in turn, owns Saltinnes with the British Virgin Islands. Kurgin Timothy says that "The Four Seasons" on a parity basis, belong to him and "Promsvyazkapitalu" Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. On a number of informational resources Kurgin Set as General Director of "Invest Finance". And Timothy Kurgin is a shareholder "Mosselprom-Domodedovo". In February 2014 Ananiev with Kurgin purchased from OFK Bank structures the company "Finansinvest", which managed to build on the site near Moscow, in 19 hectares of two warehouse complex is 43 000 sq. m. The new owners have registered for the project management company "Mosselprom-Domodedovo" and increased the land area to 30 hectares.

Timothy or a Teimuraz?

However, the authoritative businessman Kurgina two biographies. For one, Timothy Kurgin - a prominent Russian businessman, co-founder of "Boxing Academy" and the president of the "National Association of Timber." However, to create such an image themselves, he had to work hard: in particular, he urged, "Yandex" to clean up the past, enjoy the right to oblivion. But many still remember that Timothy, and then still Teimuraz or Timur Kurgin miraculously escaped punishment for murder in 1995, the State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkina. From this point begins the second biography Kurgina.

Deputy Sergei Skorochkin was abducted in the city of Zaraysk bar 1995 and killed by two shots in the back of the TT pistol. As we found out the Moscow regional prosecutor's office, the deputy was a conflict with Nikolai Lopukhov, his business partner from Nizhny Novgorod, which is one year before the death of Skorochkin sold the distillery. After completion of the deal revealed that the buyer still owes 380,000 dollars. Businessman, naturally, refused to pay extra for the plant by connecting his friend "reshaly" Oleg Lipkin, who, in turn, attracted to surgery to remove unwanted MP Teimuraz Kurgina, Victor Moskalev, Sergey Zorin and Alexey Evseev.

In 1998, the decision of the jury trial Lipkin and Kurgin were sentenced to 5.5 and 4.5 years in prison, finding them guilty of kidnapping Sergei Skorochkina, the rest were acquitted. The prosecutor's office appealed the verdict, the Supreme Court sent the case back for retrial. As the years passed, the jury returned a verdict of acquittal twice more, and the number of the accused began to decline: in the dock there are only four of the alleged participants in the crime. Nikolay Lopukhov died Teimuraz Kurgina released the first "for the lapse of time." In January 2005 it was held the next hearing on the case of murder of deputy Skorochkina, and on February 2 cases of what have been waiting for the accused - had expired ten years ago! - The case was closed, the jury disbanded suspects released in connection with what ... 11 February

A neighbor on the bunk

It turns out, the people who killed the deputy of the State Duma, is simply gone from liability? At the last meeting, the case was closed, but the participants of the crime the court ultimately did not meet: a "statute of limitations has expired." But not only for this reason, co-founder of "Academy of Boxing" passionately sought the removal of this information from the web. The fact is that in the 90's NTV was a popular project entitled "Criminal Russia", which records programs still have free access to the video sharing site youtube. In one of the editions of the program, which was called, you guessed it, "Murder Skorochkina deputy", one of the defendants in the case, Alex Evseev, talks about the involvement in the abduction and violent death of the policy of a "Tamerlane" and shows man picture very similar to young Timothy (Teimuraz) Kurgina. Coincidence? I do not think ... By the way, another "coincidence" can be considered the fact that a person who is very similar to Kurgina, "lit up" during the raider attacks GC "Ramfud" strangely passed under the control of "Promsvyazbank" Ananiev brothers ...

As the media reported, Timothy Kurgin entree into the highest circles of the underworld and was sitting in a cell with Shakro Young, who even wanted him "to crown a thief." He was friends with Sylvester - the head of the bloody Orekhovskaya OPG. It is obvious that leave a "clean" of such society is practically impossible. But maybe he did not want to go - the second monopolist, which along with the "four seasons" Ananyev / Kurgina, engaged in food supply of Moscow and its environs, is the company "Food City", which is rumored to be owned by proxy ... Right, old friend Teimuraz Shakro, arrested today on suspicion of racketeering and organizing a criminal community.

It may be that tricky to unravel the web of interweaving contact Shakro investigators soon will pay attention to his old friends and not quite transparent business hidden in offshore. In this case, we should expect no less high-profile arrests, the collapse of entire business empires, and thousands more left with nothing depositors have become unwitting hostages business adventurers with criminal links ...

Source: Rucriminal