Source: continues to publish records from the Spanish archives. This is the archive of the Spanish secret services, which carefully recorded the negotiations of dubious Russians, who chose the resorts of the Kingdom. In this article you can listen to the conversation "godfather" of St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov with his son Anton. About the first we told in detail in the last publication. As for Anton, he is his father's assistant in his Affairs. And he is known as a great lover of stars and pop stars. Anton Petrov has novels with "Hi-fi" soloist Oksana Oleshko (two daughters), with singer Maxim (one daughter), etc. Well, he just married the girl under the article itself - the daughter of Russian millionaire and the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Elizabeth Bruckenau.

On the recording, which publishes the son of Anton reports the vacationer in Spain Gennady Petrov on the Affairs of the family business. "The godfather" shares with his son how he spends time with Lenya (apparently, we are talking about Leonid Khristoforov), who all chooses a boat. Here, found one for 500 thousand euros ("a good boat"). Now Leon waits for the rotated one deal to indulge in the purchase. Anton, in turn, says that would be on birthdays of the dark knight (this is the authoritative St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev) and there discussed the subject, like Andrei Burlakov directly goes to President Dmitry Medvedev. The recording was made in 2010, when Barmalei was 55 years old, and Medvedev was the head of state.

There is a caveat. Andrei Burlakov then led the FLC, which bought the shipyard abroad, and around which passions were running high. As a result of all fights Burlakov was killed. Gennady Petrov through his old friend, the head of the FLK nail Malyutin, to all these events had a direct relationship. As a result, he corrects his son that Burlakov has no direct communication with Medvedev. He also explains Anton on the situation with the purchase of FLK foreign shipyards yanker. According to Gennady Petrov, so far only part of the amount has been paid for these assets, and the rest should be given by "two brothers of Dag". We are talking about the brothers Magomedov, who really originally planned to participate in the transaction, but then refused. As an investor, they offered the person of Igor Yusufov. At the last there was a conflict with Burlakov, everything ended with execution of the last.

Anton reports to the father that through some officials are need a family paper. Just the other day Anton "Sasha Gold" will go to Savelyev, at the same time and know what bribes and to whom we must pay. Gennady Petrov was angered by his son's words. He gives strict orders not to pay anything to anyone: "Say, dad will come, see and sort it out. When everything is signed."

Anton shares with his father with the prices of Moscow officials for services that are now provided to the family in St. Petersburg-10 Tr per hundred. Dad is angry again: "I'll Come and decide. What are the 10 Tr per hundred square meters? Fuck them!!!". Anton is recovering from what's popular to repay, and only on the bottle. And honey Gennady Petrov unhappy: "Anton, well, what's another bottle."

The father and the son translates the conversation in the direction of an Ogre. Knowing that he was 55 years, Petrov-senior joked: "55 years old, and all in diamonds, gold goes. He likes everything. Although, it is always only a thought. He doesn't care about the others."

Then Gennady Petrov said son, that's a big project for fuel there is progress and soon it will be launched.

To be continued

Jaroslav Mukhtarov