The persons controlling LLC "EOL" managed to get away from subsidiary liability for the debts of this firm. Thus, the budget of the Tver region will never receive a large amount, which owes the state "EOL". This is a small celebration for the chairman of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev. It was he who was the main owner of LLC "EOL". continues to publish an investigation of the first faces of Sovcombank.

As has already told us, in addition to the leadership of Sovcombank, Dmitry Gusev has a number of side projects. So, he was the founder of "TTI" Avangard ", which was a figurant of the criminal case of embezzlement of funds from the budget of the Kurgan region. It was in the structure of Gusev that the money seen from the state went away. In the same way Sovcombank's predecessor before the end of 2017 was co-owner of Tver LLC EOL. Another co-founder of the company was LLC "PKF Sapphire", 100% owned by Emmanuil Izrailevich Bondarovsky. This is an old business partner of the Gusev family. In particular, Bondarovsky, instead of with Dmitry's father, the former head of the State Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Gusev, were founders of a number of firms, including Algoritm LLC (incidentally, like EOL, this structure was registered in the Tver Region).

Dmitry Gusev's business partner Emmanuil Bondarovsky is an extremely interesting character, we will talk more about him in the near future. In the meantime, we note that he is well known in the Moscow region of Khimki, including local operatives. As sources in law enforcement agencies told, Bondarovsky was mentioned, at least, in two criminal cases. The first, initiated in 1999, was the disappearance of businessman Alexei Danchev in Khimki (the investigation was conducted under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). And the second, - about the fraud, committed by a native of Georgia, Uvachi Khvedelidze. This investigation was conducted by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow City Administrative District. Before he disappeared, Danchev had a conflict with Bondarovsky. And Khvedelidze was a partner and friend of Bondarovsky. The latter, incidentally, generally communicates closely with representatives of the Georgian diaspora and conducts business with him. And given the closest ties Bondarovsky with the family of Gusev, all these Georgian characters should be familiar to them.

Let's return to the activity of LLC EOL, co-owner of which was Sovcombank's predecessor Dmitry Gusev.

This company was established in 2003, and its co-owners Dmitry Gusev and Eduard Bondarovsky appointed Sobolev Gaya Zakirovich. He positions himself as a lawyer. In reality, Gaya Sobolev is known in the Tver region as the owner of a number of ethnic cafes that were built despite the protests of local residents.

Since its birth, LLC EOL has received two permits from the local administration for the lease of land plots. And, nothing on them did not. Why they needed these allotments to the firm of Dmitry Gusev became known later. Both sites were in the "tasty" places of Tver. As a result, one of them was "put an eye" by the enterprise "Orion Food Industry", which decided to build a large plant there. Local authorities gave the vacant site to Orion, where preparatory work has already started. Here, then, and showed itself to LLC "EOL" Dmitry Gusev. According to, Sovcombank's predecessor company recalled the old permission of the Property Management Committee of the Tver region for a lease and announced its rights to this site. "Orion" in that case should have already agreed with "EOL" and pay large compensation. But the structure, which was really ready to invest money in the region, was more to the liking of local authorities. As a result, the regional administration recognized Gusev's claims as unfounded: the lease permit for the EOL was actually received, but the lease agreement with the local authorities was not signed. Then, with such a position, the arbitration court agreed, and as a result, Orion did not have to pay tribute to EOL.

After this case, the structure of Sovcombank's pre-management decided not to be greedy and concluded a lease agreement for a second plot of land in Tver. Only here, no one claimed it and did not try to get money from someone. As a result, EOL simply stopped paying rent to the Property Management Committee of the Tver Region. When the amount of the debt exceeded 3 million rubles, the local authorities filed a lawsuit against Gusev about the recovery of funds and won it. However, "EOL" and after that give money to the state categorically refused. As a result, the court found the firm Gusev bankrupt, it introduced a procedure for competitive management. As found out, the bankruptcy manager could not find a penny from EOL Ltd., then she raised the issue of bringing to the subsidiary responsibility of the persons controlling LLC EOL.

But Gusev, Bondarovsky and Sobolev managed to achieve that such a decision still was not accepted. As a result, in 2018 the bankruptcy proceedings of OOO EOL were completed, and the budget of the Tver region never received the money that Gusev owed him.

When Sovcombank's pre-management prefers to bankrupt its own structure, if only to not repay debts, this fact is extremely alarming. And it is a very revealing example for the investors of Sovcombank. Moreover, a number of its major shareholders, as might be supposed, do not hold much to Russia. At least, they prefer to invest in the economy of Latvia. But will tell about this another time.


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov