Insurance company Energogarant was established in the early 90s and is now included in the top 15 insurance companies in Russia, and is also classified as a backbone.

The key figures during the early formation of the company were Anatoly Dyakov, Andrey Zernov, Alexey Matveev.

 Красников Геннадий Яковлевич

In 2006, Matveev decided to focus on the development business, which he had been doing with Zernov for many years. At the same time, Zernov decided to focus on the insurance business. Matveev and Zernov, with the consent of Dyakov, made a mutual exchange of assets, securing their desires.

Anatoly Dyakov has two daughters - Larisa Sokolova and Svetlana Krasnikova.

On this, perhaps, the calm and positive part of our story ends, and a completely different, already criminal story begins. Details are in the investigation.

The daughters of Anatoly Dyakov have husbands - Gennady Yakovlevich Krasnikov and Sergey Arnoldovich Nikiforov.

Gennady Krasnikov - Academician, responsible for the development of microelectronics in Russia. The pace of development of Russian microelectronics is known to everyone. Details of Krasnikov's "exploits" are described in detail in the article "Gennady Krasnikov: chief of microcircuits and commander of nanochips".

A spicy touch to the portrait of Gennady Krasnikov: he still likes to call himself the confidant of President of Russia Putin, incl. doing their raider acts. Several years ago, Putin had hundreds of proxies in the elections. Krasnikov was among them for his beautiful regalia and did not stand out in their mass. But now Krasnikov has become so insolent that he started raiding, hiding behind the name of the President of Russia!

Sergey Nikiforov - histologist, professor at the First Moscow Medical Academy named after I.I. Sechenov. Known for his involvement in real estate scandals, which he remodeled with serious violations of the law. Details are in the article "Private Property of Professor Nikiforov, or How to Build an Entire Block in the Center of Moscow".


On August 12, 2015, Anatoly Dyakov died suddenly in a private clinic in Germany, where he was being examined.

Krasnikov and Nikiforov decided that they could enrich themselves by "squeezing" a share of the business from Dyakov's business partner Andrey Zernov.

Nikiforov "cheated" Krasnikov and offered to rely on Krasnikov's connections in law enforcement agencies, probably supplementing them with funding.

It became known by chance that Krasnikov was directing the employees of the power structures. The Black Mirror Telegram channel published a number of documents, one of which showed a note that the material should be given a go at Krasnikov's request.

At first, the accomplices decided to go through the termination of the marriage contract of Zernov's ex-wife.

Zernov was married to a friend of Dyakov's daughter, Galina Arkhipova. In 2012, Zernov and Arkhipova divorced, by mutual agreement. After that, Zernov was left with a business, which he was engaged in, and Arkhipova got property in the corresponding equivalent.

Никифоров Сергей Арнольдович

Krasnikov and Nikiforov tried to terminate that marriage contract and take it away from Zernov with the help of the Arkhipova action.

To do this, the accomplices decided to recognize Arkhipova insane in order to artificially create a basis for terminating the marriage contract. Arkhipova agreed to survive "five minutes of shame" after being allegedly insane and "squeeze" the shares from Zernov. Arkhipova's lawyers were assigned to this process by Krasnikov and Nikiforov.

The accomplices were so confident in the strength of their "roof" that they did not even try to create the appearance of legality and hide their intentions. In particular, Arkhipova, who was registered as being in the hospital for an examination, was actually resting in Turkey. This and a host of other violations were revealed, the chairman of the Zamoskvorechye court replaced the judge. Arkhipova, Krasnikov and Nikiforov lost the trial.

However, the failure with the fake insanity of the ex-wife of Zernov did not cool the ardor of Krasnikov and Nikiforov.


This couple launched a frontal attack on Energogarant's property, deciding to enter the business through the inheritance of shares remaining from Dyakov. Nikiforov decided that the next step would be to take control of Zernov's entire business.

However, Zernov, seeing the inadequacy of Sergei Nikiforov, decided to give it away in money - as required by law. The law really allows not to transfer a share in a business, but requires money to be given its value.

The attack on Zernov was carried out from two directions.


At first, Nikiforov did not hesitate to harm the company itself - he wrote a complaint to the Tax Inspectorate, allegedly about tax violations.

