The mountain women of Lebedinsky GOK (one of the largest assets of Alisher Usmanov) handed over to the editorial office of an open letter to the wife of the oligarch, the famous Russian coach Irina Aleksandrovna Viner-Usmanova. In their address, the miners talk about justice and patriotism. They claim that they lost their shares in the GOK during the forced buyout, which was made by Usmanov's structures at prices far from market prices (at least three times). As a result, the miners who built the GOK lost their funds. cites the main points from this appeal:

“Referring to your words:“ But all the same, injustice is torn apart. At night it tears me to pieces and eats me with butter ”, we want to say that no one understands you as much as we - the miners and metallurgists of the Belgorod region! We also do not like injustice, because “this is our genetic code”, as the anthropologist S.V. Lavrov.

We are in complete solidarity with you! There is, however, a slight difference - in order to eat oil, we need to inject three or even four times more than when we were young and created Lebedinsky GOK with our sweat and blood. We were the shareholders of our enterprise until your respected husband came and deprived us of our property through a forced redemption of our shares. For these purposes, Alisher Burkhanovich lobbied for amendments to the law on joint-stock companies, according to which he can take away shares, being the majority shareholder, by paying the market value of the shares.

Your husband ordered two different estimates of the capitalization of our LGOK through his firm for different purposes, with different initial data, and received two figures that were far from each other.

The LebGOK appraisal by Gorislavtsev & Co Appraisal was made for us miners to buy out our shares cheaply, and the second was done by DeutscheBank and Merrill Lynch for wealthy gentlemen to trade 25% of Metalloinvest's shares on the London Stock Exchange. The difference in the assessment of Lebedinsky GOK is more than three times!

… .And that surge of patriotism among children, which you are talking about, happened only in a small group of children, whose parents call themselves "elite", having concentrated in their hands 95% of the production capacity and national natural resources of Russia. Our children cannot afford a football or gymnastics section due to the extremely effective management of your husband, our children have other tasks - how to survive in Russia with the growing selfishness and insatiability of parents of patriotic children.

Your husband also likes to talk about patriotism, generosity, and even gave an excellent interview to the British Sunday Times as the most generous benefactor of our time: “Lucky Successful in life should give as much as their abilities allow back to society. A person can only be happy when he makes other people happy, or at least helps in whatever way is possible. ” - Alisher Usmanov, The Sunday Times, Friday May 21, 2021 “Those who are lucky and successful in life should return to society as much as their abilities allow. A person can only be happy when he makes others happy, or at least helps as much as possible. "

Taking this time and opportunity, we convey to your husband our sincere wishes for peace and goodness and congratulate him on his birthday! Tell him one question, please - what's wrong with our miners' community in the city of Gubkin? We would correct our behavior and, if there is anything unclean, we will throw it out of our home and life. Honestly!

Алишер Усманов и Андрей Костин

Miners of JSC Lebedinsky GOK:

A.V. Burkin Gubkin, st. Queen


Eremenko A.A. Stary Oskol, m. Dubrava,


Tugolukov D.M. Gubkin,


Chernikova M.S. Gubkin,


Prokhorova V.F. Gubkin,


Dorokhov V.D. Gubkin,


Uvarov M.N. Gubkinsky district, s. Oskolets,


Stepichev M.A. Gubkin,


Firsov V.E. Gubkin,


Zinoviev N.E. Gubkin,


Frolova L.M. Gubkin,


D.I. Ustinov Gubkin, Mr. Swans,


Krukhmaleva G.F. Gubkin "


 Thomas Gordon


To be continued