A whole group of pretty famous girls in the country used to love very bad guys. And this is not just about men with a bad character or low moral standards, but about killers and organized crime leaders who have scored dozens of human lives. These girls include the host of the Vremechko program, the author of a number of documentaries, Natalya Kozachenko, and the party girl and businesswoman Nadezhda Silenskaya, better known as Nadya Skazka. They even had one man - the leader of the Kurgan organized crime group Andrei Kolegov. Details in a joint investigation of, telegram channels of the Cheka-OGPU and Infobomb.

Back in the early 90s, the leaders of the Kurgan organized crime groups Vitaly Ignatov, Oleg Nelyubin, Pavel Zelyanin, Andrei Kolegov and their killers, including Alexander Solonik (Sasha the Great), appeared in Moscow. In the capital, the “Kurgan” at first carried out the killings for other groups, primarily “Orekhovskaya” and “Koptevskaya,” but then they got tired of the secondary roles in the criminal world. Kolegov, Ignatov, Nelyubin for the sake of showing that they remain friendly and influential metropolitan organized crime groups, in fact, they began to kill their leaders and take control of commercial structures. For example, in a similar scenario, events developed around the “Koptev group”. The Kurgan people managed to kill almost all of its authorities, and the leaders of the organized crime group, brothers Alexander and Vasily Naumov, did not even suspect that their partners were behind the attacks. The shooting of Vasily Naumov took place right under the windows of the Moscow police.

Kolegov, as a result, was sentenced to 24 years, and after eight committed suicide in prison. Nelyubin and Zelenin died one day behind bars - officially, Nelyubin was beaten to death in a fight with prisoners, and Zelenin died of an overdose. The only leader of the “Kurgan” Ignatov was never found.

If the Kurgan “killer No. 1” was Alexander Solonik, then the Orekhovskys had Aleksey Sherstobitov (Bream Soldier). The love of his life was the TV presenter Natalia Kozachenko. Somehow during the next long disappearance of killer No. 1 Alexei Sherstobitov, the girl spun another novel. And again, her “hero” was the bandit leader of the Kurgan organized crime group Andrei Kolegov. It was a wedding, but a few days before it was held, the Soldier returned his beloved, taking her virtually from the crown. After the "rout" by the operatives of the Orekhovskaya organized crime group, none of its leaders could even think that Lesha the Soldier would also come across. And really, he began to twist a family nest with Natalia, she gave him a daughter. The idyll was destroyed by Kolegov, who was serving a large term in the colony. He summoned detectives and decided to open himself up. The Kurgan leader said that he had met with a girl, Natalia, whom a certain secret killer of Orekhov’s Lesha had recaptured from him. Moreover, he remains at large. By the way, after these revelations Kolegov did not live long. According to the official version, he hanged himself in a colony. Field investigators established surveillance over Kozachenko and became interested in her common-law spouse. He felt the surveillance, but did not have time to leave. Sherstobitov had to visit his father, who was in the hospital. When he arrived there, he was detained by detectives, and then sentenced to a long term. Natalia did not wait for him. She started a romance with one of the operatives who was developing Lesha the Soldier.

As it turned out, Natalia Kozachenko is not the only famous girl of Andrei Kolegov. He also had a life friend, Nadezhda Silenskaya, who is better known as Nadia Skashka. In 1991, the Tale gave birth to Andrei daughter Nastya. He gave her the super cool then the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Kolegov was detained at Sheremetyevo, where he flew under the guise of a Greek citizen Andreas Kolandopoulos. “Kurgan” was planted with drugs (good old) and was tried for several years. Andrei’s young wife immediately became concerned about giving a bribe in the amount of 50 thousand dollars, so unfortunate that she almost thundered under investigation .. As follows from the MVD base, Nadya Skazki’s phone was on the wiretap with the note “Cohabitant A. Kolegova.” Tale had time to speak up both with the members of the Walnut-Medvedkovskaya organized crime group, and with their killer Gusev, who killed Solonik, and even with the State Duma deputy from the LDPR, Sergei Abeltsev. His investigation was listening too. And also Vladimir Zhirinovsky and lawyer Solonik. After the death of Kolegov, Nadia Silenskaya with his money opened Skazka boutiques in Courchevel and Crocus. "She is also known for being the common-law spouse of the leader of the Mumiy Troll group, Ilya Lagutenko.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov