Russian state Duma Deputy Andrei Skoch filed lawsuits against a number of media and Internet resources, including the publishing house "Novaya Gazeta", the Agency "Rosbalt", the TV channel "Rain". The billionaire demands to refute the information of journalists about the fact that his name appears in business about bribery TFR employees for the release of the "authority" Andrey Kochanova (Italian) is a close associate of the "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young). About it repeatedly wrote and The Deputy prudently appealed to the "native" Oktyabrskiy district court of Belgorod. Skoch, the Deputy of the Belgorod, he was in this city, because there is no doubt what the decision will be left to the judges. Doing so will be difficult in the "business Shakro" last name Skoch mentioned a few dozen times. But, for some representatives of Themis, at times, anything is possible. In this publication focus on the fact as the parliamentarian to "get out" of the "business Shakro" with the help of his younger partner Shahmatova Oleg (Oleg-Sheikh).

            To understand the question a little turn to history. Bribes for the release of the Italian TFR employees swerved "from both ends"- $1 million dollars handed businessman-fixer Dmitry Smychkovski and $500 thousand transferred reputable businessman Oleg Shahmatov. Both gave not the means, and acted only as intermediaries. Immediately after the detention in the investigation of bribery of security forces, Smychkovski fled to London. Oleg Shahmatov also left Russia and initially did not intend to return. Sheikh has long been most of the time spent in the United States and Spain, where his family lives, where he owns real estate, etc. This position is suited to all the stakeholders, until it became clear that in fact there are very interesting eavesdropping.

            Of them just happened that Smychkovski and Shahmatov were intermediaries in the transfer of money. From conversations of the defendants cannot make a clear conclusion who gave the money Smickovska. But the assumptions put forward you mentioned will tell in a forthcoming publication. But in wiretaps regarding Shahmatova, no ambiguity no. Eleven times in the conversations sound the name Skoch, as a person whose interests are represented by Shahmatov and whose $500 thousand he owns. 

            Recall that after the detention of Shakro, the FSB also opened a case against him under the article of the criminal code 210 - organization of the criminal community. Counterintelligence believed that the" thief in law " created the OPS to bribe employees of the TFR, and other members of the community were familiar to Kalashov businessmen who allocated money. Thus, in the absence of Sheikametov, who could refute the version of the FSB, built on the basis of wiretaps, the investigation could turn into an extremely unpleasant direction for Shakro and Skoch. The first threatened to bring new charges are serious, the second is at least questioning, if the Duma stripped him of immunity.

            As a result, the operation began to convince the Sheikh of the need to come to Russia and give the "necessary" testimony. On the one hand it" processed " by phone representatives of Shakro. They urged to "help the elder" (that is, Kalashov), to return to Moscow and take $500 thousand. However, Shahmatov continued to question the necessity of coming to Russia. Although entered into negotiations with the FSB (and thus avoided the ads in the wanted) and even got my hands on the issues that were of interest to counterintelligence. Including there were two questions about the role of Skoch in this story.  

            According, broken Shahmatov after him personally arrived in the United States, Andrei Skoch. During a long conversation, the Deputy, in the opinion of our interlocutor, long asked the Sheikh about the issues that were passed on to him by the FSB, discussed everything that was happening. And then the parties proceeded to the main point - the need Shahmatovo to come to Moscow, come in the TFR and give the following testimony. Like, he acted solely alone, decided to help a friend of the Italian, began to look for exits to the TFR, with Skoch and Shakro did not discuss anything, the money paid only their own. That is a bribe given to one, one of the criminal community to ransom Kuchunova were established and Skoch in this operation was not involved. To deny his older partner how in the world, where Shakro and Italian, and in business, Shahmatov couldn't. Soon after a meeting with Skoch in the US, the Sheikh flew to Russia and gave testimony, which agreed with the Deputy.

            By the way, the us intelligence agencies seem to know about this meeting and, perhaps, it was recorded. At least he will Skocu, and Shahmatovo was denied entry into the United States. 

     I recall how in the wiretaps of the "business Shakro" is mentioned Scotch.         

               During all negotiations it was absolutely clear that Shahmatov acts not so much as an independent figure, as according to someone's instruction. Whose duty Sheikh became clear from records of negotiations with employees of the TFR Maksimenko (MI) and Lamonova (LA), who were employees of the FSB. Here's the snippet:

 MI-Oleg came to Skoch, said:"I will solve the problem."


