Source: continues to publish an investigation about the chairman of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev. In the last part, we talked about the banker's passion for gambling, he several times lingered during raids on underground casinos. Also it was possible to find out that Gusev's firm - "TTI" Avangard "- was a figurant in the criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds. It is in it that part of the state money has gone. Now we turn to the personality of Gusev himself.

In a few interviews, as well as in publications organized by the press service of Sovcombank, Gusev is represented by a sort of self-made man (the man who made himself). Of course, he was born in the remote Chukchi Anadyr, managed to break out to Moscow from there and enter the

Financial Academy under the government of the Russian Federation, and in the fifth year began working in one of the auditing companies "Big Six" (now the "big four") - CJSC "Coopers and Lybrand." Agree, there is something to envy.

As found out, Dmitry Gusev does not need to push the idea so much that he is a self-made man. Absolutely all he owes only one person-his father Gusev Vladimir Vasilievich, who has an incredible number of ties, held the highest posts (even was a minister) and passed many corruption scandals. Biography Gusev senior and really impressive.

He was born in the Leningrad region and graduated from the Leningrad State University. Petersburg roots, of course, in due time affected the career of Vladimir Gusev. In particular, when he headed the State Tax Service in 1993, his prominent deputy was Viktor Zubkov, now the most influential figure on the political Olympus.

At the end of the university, Gusev was sent to work in the Chukotka district finance department. And when Dmitri Gusev, the current governor of Sovcombank, appeared in the world, his father was already in charge of the Chukotka District Finance Department.

From 1982 to 1987, Gusev Sr. was the head of the financial department of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee, and in 1987 received the post of First Deputy Minister of Finance of the Uzbek SSR. With the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, Gusev the elder moved to Moscow, where he was the head of the State Tax Inspectorate of the Ministry of Finance of the RSFSR, and then the head of the State Tax Service of the Russian Federation and the Deputy State Tax Service.

In this position, Gusev Sr. became more than once a participant in various scandals.

According to, in 1993 the head of the State Tax Service of Russia Vladimir Gusev decided to improve his living conditions. It is conceived - done. The centralized development fund of the SOT transferred 202 million rubles to JSC "Moscow Investment Fund", which at 1993 prices was more than solid, and Gusev received an apartment in the house No. 23 on Leningradsky Prospekt with an area of ​​126.7 square meters. In the end, an apartment is a privilege of power, and ministers are not used to giving up privileges. But after six months Gusev concludes with his native State Tax Service contract for an interest-free loan of 208 million rubles to pay for the apartment. Noble act! Indeed, Gusev contributed 2.4 million rubles to pay off the loan. A year later, in December 1994, by decision of the board under the chairmanship of Gusev, 205.6 million rubles are written off at the expense of a centralized fund. It was funny: the minister bought an apartment at the state expense, he also received money for his purchase, and left his former, too, considerable.


But there are clearly not enough two apartments for an official in the rank of minister today. In 1995, the State Tax Service bought an apartment in Yeropkinsky Lane with an area of ​​139 square meters and a month later gave it to its head. And then he repairs himself as his own at the expense of the STS.

The arrival of Vladimir Gusev in the STS in 1993 was accompanied by another scandal. According to, it was Gusev-senior who initiated the institution of criminal proceedings against the then deputy head of the State Tax Service, Vladimir Panskov. The latter even spent five months in the Lefortovo detention center, and then the case was closed. Panskov received the post of Minister of Finance and responded to the offender. In 1996, Gusev was demoted from the position of head of the SOT to the deputy head of the Service.

Then Gusev the senior worked in leading positions in the Federal Tax Service, Federal Tax Service. In 2008, he received an extremely lofty job as a vice president for finance at the state corporation Olimpstroy.

Last years Vladimir Gusev is on the board of directors of the Mechel enterprise. And they know him as a person with a lot of connections, and through which you can solve extremely specific issues at the highest level, including in the banking sector (this will be reported separately by Gusev, a senior, also drew Dmitry's son to his affairs, in particular, to a very strange Russian-Israeli-German project in the jewelry industry (this will be reported separately by

It is clear that with such a father, Dmitry Gusev can easily find a "warm place". Only take him to posts not as a high-level specialist, but as the son of "the same Gusev." Therefore, it should not be surprising that Sovcombank, in which Gusev is listed as a leader, prefers poker tournaments in underground casinos.


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov