continues to tell about the problems, which now is experiencing influential clan Rotenberg. In a previous publication, we described how the anger of the head of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev has called the company "Sportcontact", which breaks Federal program in Karelia. Then in this company, which belongs to the Roman Rotenberg, son of Boris Rotenberg, came the security forces. In this article we will talk about Igor Rotenberg – the son of the main member of the clan Arkady Rotenberg. About its role in destiny of the 1520 company, whose former chief owner Valery Markelov is in custody for bribery to the employee of Guebipk of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko.

The state office of public Prosecutor of Russia will direct to court the new claim for the forfeiture to the state of the property at 484 million rubles owned by former officer of the Guebipk Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused of bribery.

"The Prosecutor General's office has prepared and will send to court another civil suit on the well-known Dmitry Zakharchenko about the appeal to the state's income of illegally acquired property for a total of about half a billion rubles, more precisely-it is 484 million rubles," said the representative of the Prosecutor General's office Alexander Kurennoy. Previously, the court has already seized the income of the state property and money totaling about 9 billion rubles., which belonged to the family and relatives of Dmitry Zakharchenko. 

According to sources," pop-up " additional assets of 484 million rubles were received by Zakharchenko from the business community "1520", active participants of which until recently were Valery Markelov, Boris Usherovich, Dmitry Motorin, Ivan Stankevich and Yuri Obodovsky. Zakharchenko was a very long time for their reliable protection. Initially, he collaborated with bankers Herman Gorbuntsov, Peter Chuvilin, Vladimir Antonov, who "laundered" money for "1520". Poto, all of them fell out of the shadow schemes, and Zakharchenko continued to work directly with the "1520".     

That with contracts for tens, and sometimes, and hundreds of billions of rubles received by" 1520 "from Russian Railways not all "purely" was obvious and not to experts. After all, the main co-owner of "1520" for a long time was Andrey Krapivin, who until his death in 2015 held the position of adviser on banking issues of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. After the death of Andrei Krapivin, his son Alexey took his place among the shareholders of "1520". However, he already was not the main boss, as father. Those were other co - owners of "1520" - Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich.

Sources they say that the amounts of scams were fantastic. For example, in the framework of the same" Zakharchenko case " there are materials about possible embezzlement of Russian Railways funds for 300 billion rubles.

The owners of the "1520" until then feel quite confident. Even when Vladimir Yakunin left the post, and Zakharchenko was behind bars. But then it became clear that" Zakharchenko's case " certainly leads to Markelov, Usherovich and Ko. Testimony on cooperation of a corrupt employee of Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation and the owners of "1520" given Gorbuntsov, Chuvilin, Antonov, there were a lot of other evidence, etc.

As is often the case in such cases, the representatives of the "1520" began to look for a powerful defense. And soon found. According to sources the face of the Rothenberg clan. At least in the autumn of 2018 on the market everyone knew that in" 1520 " the main owners are no longer Usherovich and Krapivin, and Igor Arkadievich Rotenberg. Rumor has it that the bulk of the negotiations with him led Alexei Krapivin, then under the control of Igor Arkadyevich took 50% of all business in contracts with Russian Railways.

However, the calculations of the business community were not correct. Half of "1520" was at Rotenberg, but soon Markelov went to jail, and Usherovich, Motorin, Stankevich and Obodovsky went on the run. Usherovich left on the Israeli passport, but now settles in London. But Markelov remained in Russia and helps Igor Rotenberg to develop a new asset.

In the next publication, we will talk about the problems of the structures of Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, including those related to the business of garbage collection and construction of one of the airports.


To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski


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