Сергей Менделеев

The source said that one of the organizers of the largest laundering channel through which about 500 billion rubles passed. A significant part of this money previously belonged to the largest state monopolies - Russian Railways and Gazprom. The channel operated on the basis of the Novoye Vremya bank, whose co-owners - Ivan Stankevich and Dmitry Motorin - are wanted for giving bribes to the ex-employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Zakharchenko. Actually, the materials obtained in the framework of the "Zakharchenko case" formed the basis of the mega-laundry case. Until last week, as part of the investigation, the accused were brought against managers, accountants, system administrators, and unidentified persons were listed as the creators of the OPS. Now, the "network" of operatives has got a really "big fish". A "shadow" banker, former shareholder of Interprogressbank Denis Yakhin, who is considered one of the co-organizers of the "laundry", was detained and then arrested by the Presnensky Court. He is a cousin of the head of the Moscow Ice Hockey Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HC Spartak Sergei Mendeleev, who is now under house arrest in the case of embezzling 3.2 billion rubles of Investbank funds. Another defendant in this case is Grigory Yusufov - at the time of his arrest he held the position of an advisor at Gazprombank. Mendeleev is also involved in the "laundry" case.

Recall that the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow is a criminal case initiated under Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 210 parts 1 and 2 (creation of a criminal community, participation in an organized criminal community) and 172 (illegal banking activity). Several hundred billion rubles have passed through the sites that operated under the New Time bank (laundered and mostly withdrawn abroad). One of the main clients of the "laundry" was GK 1520, then controlled by the KUM team - Aleksey Krapivin, Boris Usherovich, Valery Markelov. KUM was served by a whole group of close bankers. The main one is Sergey Mendeleev. Ivan Stankevich and Dmitry Motorin and their Ukrainian partner in the bank “Novoye Vremya” Valery Razdorozhny helped him. The money allocated by Gazprom to its contractors also went through this “laundry”. The roof of the two channels for embezzlement of budget funds was the same: Dmitry Zakharchenko from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmitry Frolov and Kirill Cherkalin from the FSB. There were also other security officials. has at its disposal the materials of the mega-laundry case, which we publish.

Сергей Менделеев, Борис Ушерович, Валерий Маркелов

“Created by VV Razdorozhny, ON Bodrova. and unidentified persons, the criminal organization was distinguished by a complex internal structure, functional isolation of its structural divisions, the presence of specialization of criminal activity, brought to the level of criminal professionalism, the use of security measures and conspiracy, a large number of participants and their increased cohesion, stability of ties, "the decree on initiation of a case.

According to the materials of the case, as well as the testimony of witnesses, the following divisions were part of the OCG that “laundered” the money of Russian Railways and Gazprom. The largest of these was the Accounting department, which recruited people with good knowledge of accounting. In particular, Antonova, Kochergina, Vakhitova, Nikishina and others, who have not yet been identified by the investigation, worked there. Their tasks included accounting services, creating the appearance of real financial and economic activities of more than 200 controlled legal entities, working with clients through the portal, organizing cash collection, etc. This unit, according to the investigation, was personally led by Bodrova.

Also in the OPS there was a division "Lawyers", which provided legal support for all operations, interacted with the Federal Tax Service and law enforcement agencies, in the case of cameral inspections, etc. This unit was headed by a certain lawyer using the pseudonym Jan Hus.

The "laundry" also had a division "Technical companies", which was headed by Vadim Chislov. He and his subordinate were engaged in the creation and purchase of legal entities in the Russian Federation and abroad, the selection of nominee directors, etc.

Another unit was called "Computer Technologies", headed by Belotserkovets. It was responsible for the security of the Internet portal and the entire computer network of the “laundry”.

To be continued...

Denis Zhirnov