Almost immediately it became clear that Nikiforov's goal was not to check the Tax Office itself. Its purpose was a criminal case, which they were ready to initiate (and initiated) in the IC (investigator Kazymova A.K.). The investigator was in such a hurry that she did not even wait for the Tax Inspectorate's act.

Naturally, Energogarant did not agree with the conclusions of the Tax Agency, there were courts. More than 70% of claims were repulsed, for the rest the insurers decided not to continue litigating, but to pay off claims, even if they are incorrect. The reason was that the Investigative Committee arrested 1.1 ml rd. rubles of funds in the company's accounts. This is not a critical amount, but the very fact of such a seizure of money is unpleasant in many ways.


The settlement of claims by the company is an unconditional basis for removing the blocking of money. However, 1.1 billion rubles of funds remained frozen in custody. It is illegal.

Moreover, the investigation itself in the petition for the extension of the seizure of money indicates that all debts to the budget have been paid off. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, this serves as an indisputable basis for lifting the arrest. But, it turns out, not in this case.

By that time, another event had happened: Alexei Matveev, who had previously gone into the development business, could not cope with the business and went bankrupt.

Perhaps this gave Matveyev a desire to make money on the "schematosis" of Krasnikov and Nikiforov. In general, Matveyev told Nikiforov (and then the investigator) that Zernov had allegedly once orally told Matveyev that he would give half of the share in the business acquired from Matveyev to Dyakov.

And on the basis of these words, not supported by anything, the investigator of the Investigative Committee for Moscow, Kazymova A.K. showed miracles of speed and opened a criminal case for fraud.

What's more interesting. When Krasnikov and Nikiforov came to Zernov as "heirs", Zernov paid the "actual value" determined by the law - because he could not go beyond the payment deadline, specified in the law. But Zernov then officially wrote to Dyakov's heirs that he was ready to consider their calculations.

However, the "heirs" of Dyakov did not provide any calculations to Zernov, but went to the police. And the police again showed responsiveness - the investigator of the South-Western Administrative District Leonov R.A. immediately opened a criminal case. Again for fraud.

That is, the shares in the company that belonged to Dyakov do not belong to anyone (including not belong to Zernov), but "hang" on the balance sheet of the enterprise until the payments of the "Dyakov family" are received, but there is a criminal case concerning the shares allegedly stolen by Zernov ...

At the same time, it turned out that Zernov gave Dyakov more than 160 million rubles. for the redemption of an additional issue of Energogarant shares. Then, after the death of Dyakov, Nikiforov led these assets through a chain of enterprises controlled by him - and closed the enterprise in the middle of the chain, "chopping off the ends."

But the most interesting thing is that the employees of the State Investigative Directorate and the Investigative Committee, who showed such responsiveness to statements emanating unfounded from Krasnikov, do not initiate proceedings on the documented withdrawal of assets by Nikiforov's accomplice Krasnikov.

The degree of responsiveness of the security officials to Krasnikov and Nikiforov with their raider actions constantly amazes the imagination.

For example, in the most recent criminal case initiated by the Investigative Committee in Moscow by VA Fedorov, Krasnikov was recognized as a victim, who had nothing to do with the company of Zernov and Dyakov. Moreover, Krasnikov's only relation to this business is his marriage to Dyakov's daughter. But Krasnikov is a “victim,” and that's a fact.

Zernov and Dyakov were Russian entrepreneurs who perfectly understood the risks of a raider takeover of a business. Therefore, they created such a business structure in which even the squeezing of Zernov abroad (by criminal cases) and the death of Dyakov did not lead to problems in business.

And this is a fact, because the story described above has been going on for 6 years, and Energogarant not only lives, but develops and flourishes.

Attempts to "squeeze" money out of Zernov by the Krasnikov-Nikiforov group, relying on "charged" police officers and the Investigative Committee, have so far led to the only result: a network of IC and police officers has been opened, who were ready to initiate criminal cases at the request of Krasnikov (currently all criminal cases are in the Investigative Committee of the city of Moscow with the investigator Ulyantseva A.I.).

Now they themselves do not understand how to get out of this situation.


But we do not understand something else: why these employees are still at large and why these ordered criminal cases have not yet been terminated, and the case on the embezzlement of 160 million by Nikiforov from Zernov has not yet been initiated. Perhaps the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov will put things in order in this matter.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued