A guilty verdict was passed on Oleg Kuzmin, the actual owner of LLC KB Evropeyskiy Express, one of the co-organizers of Laundromat. The Tverskoy court established that from June 2013 to May 2014 in Moscow, Kuzmin, acting for mercenary motives as part of a criminal community, carried out currency transactions to transfer funds in foreign currency from the accounts of LLC KB "European Express" to bank accounts of a non-resident - JSC CB "Moldindconbank". At the same time, Russian credit institutions, which have the powers of a currency control agent for documents, were provided with deliberately false information about the grounds, purposes and purpose of transfers for a total amount of more than 40 billion rubles (the official amount, the real one, exceeds $ 20 billion). A pre-trial cooperation agreement was concluded with Kuzmin, the obligations under which he fulfilled in full. The court agreed with the position of the public prosecutor, found Oleg Kuzmin guilty of committing these crimes and sentenced him to 9 years of imprisonment in a maximum security correctional colony, with restriction of liberty for a period of 1 year, with a fine of 1 million rubles.

As part of the Laundromat case investigation, most of the participants and owners of the laundering canal were identified. But the clients, those who laundered gigantic sums, have not yet been officially established. Although two of them are known. According to sources, money stolen from Russian Railways and Gazprom was laundered through Laundromat. So, the main recipient of funds from Russian Railways was GC 1520, controlled by the KUM team - Alexei Krapivin, Boris Usherovich, Valery Markelov. KUM was served by a whole group of close bankers. The main of them is the head of the Moscow Ice Hockey Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HC "Spartak" Sergey Mendeleev, Ivan Stankevich, Dmitry Motorin. All of them were related to the Laundromat, through which the stolen funds were brought to the West. The money allocated by Gazprom to its contractors also passed through the Laundromat. The roof of the two channels for embezzlement of budget funds was the same: Dmitry Zakharchenko from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmitry Frolov and Kirill Cherkalin from the FSB. There were also other security officials.

Kuzmin told about how the KUM team and its bankers acted during interrogation. What information he transmitted became known to

Борис Ушерович и Герман Горбунцов

“Stankevich I.A. and Motorin D.V. participated in the withdrawal of funds of Russian Railways from the Russian Federation under the “Moldovan scheme”. Stankevich Ivan Aleksandrovich, nicknamed "Machine" and Motorin Dmitriy, nicknamed "Motor", were employees of the "Incred" holding, which belonged to German Gorbuntsov and Peter Chuvilin. With Stankevich I.A. and Motorin D. Kuzmin met in 2008. D. Motorin performed the functions of the managing director of InkredBank. After the group of companies "Incred" broke up (2009), Stankevich I.A. with Valery Razdorozhny, who was the counterparty of G. Gorbuntsov, began to conduct a joint business. Subsequently, they became shareholders of Bank Novoye Vremya, where Motorin D. was the manager of this credit institution. In 2000-2010. D. Motorin positioned himself as a junior partner of I.A. Stankevich. and V. Razdorozhny, later became their full-fledged partner.

 Bank "Novoye Vremya" did not carry out any operations under the "Moldovan scheme", all financial operations Stankevich I.A. and Motorin D. carried out through the Banks Mendeleev S.V. ("Capital Trading Bank", "Invest Bank"). Banks Mendeleeva S.V., Stankevich I.A. and Motorin D. served the 1520 group of companies. Stankevich I.A., Motorin D., Razdorozhny V., Gorbuntsov G., Mendeleev S.V. with Plahotniuc V.G. and Platon V.N. there was one common goal associated with the work on the "Moldovan scheme", carrying out illegal foreign exchange transactions aimed at withdrawing funds outside the Russian Federation.

Kuzmin said that he knew that in 2018 Stankevich I.A. and Motorin D. left Russia and bought themselves Cypriot passports.

According to Kuzmin, in 2009, after Gorbuntsov German (group of companies "InCred") left the territory of the Russian Federation and his holding disintegrated, Mendeleev S.V. in agreement with Russian Railways (BE Usherovichim) continued to manage the Stolichny Torgovy Bank and InvestBank Banks. These banks have already served companies controlled by Russian Railways. In 2009, when Ivan Stankevich (junior partner of Gorbuntsov G. and Chuvilin Petr) became a partner of Razdorozhny (former contractor), who later, together with Usherovich B.E. and Dmitry Motorin (the former head of InCredBank and an employee of G. Gorbuntsova) created a group of companies "1520", which began to be serviced in banks controlled by S.V. Mendeleev.

Сергей Менделеев, Борис Ушерович, Валерий Маркелов

Mendeleev S.V. in the banks under his control he worked according to the “Moldovan scheme”, including servicing the financial flows of the 1520 group of companies.

JSC "Russian Railways" and the group of companies "1520" controlled by B.E. Usherovich, I. Stankevich and A.A. Krapivin opened settlement accounts for the companies under their control in Banks Mendeleev S.V.

Mendeleev S.V. controlled the flow of funds to the final recipients of non-residents, which he withdrawn through the “Moldovan scheme”. "

Recently, the court extended the term of house arrest for Mendeleev. True, this is happening in the framework of another case - about the embezzlement of 3.2 billion rubles of Investbank funds. Another defendant in this case is Grigory Yusufov - at the time of his arrest he held the position of an advisor at Gazprombank.

  To be continued

Timofey Grishin