LA – AND, well, what's the difference?


MI-No, the difference here, Sasha, big.


LA – Ah-Ah.


MI – it's One thing when you say: "Sasha, do".


LA yeah.


MI-Another thing, come to me there, I don't know, Nikitin, and say, "I want to do."


LA yeah.


MI – "Want? Busy yourself.» You understand?


LA Well, he said, well, he agreed: "just do abs".

That is, knowing the amount that will need to "repurchase" of the Italian , Oleg Shahmatov first went and reported this to the Deputy will Scoco. And the approved negotiations.  

A few days in the cafe "Yakitoria" in the street 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Shahmatov transferred to the intermediary Surikovu 500 thousand dollars, Packed in a box from-under footwear.

This naive Sheikh thought he was acting incognito and no one will know whose money and whose orders he performs. But experienced "foxes" Maksimenko quickly figured out from whom emanates a large sum and went to to the original source - Andrei Skochu. Here's how, according to the material that is available this meeting, Maksimenko (MI) was described in a conversation with the same by Lamonova (LA):

MI-Yesterday met with Skoch ...


LA Well?


MI - " not question. Not at all ... You need a plane Skocha? So at least tomorrow, where it is necessary, there and fly". I said, "what's the question?". He said: "I Understand how history, as we have a blueprint. Someone wants to be near those now. Here Oleg wanted to be near, with the Italian, there/


LA yeah.


MI-Or even with someone, and began...


LA Nu, correctly.


MI – Gardens of the city.


LA – you DO the same ... or directly?


MI-Skoch said: "Solve the problem"....


MI-Skoch laughed, said, " well ..with him, five hundred bucks and ...".


LA – Well .. with it. .. anyway, I told him.. thank you so much for letting him out.


MI-Nineteenth of June it will be released.


LA Jun?


MI – "Nya". There's time until the nineteenth of June.

According to, there is no understatement or something not clear in this conversation. Skoch said Maksimenko, say, someone always wants to be with someone. In this case Oleg Shahmatov wanted to be with the Italian. And Skoch approved. The Deputy confirmed that the Sheikh was acting on his behalf. And a "thank you" of $ 500 is his, too. But for him it is not a significant amount.

After receiving the money, employees SKR have made it a point to Kochunov was released. In particular, it has been modified article of the criminal code on the softer - arbitrariness. Remained below the Italian admitted his guilt and then the investigator had the right to change the measure of restraint on recognizance not to leave. However, Kochunov rested and flatly refused to become to blame. Because of this, he could not be released. As the conversation Mikhail Maksimenko (MI) and Alexander Lamonova (LA), Scotch began to Express serious dissatisfaction with prolonged release Kochanova when you already paid 500 thousand dollars.

MI – ... returns. Come on, San, let's see. We live the last day.


LA-Yes not, not, not, not.


MI-If something is necessary, it will return. Not completely then ... departs.


LA – Well .. with them. Main thing. .. basically, he promised he wouldn't ... Never mind that ...


MI. – .. here ... said, " it's -- it's trouble, but there's a way to solve it ...". Skoch ... are you boiling?


LA yeah.


MI – All come to him ... "Perhaps, I not on time" – "Yes not question. I, says, now in Moscow'll call(?) and their back ... collect.» At all ...!


LA yeah.


MI. – .. I'm PoE. .... behind itself.


LA yeah.


MI – I said a word, I have word ...


LA-a what have you ...


MI – Yes ... wants to meet.



MI – (talking on the phone with Smychkovski D. C.) Yes, Yes, Hello. I'm fine. How is it? Are you okay? Talk? Look, I don't know how this works. I'm just drinking at home, not going anywhere. What? Anything to talk about? Which is? This one here. Nah, I won't, I won't, I won't meet them ... Nuh uh. Everything goes according to plan, let it go. I know who you're talking about," L, ""L." You mean that? No, where we talked yesterday, like, on the nineteenth, on the nineteenth of June, there's a deadline. That's it. I understand. I understand. Yeah, okay. Yeah, go. Listen, let's have lunch, okay? Yeah, go. And you dated this, "C" who? Yeah, okay, okay, come on.

What Scotch were related to the transferred money, it and other case materials.


To be continued.

Maksim Vojevodin